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Sung Min cute

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Sungmin and Chocolate Cake

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Sungmin play with kitten

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Super Junior Funny Vid

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Super Junior’s Lee Teuk: “Think Before You Speak”

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Leader of the popular 13-member group Super Junior, Lee Teuk, finally spoke about his clash with young figure skater, Kim Yun Ah.
This “clash” happened earlier this year in July, where Lee said that Kim rejected the friend request he made on her homepage. His statement led to the beginning of the attacks on Kim by Super Junior’s many fans. Lee admitted that he added a lie or two in the tale he told listeners, just to make it a bit more “entertaining.” What he thought was entertaining, led to endless amounts of hate comments on Kim’s homepage.
Lee appeared on the MBC show “Radio Star,” and spoke of this whole ordeal. He said, “This incident has taught me to be careful of what I say. I don’t mean to make excuses, but there’s more to this than what people see.” He, once again, sincerely apologized to Kim Yun Ah for causing so much harm. He also told viewers about how Kim has a great personality, and because of that, they have been able to become a lot closer regardless of everything that has happened between them.

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Leeteuk fears what will happen after he returns from the army

Super Junior’s Leeteuk expressed fear about what will happen to him after returning from the army.
Though he’s not there yet, it’s almost time for this idol leader to head off, and on the episode of Happy Birthday that aired on the second, he talked about how he is scared that he will lose popularity when he comes back from the army.
Leeteuk said, Kim Jong Min and Chun Myung Hoon don’t seem to have gained back their popularity completely after returning from the army. I’m worried I’ll go through the same thing when I come back. Kim Jong Min, Chun Myung Hoon, No Yoo Min, Lee Sung Jin and more have not been able to get used to the variety programs. People have been saying that they’re not as good as they used to be.”
Lee Kyung Kyu, the MC, advised him, “Just be more carefree. You work way too hard. On Strong Heart, you work so hard. If you work this hard, you’ll have nothing to do when you come back.”
That is some good advice. It seems like Leeteuk stresses himself out with variety programs. I find his witty comments funnier than things he prepares.

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Super Junior Funny Moments 1

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[Fancam] SM Town LA Super Junior - No Other

Super Junior releases new track for ‘Haru’ OST

Idol group Super Junior recently released a new track for the ‘Haru’ OST, called ‘Angel‘.
‘Haru’ is an omnibus-style mini-web drama series created to promote the Hallyu Wave. Eunhyuk jokingly said, “When Shindong-hyung revealed the picture of his girlfriend on his Twitter, he received many congratulatory messages. Since we’re revealing ‘Angel’, we want you to congratulate and give us love too.”
Sung by Sungmin, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun, the song has a fresh, inspiring melody with an addictive tune that makes you want to put it on repeat.

Check out Angel’s MV down below!
Source: TV Daily
Photo: BTN News
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ryeo wook facts *in english*

1. He likes girls who sing well and have nice necks.
2. He likes to get free makeup samples and never has an umbrella.
3. He plays the piano very well, and used to be quite chubby in school (weighed 80kg and lost 25kg).
4. He used to play the triangle in the school’s orchestra.
5. He had his first kiss when he was 7.
6. He lost his shoe during a Miracle performance in February.
7. He loves ice cream and chocolates.
8. He sleeps a lot and can sleep up to 18 hours a day!
9. He never irons newly bought jeans. And once he wears them, he never washes them for the longest time.
10. He has a mole on his right cheek. It’s quite prominent when he doesnt wear makeup.
11. He likes to write songs. He wrote Kangin’s and Yesung’s radio logo songs.
12. He likes to talk to people what he eats.
13. He likes chocolate on strawberries.
14. He can speak ‘broken’ English.
15. He is the 4th heavy drinker amongst Super Junior members (surprise, surprise?)
16. He is the 2nd wildest (crazy) member after Kang In.
Credits: jungtae_yaema @AF
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Heechul poses with mentor Lee Soo Man

Super Junior’s Heechul revealed a picture he took with SM Entertainment’s CEO, Lee Soo Man, through his personal Twitter on October 8th.
Heechul titled the picture “SM KING” and tweeted, “Lee Soo Man CEO helped me redefine myself. I’m thankful that he believes in me.”
Lee Soo Man nicknamed Heechul as the “Great Space Star” at one time, and has been using this affectionate nickname for him since then. Heechul returned the favor and gave him a nickname of his own, calling him “Space Teacher.”
Fans commented, “It’s been a while since we’ve seen him,” and “He should have ‘great’ in his nickname too.”
Source + Photo: Newsen
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BoA Suka Member Suju yang Kurus?

BoA sangat sayang pada para juniornya di SM Entertainment, termasuk seluruh member Super Junior. Walaupun begitu, BoA sepertinya lebih dekat pada para hoobae yang bertubuh kurus.

Hal itu terungkap dalam acara MBC Radio Star Chuseok Special dimana Super Junior menjadi bintang tamunya. Dalam acara itu, KyuHyun mengakui kalau dirinya dekat dengan BoA. Mendengar pengakuan KyuHyun, sang pembawa acara akhirnya menghitung siapa saja member Super Junior yang juga dekat dengan penyanyi Hurricane Venus itu.

“Kyuhyun, Heechul, Siwon, Donghae…” kata pembawa acara Kim GookJin. Kemudian sambil memandang Shindong dia berkata, “BoA ternyata benar-benar suka pada cowok yang kurus.”

Seluruh member Super Junior pun tertawa mendengarnya. Lalu MC Kim Gura beralih ke Sungmin, yang mengaku sebagai ‘Lonely Guy’ (cowok penyendiri), tipe idealnya BoA seperti yang sering dimuat di berbagai majalah.

Melihat gelagat Sungmin akan dipuji, si maknae iseng Kyu mendadak ingin berkata sesuatu. “Tipe ideal seseorang akan berubah seiring berjalannya waktu. Jadi apa gunanya kita berbicara tentang tipe idealnya semasa sekolah dulu?”

Benar juga yang dikatakan KyuHyun. Pastinya sunbae favorit mereka itu menghargai semua member Super Junior, tak peduli bertubuh kurus atau gemuk, cowok pendiam atau bukan.

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Translation: sohyz
Re-written for KoreanIndo
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Tiket KIFF telah HABIS (?)

ini dapet dari
*di copas full dengan comment adminnya :D << ngaco*

kira2 td tuh gini...

td tu aq sms *g sopan ya sms, hrusnya telp xDD* semua CP TVRI menanyakan adakah tiket yg tersisa utkQ n kawan2Q..
tak lama kemudian ada yang telp, beliau Bpk Triman (0856957129xx)
yg intinya,

kemarin beliau dkk telah melakukan rapat dengan pihak Arirang,
dan bilang bahwa tiket KIFF telah HABIS..
tiketnya sudah cukup utk seluruh PANITIA
beliau bilang, didalam gedung sudah sangat penuh.. *langsung nangis pas dngr bapaknya bilang g2*

bapaknya bilang lagi..
nanti akan disediakan LAYAR BESAR diluar gedung pertunjukan,
jd yang g dapat tiket masih bisa datang dan liat di luar melalui LAYAR BESAR itu.. *kayak acara nonton bareng bola g2 deh xDD*
tp tetep harus ke)TVRI besok ambil stiker *bapaknya bilang stiker bukan tiket*..

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Is Shindong Superstar K2’s Park Bo Ram?

On October 7th through Twitter, Super Junior’s Shindong updated his account with a photo of himself with makeup on.
Along with his photo, he commented, “I’m at a filming session for Strong Heart. Guess who I’m dressed up as? PS. It’s not Superstar K2’s Park Bo Ram kekeke. I apologize to Park Bo Ram… but when I looked into the mirror, I really seemed to resemble Park Bo Ram… I’m excited for tomorrow’s Superstar K2!
Looking at the photo, Shindong does seem to resemble Park Bo Ram, who was a top 11 contestant on Superstar K2.
Fans who have seen the photo replied back with compliments, commenting things such as, “You look a bit like her. Pretty,” “You really look like Park Bo Ram unnie. Shindong unnie?,” “You look pretty to the point where I was almost mistaken that you were a female” and “For a split second, I thought of Yoon Eun Hye.
Source: Newsen
Photo: Shindong’s Twitter
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Super Junior is high class even in the waiting room

It seems as though Super Junior members have a pictorial-like pose even when resting.
On the 13th, Super Junior’s Donghae uploaded a picture onto his Twitter with the caption, “Dream Concert waiting room ^^ it ended very late T-T. To all the ELFs who waited for a long time…thank you!! I’ll be careful on my way home!! Good Night ^^”
The picture shows the Super Junior members sitting inside a tent waiting room wearing handsome black suits. In particular, Leeteuk’s agonistic expression with his hands folded together drew laughter from fans. It was a shame that the photographer made a mistake and only captured half of Yesung’s face.
It doesn’t surprise me that the Super Junior members can even make the inside of a tent look glamorous with their presence.

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Shindong: “Bertemu Suju adalah yang terbaik dalam hidup saya!”

“Haruskah aku mengatakan bahwa ini adalah pertemuan terbaik dalam hidupku?Akua merasa seperti telah bertemu dengan orang-orang baik.”

Inilah yang dijawab Shindong ketika ditanya tentang arti dari Super Junior. Ketika ia melangkah menuju dunia yang keras, member Super Junior selalu menjadi pijakan terkuat. Sudah 6 tahun sejak debutnya, sekarang ia telah menjadi salah satu penyanyi yang mewakili Asia.

Dia mengatakan, ada perubahan 180 derajat dalam hidupnya sebelum dan setelah ia bertemu dengan Super Junior.

“Pada awalnya aku adalah seorang anak yang tidak pernah berfikir, tetapi setelah menjadi Super Junior, aku telah mencapai puncak kehidupanku. Sejak saat itu dan seterusnya, hidupku terangkat seperti menggambar garis melengkung. Harus aku katakan bahwa ini adalah pertemuan terbaik dalam hidupku? Saya merasa seperti telah bertemu dengan orang-orang baik.”

Hidup ini nyata jika tidak ada hal yang berat seperti roda yang berputar (kadang diatas kadang dibawah). Nyatanya, ia bahkan pernah sangat khawatir tentang isu pemutusan kontrak dengan member dari Cina Hangeng.

“Meskipun kadang-kadang kita mungkin merasa tidak puas tentang keputusan perusahaan, tetapi juga benar bahwa perusahaan telah menaruh banyak upaya ke dalam diri kita, hal yang dapat kami lakukan hanyalah mencapai hasil yang baik seperti sekarang dan terus berusaha. Ada rumor yang mengatakan bahwa durasi hidup seorang idola hanya akan berlangsung selama 5 tahun. Jadi untuk melawan prasangka itu, aku selalu berdiskusi dengan para anggota dan bekerja lebih keras. Aku ingin menunjukkan sisi yang berbeda kita semua.”

Sekali lagi dia menekankan, “orang cenderung berubah setelah mereka menjadi terkenal, tetapi Super Junior selalu yang terbaik dalam hidupku”, dan “Aku tidak akan pernah menyerah”.

Setelah menonton pertunjukan Shindong dalam drama SBS mendatang, Dokter Champ dimana episode pertama dimulai tanggal 27 September, kita akan memahami alasan mengapa Super Junior menerima banyak perhatian.

“Aku telah berpartisipasi dalam sebuah drama sebelumnya, tapi kali ini aku benar-benar ingin melakukan yang terbaik. Aku ingin menunjukkan sisi baik dari diriku kepada anggota yang lain. Apakah ini alasan mengapa aku merasa sangat gugup? Atau mungkin akting adalah benar-benar sulit. (Hahaha) Hal ini bahkan lebih sulit daripada hanya sekedar sebaris percakapan sehari-hari. Ketika adegan pertama akting, aku merasa begitu gugup sampai-sampai aku tidak menyadari bahwa aku digigit oleh nyamuk.”

Dia melakukan peran sebagai pemain judo di drama. Selama syuting pertama di gunung, dia sangat gugup, tetapi hal ini juga membuat keinginan lebih besar dalam pikirannya.

“Setelah aku mulai akting, aku menyadari bahwa aku benar-benar ingin menunjukkan lebih banyak kemampuan akting kepada khalayak melalui drama ini. Aku telah menciptakan keinginan mengenai hal ini. Walaupun aku bukan pemeran utama dalam drama, tetapi melalui kesempatan ini aku bisa melihat perbaikan dalam diriku. Aku merasa sangat senang ketika berpikir tentang hal itu.”

Super Junior adalah grup yang paling banyak dibicarakan dan persaingan juga sangat ketat di antara para anggota. Namun, Shindong selalu berpikir bahwa ini adalah pertemuan terbaik dalam hidupnya. Persaingan yang ketat di antara para anggota sebagian karena keinginannya untuk menunjukkan sisi baik kepada anggota lain.

“Pohon itu akan tumbuh dengan baik hanya jika akar yang kuat dan mendalam. Sekarang aku merasa bahwa perlahan-lahan aku telah melangkah ke dunia akting, tapi aku tidak akan pernah kehilangan hatiku untuk Super Junior.”

*kalau aku teliti kayaknya ini translate dri yang allkpop tadi yah ?*

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Super Junior’s Kyuhyun puckers up for Donghae

Donghae and Kyuhyun sitting in a couch tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G?
On September 15th, Super Junior’s Donghae uploaded an interesting picture onto his Twitter that has got netizens stirring. In the picture, maknae Kyuhyun is seen puckering his lips towards Donghae.
In regards to the photo, Donghae tweeted, “In the middle of filming the Chuseok Special of Radio Star with our Game-Kyu [Game-Kyu is Kyuhyun's nickname as he likes playing games].”

Now we all know that this is just the boys’ way goofing off, but I think the netizens want to see a little Donghyun/Kyuhae action, as many left comments such as, “Kyuhyun’s kiss!”, “Kyuhyun is craving for a kiss with Donghae?”, “Those two are cute”, and “Donghae-ah, accept Kyuhyun’s love please!”
Cute? Yes. But let’s not let it elevate to another one of Heechul’s fanservice moments.

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Yeah~ woo woo~
Come on come on come on let's go
Come on come on come on let's go

Geoulsoge meotjin nae moseup (uu uu~)
Naega baro cham Nice Body Body Body
Oneuldo nan jumuneul geonda
Dangdanghange joha! (joha! Aha~)

TVsoge juingong cheoreom (uu uu~)
Nal wonhaneun jeo Everybody Body Body
Nugurado kkumkkuwo bonda ( uu uu~)
Sangsanghaetdeon nae kkumeun imi tteugeowojin dynamite
Naekkumeun dynamite

**Eonjena dalkomhago jjaritan sarangeun gibonopsyeon
Nunmullo jichyeobeorin maeumeun No No No
Mudaeeseon naemamdaero meotjige jeulgyeo bolkka
(wow wow wow)

*Sinnage chumeul chwobwa (wow wow wow wow)
Deo keuge sorichyeobwa (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Kkeutkkaji haneungeoya (wow wow wow wow)
Dancin' all of the night

Achimbuteo jamdeulttaekkaji (uu uu~)
Swijiannneun nae palgwa dari meori heori
Nae momi da heumppeok jeojeumyeon
Huhoettawin eobseo (eobseoeobseo! Eoeo!)

Nae gaseumi dugeundaeneungeon (ttukkeun!)
Nal bureuneun jeo Everybody Body Body
Donggyeonghaetdeon sonyeoui kkumi (uu uu~)
Sangsanghaetdeon geudaero modu irwojige doelkkeoya
Nan mideo bolkkeoya

Repeat **

Repeat *

Yo get up get up , Now get up get up yeah~
Afterschool better we so fly
Nugurado ganjikhago sipeun neoui
Kkumeun jeo mudaero one more time now boy
Afterschool's gonna get'ya (Yeah~) i dalkomhan sunganeul neukkin
Just for the rest and blessed tonight (my girl)
Uh! all together kids that's all (my girl!)
It's time for a one more time

Love love love your dream (wow wow wow)
Love love love your star (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Love love love your world (wow wow wow)

Love hanamyeon chungbunhae

Sinnage chumeul chwobwa (wow wow wow wow)
Deo keuge sorichyeobwa (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Kkeutkkaji haneungeoya (wow wow wow wow)
Nan moduui Dream girl

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Super Junior’s Heechul makes a surprise appearance on ‘I Am Legend’

On the latest episode of SBS music drama “I Am Legend“, Super Junior’s Heechul made a surprise guest appearance!
In the September 20th episode, the girls of Comeback Madonna Band are at a broadcasting station to go on a radio program called Power FM. While being a nosy Nelly and snooping around, the girls run into Heechul.
Despite her friends saying other wise, Hwa Ja (Hong Ji Min) goes into super fan girl mode and approaches Heechul asking for not one but two autographs. During this interaction, he realizes who the women are and says, “Wait… you’re Comeback Madonna, right? I’m totally a fan! Please, if you have the time, come onto our radio show Young Street.

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Schedule K-Pop [SS3+ Big Bang]

Super Show Update ~

Daftar kota dan negara yang akan disinggahi sampai 2011. Kabarnya Bangkok akan berlangsung di bulan November-Desember, sedangkan ENCORE Sushow akan kembali diadakan di Korea tahun depan ~

Korea, Seoul : 14th, 15th August 2010 -END-

China, QingDao: 28th August 2010 -END-

China, Beijing: 23rd October 2010 -END-

Singapore: January 2011

Philippines, Manila: 26th Feb 2011

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur: 26th March 2011

China, Nanjing : Not Yet

China, Guangzhou: Not Yet

China, Shanghai: Not Yet

Thailand, Bangkok: Not Yet

Taipei : Not Yet

Hong Kong : Not Yet

Credit: @sgsjelfs


Big Bnag SChedule [September+October]

September 21
- [12:50 AM KST] TV Broadcast of 19 on SBS (for Chuseok Special)

September 22
- [9:10 PM KST] TV Broadcast of Shine A Light on Catch On (Paid TV)
- [MAGAZINE] Junon Japan
- [MAGAZINE] AnAn Japan

September 23
- [7:00 PM JST] MTV Megavector Summer Sonic Interview (Replay on September 30)

September 24
- HARU Web Drama Release

September 25
- Taeyang's SOLAR Concert Day 1 (for all ages)
- [11:00 PM JST] Music On! TV's Asahi SUPER DRY The LIVE NAVI Summer Sonic Interview (Replay on September 26 and 28)

September 26
- Taeyang's SOLAR Concert Day 2 (for 18 years old and above)
- BIGBANG's 1500 days anniversary since debut

October 23
- Kpop Night Concert in Singapore

October 25
- [MAGAZINE] Numero Japan

Source: VIPZ + YG Japan
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Fakta Hankyung

1. Fakta tentang Hankyung :
2. 韩 庚 adalah Hangeul untuk Han Geng. Dan 한경 Hangeul untuk Hankyung.
3. Lahir pada tanggal 9 Februari 1984. Golongan darahnya B. Tingginya 181.
4. Personil SJ yang berasal China.
5. Warna favoritnya hitam.
6. Tidak tahu bahasa korea saat pertama kali datang ke korea.
7. Hankyung selalu membawa kamus mandarin dan korea.
8. Hankyung pernah ditawarkan menjadi aktor untuk membintangi salah satu F4 di Hana Yori Dango versi China tapi Oppa lebih memilih berkonsentrasi di album ke-3 SJ ketimbang jadi aktor di China.
9. Orang yang mengajarkannya bahasa Korea adalah Heechul.
10. Ada yang pernah menonton Tian Tian Xiang Shang? Disana Hangeng pernah terpeleset ketika menampilkan Super Girl.
11. Hangeng itu gak bisa marah. Sekali waktu dia pura-pura marah buat ngerjain seorang Host Talkshow. Aktingnya begitu meyakinkan sampai Donghae belepotan ngomong pake bahasa Mandari takut Hangeng beneran marah.

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suju profil

Super Junior Member Profile

Nama asli: Park Jungsu
Nama Mandarin: Li Te
Nama panggilan: Angel Without Wings, Gaeteuk (oleh Heechul), Special Leader, Peter Pan, Ori (alias Bebek)
Tanggal lahir: 1 Juli 1983
Tempat lahir: Seoul Yeonshinnae
Tinggi badan: 178 cm (kalo di Star King dia bilang tinggi badannya kalo ga pake hak sepatu tambahan alias shoelift adalah 175 cm (petir menyambar))
Berat badan: 59 kg
Golongan darah: A
Agama: Kristen

Posisi: Leader, sub-vocal
Saudara: kakak perempuan Park Inyoung (1982)
Keahlian/Hobi: piano, komposisi (musik), dengerin musik, nyanyi
Pendidikan: pindah dari Paekche Institute of the Arts ke Inha University

Nama asli: Kim Heechul
Nama Mandarin: Xi Che
Nama panggilan: Heenim, Cinderella, Flower, Kim Pink, Kim Moodswing, Kim Cherry (dari Youngstreet), Snake/Ular (dari Shio China), Heerobbong (bagian dari Bbong bersaudara sama-sama Donghae dan U-Know Yunho), Heebongie Hyung (nama panggilan Heechul dari Yesung)

Tanggal lahir: 10 Juli1983
Tempat lahir: Daerah Hoengseong, Kangwondo; tapi tinggal di Wonju, Kangwondo
Tinggi badan: 179 cm
Berat badan: 60 kg
Golongan darah: AB
Agama: Atheis/Agnostik

Posisi: sub-leader, rapper, sub-vocal
Saudara: kakak perempuan Kim Heejin (1982)
Keahlian/Hobi: menulis puisi, menulis cerita dongeng, main game komputer
Pendidikan: Sangji University; lulus taun 2008.

Hankyung (ex-member)
Nama asli: Han Geng
Nama panggilan: Beijing Fried Rice(Nasi Goreng Beijing) (gara-gara Han Geng salah nyebut ‘nasi goreng’ dalam bahasa Korea di “Full House”, jadi diketawain Heechul deh…), Dragon/Naga (dari Shio China)

Tanggal lahir: 9 Februari 1984
Tempat lahir: Mudanjiang, Provinsi Hei Long Jiang
Tinggi badan: 181 cm
Berat badan: 66 kg
Golongan darah: B (awalnya golongan darahnya dikirain O terus jadi A. Baru tau golongan darahnya B waktu diperiksa tahun 2006.)
Agama: Atheis

Posisi: lead dancer, sub-vocal
Saudara: anak tunggal
Keahlian/Hobi: tari tradisional China, ballet, game komputer
Pendidikan: Central University for Nationalities

Nama asli: Kim Jongwoon
Nama Mandarin: Yi Xing
Nama panggilan: Cloud, Dog/Anjing (dari Shio China), Rabid Dog/Anjing Rabies (nama panggilan Yesung dari Heechul)

Tanggal lahir: 24 Agustus 1984
Tempat lahir: Chunahn, Provinsi Choongchung Selatan
Tinggi badan: 178 cm
Berat badan: 64 kg
Golongan darah: AB
Agama: Katolik

Posisi: lead vocal
Saudara: adik laki-laki Kim Jongjin (1987)
Keahlian/Hobi: nyanyi, dengerin musik, latihan di gym (?)
Pendidikan: Chungwoon University, kemungkinan pindah ke Sunmoon University; lulus awal taun 2009.

Nama asli: Kim Youngwoon
Nama Mandarin: Jiang Ren
Nama panggilan: Bear Kangin, Strength Kangin, Korea No.1 Handsome Guy, Kang Kings, Kkang, Neoguri (alias Racoon/Rakun, muncul dari “Full House”), Ox (dari Shio China), Youngchoon (nama panggilan Kangin dari Heechul)

Tanggal lahir: 17 Januari1985
Tempat lahir: Seoul Seodaemoongoo HongEunDong
Tinggi badan: 180 cm
Berat badan: 70 kg
Golongan darah: O
Agama: Kristen, tapi ada juga yang bilang Atheis

Posisi: sub-vocal
Saudara: anak tunggal
Keahlian/Hobi: akting, nyanyi, kick boxing, berenang
Pendidikan: Paekche Institute of the Arts or Seni Teater

Nama Asli: Shin Donghee
Nama Mandarin: Shen Dong
Nama panggilan: Dongri Dong Dong (dari Ppo Ppo Ppo), Dolpan Ogyupsal (sejenis makanan)

Tanggal lahir: 28 September 1985
Tempat lahir: Moonkyung, Provinsi KyungGi Utara
Tinggi badan: 178 cm
Berat badan: 90 kg
Golongan darah: O
Agama: Kristen

Posisi: lead dancer, rapper
Saudara: anak tunggal
Keahlian/Hobi: bikin macam-macam ekspresi wajah, bikin lelucon, menari
Pendidikan: Paekche Institute of the Arts

Nama asli: Lee Sungmin
Nama Mandarin: Cheng Min
Nama panggilan: Sweet Pumpkin, Minimi

Tanggal lahir: 1 Januari 1986
Tempat lahir: Ilsan, Provinsi KyungGi
Tinggi badan: 175 cm
Berat badan: 57 kg
Golongan darah: A
Agama: Kristen

Posisi: lead vocal
Saudara: adik laki-laki Lee Sungjin
Keahlian/Hobi: bela diri China, akting, nonton film, main musik
Pendidikan: pindah dari Seoul Arts University; sekarang mahasiswa di Myongji University

Nama asli: Lee Hyukjae
Nama Mandarin: En He
Nama panggilan: Jewel Guy/Cowok Permata, Monkey/Monyet (dari Shio China)

Tanggal lahir: 4 April 1986
Tempat lahir: Goyangshi NeungGok
Tinggi badan: 176 cm
Berat badan: 58 kg
Golongan darah: O
Agama: Kristen

Posisi: lead dancer, rapper, sub-vocal
Saudara: kakak perempuan Lee Sora (1984)
Keahlian/Hobi: tarian segala jenis, olahraga, dengerin musik
Pendidikan: Mahasiswa di Pai Chai University

Nama asli: Lee Donghae
Nama Mandarin: Dong Hai
Nama panggilan: Fishy (sebenarnya hanya “Fish” tapi cara nyebutnya dalam bahasa Korea jadi kayak Fishy), Donghae Bada (East Sea/Laut Timur), Pinocchio (dinamain Heechul), Dorobbong (bagian dari Bbong bersaudara dengan Heechul dan U-Know Yunho), Tiger/Macan (dari Shio China)

Tanggal lahir: 15 Oktober 1986
Tempat lahir: Mokpo, Provinsi Jeolla Selatan
Tinggi badan: 175 cm
Berat badan: 60 kg
Golongan darah: A
Agama: Kristen

Posisi: lead dancer, rapper, sub-vocal
Saudara: kakak laki-laki Lee Donghwa
Keahlian/Hobi: menari, olahraga, nyanyi, nonton film
Pendidikan: Mahasiswa di Myongji University

Nama asli: Choi Siwon
Nama Mandarin: Shi Yuan
Nama panggilan: Simba (dinamain Heechul), Horse/Kuda (dari Shio China, tapi dia diolok-olok sama anak-anak SuJu dengan Ma Siwon yang kurang lebih artinya sama), The Lord No.1 Fan/Fans Tuhan No.1

Tanggal lahir: 10 Februari 1987 (yang asli: 7 April 1986)
Tempat lahir: Seoul Gangnam
Tinggi badan: 183 cm
Berat badan: 65 kg
Golongan darah: B
Agama: Kristen

Posisi: sub-vocal
Saudara: adik perempuan Choi Jiwon
Keahlian/Hobi: nyanyi, nari, akting, Taekwondo, bahasa Mandarin, main alat musik drum
Pendidikan: Mahasiswa di Inha University

Nama asli: Kim Ryeowook
Nama Mandarin: Li Xu
Nama panggilan: Eternal Maknae

Tanggal lahir: 21 Juni 1987
Tempat lahir: Inchon Bupyung Sanggokdong
Tinggi badan: 173 cm
Berat badan: 58 kg
Golongan darah: O
Agama: Kristen

Posisi: lead-vocal
Saudara: anak tunggal
Keahlian/Hobi: nyanyi, komposisi (musik)
Pendidikan: Mahasiswa di Inha University

Nama asli: Kim Kibum
Nama Mandarin: Ji Fan
Nama panggilan: Snow White/Putri Salju, Yangban Kim (oleh Heechul)

Tanggal lahir: 21 Agustus 1987
Tempat lahir: Seoul
Tinggi badan: 179 cm
Berat badan: 58 kg
Golongan darah: A
Agama: Kristen

Posisi: rapper
Keahlian/Hobi: akting, berlatih bernyanyi, berlatih ekspresi wajah
Saudara: adik perempuan Kim Saehee
Pendidikan: tidak diketahui

Nama asli: Cho Kyuhyun
Nama Mandarin: Gui Xian
Nama panggilan: Kim Kyu (dinamain Heechul), Game Kyu, Jumong Kyu , Chic Kyu, Maknae, dll

Tanggal lahir: February 3, 1988
Tempat lahir: Seoul Nohwon
Tinggi badan: 180 cm
Berat badan: 68 kg
Golongan darah: A
Agama: Kristen

Posisi: lead-vocal
Saudara: kakak perempuan Cho Ahra
Keahlian/Hobi: nyanyi, dengerin musik, nonton film, game komputer
Pendidikan: Mahasiswa di Kyunghee University, Post Musik Modern

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Shindong expresses his love for Super Junior and his future as an actor

They’re the best people I’ve ever met in my entire life. I feel like I met all of the nicest people in the world at once.”
With his fellow Super Junior members being a dependable source of strength for the past six years, Shindong gave the above quote when asked what Super Junior meant to him. Together, they’ve now become one of the representative singers of all of Asia.
I was like an immature child before I met Super Junior. After I met them, I felt like I entered into the golden age of my life. My life went on a rising curve, which is why I call them the best people I’ve ever met in my life.”
But of course, life isn’t always just full of joy and happiness. The group has also gone through their own share of hardships with Chinese member Hankyung (Hangeng)’s lawsuit against his contract.
It’d be a lie to say that there are no problems but one thing I’m sure of is that our company works hard for our benefit. More than anything, I want our careers to have a long life with great achievements just like now. They say that the life span of an idol is five years but our members are always discussing and working hard to overcome that prejudice.”
He quickly added, “They say that people change once they’ve gotten a taste of fame, but in my life, Super Junior is the best. I could never throw them away.

Shindong is also preparing for a role in SBS’s traditional drama, “Doctor Champ.” He claimed that the reason he was given such an opportunity was because of none other than Super Junior.
I’ve already participated in a drama before but I want to do even better now. I want to show a better side to myself to our members. But maybe it’s because I’m nervous, but acting has become so difficult. Even acting normal conversations have become a task. When I was rehearsing my first line, I was so nervous that I didn’t even know I was bit by a mosquito.”
He went on to state, “I realized through this drama that I wanted to go into acting. Although my role isn’t that big, I’m already excited at the opportunity of having people watch me grow.”
Back to the topic of Super Junior, Shindong revealed that the group is as competitive as the love they have for one another. He concluded, “The roots must be strong in order for something to grow well. I’ve just now stepped foot inside the world of acting, but I will never forget that Super Junior is my center.”
Source: Star News
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Tipe gadis yang untuk dinikahi & untuk dijadikan pacar Eunhyuk itu berbeda!

Eunhyuk Super Junior mengungkapkan “peremuan yang saya harapkan untuk dinikahi dan perempuan yang saya harapkan untuk menjalin hubungan itu berbeda.”

Eunhyuk menyatakan hal tersebut selama rekaman untu KBS 2TV ‘Happy Birthday’ “, dia berharap untuk memiliki sebuah hubungan dengan seorang gadis yang sedikit angkuh, seperti sebuah lawan.”

Sedangkan untuk perempuan yang akan dinikahi Eunhyuk mengatakan “Saya berharap untuk menikahi seorang gadis yang baik dan hanya mencintai saya.”

Setelah itu, Lee Soogeun mengatakan “akhir2 ini orang2 sedikit berbeda” “Bagaimanapun saya rasa kalau sekali kita bersama2 kita pasti akan segera menikah” menyebabkan yang lain tertawa.

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Kyuhyun Berlibur di Italia

Maknae Super Junior yang satu ini memang terkenal dengan hobi jalan-jalannya. Setelah beberapa waktu yang lalu Kyu berlibur ke Jepang, sekarang dia membagikan sedikit suasana berliburnya di Italia.

Foto-foto liburan Kyu ini diupload lewat Twitpic. Beberapa fotonya disertai dengan keterangan foto yang menggambarkan suasana saat pengambilan gambar. Kyu menghubungkan link foto-fotonya dengan beberapa teman di akun Twitternya.

Berjalan-jalan sendirian sangat menyenangkan tapi sangat sulit bila kau ingin mengambil fotomu. ~~ tempat mana saja yang sudah kalian kunjungi di Italia? ~ di Milano

Membuat rencana untuk kegiatan besok sambil menikmati wine yang hanya seharga €7.50 (US$9.63)… Adakah yang lebih baik dari saat ini?

Kyu tak lupa mengupload fotonya saat sedang berada di bandara dan di stasiun kereta api.

Fans Kyu tak perlu khawatir si maknae iseng yang satu ini akan tersesat di Italia. Kyu akan segera bergabung dengan member Super Junior yang lainnya, Leeteuk, Donghae dan Ryeowook karena berita liburan mereka ini sudah terlanjur dibocorkan oleh para reporter entertainment. Perjalanan liburan ini juga sebenarnya sudah dibagikan. Oleh Leeteuk dan Eunhyuk kepada para pendengar Sukira semalam.

Di Sukira juga diberitahu bahwa Kyuhyun sudah meninggalkan Italia pada 29 September lalu.

Sejauh ini semua berjalan lancar buat Kyuhyun. Semoga dia segera membagi lebih banyak lagi pengalaman liburannya pada para fans ya.

Source: GaemGyu @Twitter/Twitpic
Translation: A880203 @Twitter, minoko2440 @sapphirepearls.com
Re-written by dearmarintan for KoreanIndo

@Source : KoreanIndo
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Heechul reveals his ID picture

On September 29th, Super Junior’s Heechul uploaded an old ID picture onto his Twitter, showing off his milky white skin and a face that even ladies will get jealous of.  He attached a caption explaining, ‘ID picture when I was 20 years old.
Upon seeing his unvarying youthful and effeminate looks, netizens commented,
‘If you said you were a woman, I would believe it’
‘You’re prettier than I am hehe’
‘There’s no evidence of aging at all’
Just from this picture alone, Heechul seems like most feminine-looking male idol. What do you think?
Source + Picture: TVDaily
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*me : soo pretty >.<*

Yesung looking feminine with a bob wig

Super Junior’s Yesung revealed a selca of himself with a bob wig.
On October 1st, Yesung posted a photo on his Twitter with the following message,
“Completed today’s Spamalot preview show well ^^ Spamalot is now officially starting! I ask that you love it very much^^”
In the photo, Yesung is wearing stage makeup and a costume wig. Rather than looking like Yesung, the person looking straight into the camera looks like a young lady. Perhaps it is because of the smoky eye makeup.
Yesung is currently starring in the Korean production of the comic musical, “Spamalot“, as Sir Dennis Galahad.
This show will run until January 2011.
Check out some photos from the performance below!
Source: TvDaily & Twitter
Photos: As Tagged
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Eunhyuk, Dong Hae, RyeoWook on the way to Italy

Eunhyuk tweeted on October 3rd about his vacation to Italy with fellow group members, Dong Hae and RyeoWook.
He wrote, “We are going, ah so exciting! This is Narita Airport. Now off to Italy pong!
Super Junior recently released their fourth album, “Bonamana“, and then held their third Asian tour, “Super Show 3“, and participated in the “SMTOWN Live 2010 World Tour“. After this extensive schedule, the members were given a week long break.
Source & Photo: nate
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Heechul’s special relationship with Siwon

Super Junior’s quirky member Kim Heechul revealed that his relationship with fellow member Choi Siwon was similar to a relationship between grandmother and grandson.
On the 24th, Heechul posted a magazine photo via twitter of himself and Siwon. He wrote alongside the picture (see above), “Siwon and I are complete opposites.” In the picture, the two are wearing vest jackets and facing opposite directions just like Heechul implied. Although the picture has a dark mood, it also shows their individual colors.
In addition to those words, Heechul also continued, “Maybe it is for that reason that Siwon listens to my words as if they’re like interesting heroic stories. When we go abroad I tend to share rooms with Siwon a lot. During those times, I tell stories to Siwon similar to how a grandmother tells her grandson stories.”
This late night story relationship between Heechul and Siwon was also mentioned on a KBS night variety program where Siwon stated that once he and Heechul spent the entire night talking until 7 in the morning.
Fans who came across Heechul’s Twitter left comments such as “Tell me stories too” and “What kind of things do you tell Siwon?”

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Super Junior - Dancing Out MV [ENGSUB

Super Junior - Wonder Boy MV Full Version

Super Junior - One Love MV

Super Junior MV Miracle

슈퍼주니어(SuperJunior) _ 너라고 (Its You) _ 뮤직비디오

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Super Junior-M(슈퍼주니어-M)_Super Girl(슈퍼걸)_뮤직비디오(MusicVideo)

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안무Full영상_SuperJunior-SORRYSORRY_ Only댄스Ver

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Super Junior - In My Dream MV HQ (feat Kara)


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Super Junior - Shake it

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[ENG] Super Junior - BOOM BOOM

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Super Junior - BONAMANA (MV)

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100920 Heechul dancing to We Are The Future ( H.O.T ) @ YS

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super junior - no other [romanized + english].wmv

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Super Junior’s Eunhyuk has difficulty with English and passes gas

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Leeteuk recently made an apperance on KBS’s Happy Together Season 3 where parts of the episode was based on their radio show, KBS Cool FM “Super Junior Kiss the Radio”.
While present on the show, memories from their radio show were being revealed with one of them focusing on eunhyuk and his difficulty with the English language.
At the time on the radio segment, the attention was turned to Miley Cyrus with her song Party in the USA. When it came time for Eunhyuk to pronounce it, he said Party in the Yoosa causing the cast to burst out in laughter and proceeded to question Eunhyuk on what a Yoosa really is.
Following that, Leeteuk revealed an incident on the radio show when Eunhyuk passed lots’ of gas saying that it smelled like a fart bomb. Leeteuk displayed a face of bewilderment and was actually quite scared when it occurred further causing laughter among the members.

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Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk mendapat penghinaan?!

Pada 5 Oktober lalu, Choi Hong Man menjadi bintang tamu di siaran Strong Heart dan memperoleh banyak popularitas, ia melakukan tari Wonder Girls saat corner ”Teukigayo” bersama dengan anggota TeukAcademy. Setelah pertunjukan, ukuran tubuh besar Choi Hong Man menarik perhatian.

Super Junior Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk menyatakan, mereka merasa terhina berada di depan tubuh besar Choi Hong Man. Eunhyuk kemudian memberikan saran ingin mencoba bergantung di lengan Choi Hong Man. Atas saran ini, Choi Hong Man segera setuju, mengumpulkan kekuatan aneh, dan mengangkat Leeteuk & Eunhyuk hanya dengan menggunakan lengan.

Pada gambar diatas kalian dapat melihat mereka menyerupai jangkrik yang tergantung pada pohon. Di sisi lain, Choi Hong Man sekali lagi menggunakan kekuatan aneh dengan menyingkat Shindong dengan sangat mudah meskipun berat badannya jauh dari Leeteuk dan Eunhyuk, sehingga menarik tawa dari semua orang di studio.

Source : TV Report
credit; purplesmile@elflovesuju
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Arab fans show their love for Super Junior

Idol group Super Junior is at the top of the Hallyu Wave amongst Arab fans.
KBS World Radio’s Arabic homepage recently ran an online popularity poll of Korean singers. The results placed Super Junior at the top, earning nearly 40% of the 26,122 netizen votes. Other top artists in the poll included TVXQ, ZE:A, and SNSD.
Arab fans have been making consistent international calls to KBS 2FM’s “Kiss the Radio” in an effort to converse with Super Junior. There has also been a recent case where six daughters from Saudi Arabia persuaded their father to take them to KBS2’s “Music Bank” in order to watch Super Junior take first place.
KBS World Radio has been acknowledging the Hallyu wave and created a special program for their Arabic broadcast to celebrate their 35th anniversary. A female college student was chosen out of 2,000 applicants to meet her ‘BONAMANA’ idols personally in Korea on September 30th. KBS even allowed her the opportunity to MC the interview with Super Junior on “Korean Pop Interactive.”
The episode will broadcast on October 9th along with footage of the interview.
Source + Photo: Sports World
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Kyuhyun dipilih sebagai penyanyi yang paling cocok memakai seragam sekolah!

Member grup idola Korea Super Junior Kyuhyun berada di posisi pertama dalam suvey tentang: “Penyanyi yang paling cocok memakai seragam sekolah” yang dibuat oleh Bugs Music Bugs Vote dari tanggal 24 sampai 30 Agustus lalu.

Jo Kwon(2AM), Kim Junsu(2PM), IU, Zinger(Secret), Sulli(f(x)) dan penyanyi2 populer lainnya juga termasuk dalam lis survey tersebut.

Kyuhyun yang berda di posisi pertama mendapatkan 1,021 suara dari 2,037 suara yang berarti mencapai 51% dari total suara. IU berada diposisi kedua dengan menerima 539 suara (27%). terlihat perbedaan yang sangat besar diantara kedua orang tersebut.

banyak netizens yang berkomentar, “Dengan tinggi yang dimiliki Kyuhyun, dia dapat mengambil iklan pemotretan seragam sekolah tanpa maslah”, “saya dengar kalau Kyuhyun mempunyai nilai baik saat dia di sekolah. dia terlihat bagus dalam seragam sekolah karena dia memiliki image model murid”.

Sementara, Sulli yang menarik perhatian baru2 ini dengan seragam sekolahnya di SBS ‘Inkigayo’ berada diposisi ketiga dengan menerima 13 % (249 suara), Jo Kwon 9% (183 suara), Kim Junsu 2% (32 suara) dan Zinger1% (13 suara).

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Choi Siwon’s Inner Action Star Revealed in Japan

Super Junior CHOI Siwon menunjukan sisi lain dari dirinya yang belum pernah terlihat sebelumnya.

Dia baru-baru ini ada di Jepang untuk shooting drama barunya Athena:Goddest of War. Dalam dramanya yang akan datang Siwon memerankan karakter Kim JoonHoo, seorang agen elit baru yang ikut dalam dunia mata-mata. Dia ikut dalam tim National Security Agency di usia muda dan menjadi anggota dari tim Lee JungWoo yang diperankan oleh aktor Jung WooSung.

Walaupun Siwon harus menempatkan diri dalam scene yang membutuhkan banyak adegan fisik, tapi dia melakukan latihan intensif yang baik, dan memerankan perannya layaknya seorang Hallyu Star.

Drama ini akan melakukan banyak shooting di luar negeri,tepatnya di 6 negara berbeda. Dan rencananya Drama ini akan di rilis bulan Desember mendatang.

@Source: KoreanIndo
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“No presence” idols that have risen to stardom

“I was really hurt when netizens criticized me for having no presence. This is the chance I’ve been waiting for.”

That was the statement Lizzy made before she began her promotions as a member of After School’s first subunit, Orange Caramel. Due to being the latest addition to the group, few could recognize her face, let alone her name.

Although group names such as After School, Secret, Super Junior, and others are recognizable by all upon first glance, each group has a member that receives less of the public’s attention.

However, the members that were nicknamed as “no-presence” have recently begun emerging with a role reversal. The members are wrapped up in skills and talents incomparable to anyone else, it’s just that they never had a chance to show them. After being given the opportunity, they’ve managed to capture the hearts of the public.

The most representative of cases is After School’s Lizzy and her charming Busan dialect. Having had to endure countless questions asking who she was in the beginning, Lizzy managed to rise to stardom in the variety world after making an appearance on KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together 3.”

The minute Lizzy makes a statement, laughter erupts everywhere, surprising those in the variety industry with her witty commentary.

Lizzy is even the most requested star in the variety industry as well, making her the most likely candidate in becoming a fixed cast on “Running Man.”

Secret’s Zinger is also rising to stardom. Upon their debut, Sunhwa was the favored member of the group, unfortunately giving less spotlight to the rest of the members. Zinger managed to overcome it with her exceptional dance talents and made her mark on the public through variety programs.

Super Junior also has one such member who jokingly commented, “I think I have the least presence out of all of the Super Junior members.” That member has shown that reversals can happen, as he is now participating in not only OSTs but musicals and MCing as well. Yesung is a member of the large scale comedy musical, “Spamelot,” and MC for “The Muzit” and “Love Finder.”

Although these members are rather late in blooming compared to the rest of their groups, they’ve managed to create their own successes by working hard on every opportunity given to them.

One music company representative stated, “Since idol groups have so many members, it’s only natural that companies spotlight one member at a time. It’s all done in an effort to get the public to recognize them better. Once that’s accomplished, attention is dispersed to the rest of the members through individual activities.”

Source + Photo: Star News
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More photos from Eunhyuk’s Italy trip

The boys of Super Junior have split up for a well-deserved vacation. Members Eunhyuk, Dong Hae, and Ryeowook decided to make the best of their free time and roam around Italy for some adventure!
Earlier,Eunhyuk tweeted a photo of the Three Musketeers at the airport. He’s just followed up with photos from Venice and Rome, and it looks like they’re having a lot of fun exploring the beautiful cities.

It’s refreshing to see the idol members enjoy a vacation free from their stressful and rigorous company schedules. Eunhyuk, Dong Hae, and Ryeowook were also accompanied by Leeteuk and Kyuhyun as well. Meanwhile, Heechul let f(x)’s Sulli and Luna fill in for his DJ show while he enjoys a relaxing trip in the States.
Photo & Source: nate
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Kim Heechul reveals American nickname, “Cloud”

Heechul recently tweeted about his experience in tackling the English language as he took a sweet breather somewhere in the States. On October 6th, he revealed that his English nickname is “Cloud”.
He tweeted, “I have an English name now. They say it doesn’t rain much here but after I arrived, it became rainy, dark, and cloudy. So since I brought the clouds, (I’m) “Cloud” hahaha. “Cloud” is apparently my hair color as well… Friends here love to exaggerate.
“Cloud”… What do you think, Heechul fans? Does it suit him?

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halo ._.
saya lagi gak semangat minggu ini -___-"
apa sebaiknya kita mulai aja minggu super juniornya ? ?
sepertinya begitu !
yaks.. mari kita mulai dengan semua hal tentang super junior ^^

Entertainment agency pimps out its trainees for ’sponsor expenses’

The CEO of “H” entertainment agency was charged on October 7th for forcing his teenage trainees to perform sexual favors.
The CEO, Kim (31), forced his two trainees, ‘B‘ (17), and ‘C‘ (20), to perform sexual favors for the owner of a clothing company, ‘A‘ (41). Kim sent the trainees over ten times after receiving $46,000 USD in “sponsor expenses.” Once B began rejecting such acts, however, Kim threatened her by saying that it was all business and forced her to continue. He said, “If you don’t show up for work, you will be paying an extreme amount of penalties.”
Out of the $46,000 USD that Kim earned, he kept $30,000 USD for himself and used the remainder to give gifts to the two victims and pay for their dental expenses.
Kim rejected all claims by stating that the money in question was earned from his shopping mall, and not from forcing the two trainees into sexual acts. Authorities investigated his bank account, however, and found that he was deceiving them, as they failed to find any connections between the shopping mall and the amount held in his account.
Source: Kuki News, Sports Seoul
Photo: Kuki News
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Saengil Chukka Hamnida CheonDung MBLAQ & Nicole KARA....

.. 07.10.2010 ..

Saengil Chukka Hamnida~~
Saengil Chukka Hamnida~~
Saranghaneun... Cheondung & Nicole...
Saengil Chukka Hamnida..... ^__^

Hari ini ada 2 org yg ultah yaitu Cheondung MBLAQ & Nicole KARA.. Kalo Cheondung ultah yg ke 20 thn (21 thn umur koreanya) sedangkan Nicole ultah yg ke 21 thn (22 thn umur koreanya)...

.. Cheondung MBLAQ ..


Name: Park Sang Hyun
Birth: 07.10.1990
Body: 181cm / 56kg
Education: PPCHA
Specialties: Dancing, rapping, singing, English, Tagalog
Interests: Music appreciation, composing and writing lyrics

Fun Facts::

1. Cheon Doong suka Hello Kitty...

2. Buat Cheon Doong, Hello Kitty = Soonja. Katanya Soonja itu nama backpack dia. XD

3. Lebih nyaman manggil noona daripada dipanggil oppa.

4. Mukanya lebih muda daripada MBLAQ’s maknae, Mir.

5. Ga suka dibilang imut karena dia cowok

6. Before Idol Army, he was thinking so hard about how to make the audiences laugh.

7. Ketawanya SANGAT unik.

8. Ga hafal perkalian (lebih parah daripada Lee Joon) disebabkan waktu kecil dia ga ngafalin times table...

9. He’s the last to join MBLAQ. Sempet gagal audisi, tapi untungnya berhasil masuk MBLAQ

10. Adenya Sandara Park dari 2NE1

11. Jago yoga, malah pernah buka kelas satu hari.

12. Terobsesi jadi MC. XD

13. Awal-awal Idol Army mah alim banget, makin ke belakang makin cacat nih anak.

14. Pengen jadi penyanyi setelah liat Rain.

15. Bisa niruin suara Royal Octopus di suatu kartun

16. Dinyatakan underweight oleh dokter dan butuh nambah 10 kilo lagi.

17. Sedikit-sedikit bisa main piano.

18. Pernah jadi main character parody Teasernya MV Y.

19. Rambutnya telah melewati banyak tantangan: Dari blonde-keriting, blonde-klimis, blonde-jabrik, blonde-lurus, sampe akhirnya jadi item-lurus.

20. Lehernya gelian. XD

.. Nicole KARA ..



◊ Yongjoo ◊ Tweety ◊ Cole ◊ Nikori

D.O.B: ◊ October 7, 1991
Position: ◊ Vocals, Rapper
Blood Type: ◊ A
Height: ◊ 164cm
Favorite Color: ◊ Orange
Favorite Korean gasoo: ◊ Shinhwa
Location: ◊ California, USA

◊ Dancing ◊ Singing ◊ Rapping ◊ Can speak English fluently and some Spanish ◊ Cooking ◊ TV Personality

◊ Listening to music ◊ Violin ◊ Food ◊ Watching movies ◊ Eating ◊ Reading ◊ Cooking ◊ Practicing

◊ Attended Global Christian School
◊ Attended Laurel Springs School, finished 11th grade
◊ Hopes to finish school but is too busy with KARA and solo activities at the moment

Source: absolutemblaq, dancingmachineara, kpopfreakitiw

*si cheondung itu bener2 alim loh di awal-awal Idol Army -__- imut banget malah -__- aaaa... >.<*

[Info] Tiket KIFF...

Aduh..aduh... SupportIDK lwt twitternya ngasih update an baru lg nih bbrp jam yg lalu...

Gini nih isi twitt nya::

"Buat yang mau daftar utk ngerebutin tiket sisa di TVRI, ternyata hari ini bisa datang untuk daftar sampai pukul 15:00 WIB."

"TVRI buka pendaftaran sampe jam 3 sore hari ini utk ngedapetin tiket KIFF. jumlah gak tau. bawa fotocopy KTP/Kartu Pelajar"

"gak bisa by phone, kudu dtg langsung. TVRI Jakarta only yaa.. thanks"

"wedew. gini nih. tlg disimak baek2. TIKET GAK DIJUAL TVRI. yg masih pengen dapet tiket bisa daftar sampe jam 3 sore hari ini."

"Gak tau daftar udah pasti dapet atau belum. Daftar aja dulu, sapa tau beruntung. Tiketnya general."

Source: supportIDK@twitter

Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010


Buat kalian yang lagi penasaran pengen liat gimana aksi Key and Minho oppa di SUKIRA tadi malem nih aku kasih link Youtubenya....
Aku dah gak kuat liat senyum Key oppa....
Dya senenng banget....

Make My Day banget video2 ini....

Check it out...

Key and Minho opening : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjqrlrRgTls&feature=player_embedded

Key oppa dancing Rainbow A : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIHKjxeQajE&feature=player_embedded

Cute and Happy Key & Minho : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWmfqtPTw-I&playnext=1&videos=Iog1bB-Kml8&feature=mfu_in_order

Minho ketawa terbahak2 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3f9qY875q8&playnext=1&videos=JaP00P2UEac&feature=mfu_in_order

Minho Lypsinc FT. Island Lovelovelove : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVCBtqT-Xj0&playnext=1&videos=YUk7GoLkWsw&feature=mfu_in_order

Minho dancing Hello : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVCBtqT-Xj0&playnext=1&videos=YUk7GoLkWsw&feature=mfu_in_order

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Tony An misses the army

Tony An, ex-member of the now defunct idol group, H.O.T, went on Golden Fishery – Knee-Drop Guru to discuss his problems with Kang Ho Dong.
He filmed the episode on September 15th, and it is finally being aired this week. He filmed it a day after he returned from the army.
During the episode, Tony An confessed, “I already miss the army.” People were shocked at his confession, since most men impatiently wait for their release from service.
He talked about his childhood years in America and his time spent in H.O.T.  He also talked about many personal things on the show, and shared his honest feelings about a wide variety of topics.
The episode will be aired through MBC on October 6th.
Source: Newsen
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Jang Geun-seok & Park Shin-hye di Taipei

Virus bintang Hallyu terus menyebar dengan adanya Drama Korea "You're Beautiful".

Lead aktor Jang Geun-seok & aktris Park Shin-hye bertransformasi menjadi penyanyi pada 2 Oktober 2010 di Gimnasium Universitas Nasional Taiwan dengan 4000 fans ! Kedua bintang yang tengah bersinar dan makin bersinar ini menyanyi dan menari, dibanding disebut pertemuan penggemar pertunjukkan kali ini kayanya lebih pas disebut konser.

Karena drama "You're Beautiful", Park Shin-hye & Jang Geun-seok telah menjadi teman yang sangat baik dan mereka bisa bicara apa saja satu sama lain ! Sayangnya, anggota tim seperti Lee Hong-ki & Jung Yong-hwa tidak dapat hadir (karena jadwal), namun mereka berharap dapat berbagi panggung yang sama di masa depan.

Di "A.N.SHOW 2010 in TAIPEI", Jang Geun-seok & Park Shin-hye menampilkan performa yang luar biasa sebagai penyanyi dengan diiringi histeria dari 4000 fans.

Selain menyanyikan soundtrack "You're Beautiful", Park Shin-hye juga membawakan lagu "GLAMOROUS SKY" dari film Jepang terkenal "NANA" dan menari untuk "GEE" dengan fansnya. Sementara Jang Geun-seok membawa dua penggemar yang beruntung untuk kembali memberlakukan adegan dari drama "You're Beautiful" menyebabkan penonton lainnya iri.

Untuk membuat pertemuan penggemar lebih spesial, baik Jang Geun-seok maupun Park Shin-hye berlatih tanpa henti untuk memberikan duet berbahasa Cina untuk para fans, "Today you will marry me".

Meskipun dua aktor lain di "You're Beautiful" - Lee Hong-ki & Jung Yong-hwa tidak dapat hadir, Jang Geun-seok menyatakan bahwa : "Mereka telah meneleponku sebelumnya, dan juga bertemu dengan manajer mereka, namun mereka tidak mampu hadir karena jadwal mereka".

Sementara Jang Geun-seok dijadwalkan meninggalkan Taiwan pada tanggal 4 Oktober 2010, Park Shin-hye akan terus tinggal di Taiwan untuk proyek-proyek yang lain.

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U-KISS ranks first in online album sales

U-KISS’s 4th minialbum, “Break Time,” has managed to take first place music charts just three days after its release.
According to Hanteo charts, the online sales for “Break Time” ranked first place as of October 6th. U-Kiss has been steadily working their way up the charts despite the many new songs constantly pouring into the market and has finally achieved their place at the top.
Their official homepage also crashed upon teaser release for their title track. The video has managed to garner 120,000 views as well with fans from not only Korea but America, Canada, Philippines, and various other nations.
Their title track, “Shut Up!” was composed by Kim Tae Hyung, the composer behind Ivy’s “Sonata of Temptation” and After School’s “Bang!
Source + Photo: Sports World
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Lagu-lagu "REMAKE" SHINee

RALATnya adalah LUCIFER sebenarnya bukan lagu remake..

LUCIFER lagu yang diciptakan Yoo Youngjin yang dinyanyikan dalam bahasa inggris itu dibuat utk keperluan "demo" oleh SM.. *mungkin aja akan ada LUCIFER inggris xDD*
Lagi pula Yoo Youngjin adalah composer SMe yg telah menciptakan banyak lagu Hits, yang dibawakan artis2 SMe.. jadi disini g ada masalah jual beli hak cipta atas lagu LUCIFER antara SMe dng pihak lain..

LUCIFER versi inggris:

disitu juga tertera bahwa Yoo Youngjin yg menyanyikan lagu LUCIFER dng versi Inggris..

:: Daftar Lagu REMAKE - 1st Mini Album SHINee ~ Noona Neomu Yeppeo~
(1st Album SHINee ~ SHINee World~, Repackage Album ~A.Mi.Go~)
>> 2008
1. Love’s Way (orig. Hard Time by 2Much)

2. Love Like Oxygen (orig. Show the World by Martin Hoberg Hedegaards)

3. One for Me (orig. Everytime I by Mario Vasaquez)

4. Hyeya (Y Si Fuerra Ella) (orig. Y Si Fuerra Ella by Alejandro Sanz)

5. Forever or Never (orig. Forever or Never by Cinema Bizarre)

6. Love Should Go On

:: Daftar Lagu REMAKE - 2nd Mini Album SHINee ~Romeo~
>> 2009
1. Juliette (orig. Deal with It by Corbin Bleu)

2. Hit Me (orig. Bad Case by Jackie Boyz; Case of You by Marques Houston; Case of You by Omarion)

:: Daftar Lagu REMAKE - 2nd Album SHINee ~LUCIFER~
(Repackage Album ~HELLO~)
>> 2010
1. Up and Down - remake of wiidope's "soul train." http://www.myspace.com/wiidope

2. A-yo - remake of Denice Stone's "Eh Yo"

3. Obsession - remake of jimmy b's "Phychic"

4. Quasimodo - remake of michael lee's "Don't Say"

5. Shout Out - remake of the song "Leak This Song" [can't find]

6. WOWOWOW - remake of Emma Stevens' "i can make you go (wooohOoohOoohOooh)."

7. Your Name - remake of Bradon Fraley's "Mention of Your Name"

8. Ready or Not - remake of the song "Girls" [can't find]

kabarnya lagi, katanya lagu HELLO yg baru2 ini lagu booming juga BUKAN lagu remake, meskipun sudah banyak yang dengar lagu HELLO yg dinyanyikan dalam versi Inggris oleh seorang wanita.
*klo yg ini saya sendiri lum tau pastinya*

Hello - remake of J.Cates - Holla (Prod. By Obi & Josh)

cr: soompi, SHINeendonesia (dan dari berbagai tempat lainnya *mian lupa*)
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Which Fin.K.L member does Kim Jong Kook want to go on vacation with?

Kim Jong Kook recently made an appearance on KBS Cool FM’s “Ok Ju Hyun’s Music Plaza” on October 6th and was asked the question, “If you had to go on vacation with one of the Fin.K.L members, who would you like to go with? And which member would you not like to go with?”
He replied, “The most uncomfortable for me would be Lee Hyori. I feel she would nag at me from the moment we left until we arrived. I also think that I’d have to do everything while on vacation.”
As for the member he would like to go with, he replied, “If it was back in the day, I’d choose Sung Yuri but now I choose Ok Ju Hyun. She likes exercising so I think it’d be fun exercising with her.”
Source + Photo: World Journal
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SHINee jadi DJ

SHINee jadi DJ

SHINee will be radio DJs for one day in place of Super Junior who has left for vacation.

On October 4th, Minho and Key of SHINee will take the places of Leeteuk and Eunhyuk and become DJs for a day on the afternoon broadcast of KBS Radio “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio (aka Sukira)”. They are also scheduled to fill Heechul’s empty seat on the 4th for SBS radio “Kim Heechul’s Youngstreet”. Following Minho and Key on “Sukira”, Jonghyun and Taemin are scheduled to become DJs for a day on Youngstreet.

An SM representative stated, “SHINee will definitely fill in their sunbae singer Super Junior’s empty spots” and asked to “continue watching over the two group’s close friendship.”

Indo Trans:
SHINee akan menjadi DJ radio selama satu hari menggantikan posisi Super Junior yang sudah pergi liburan.

Pada 4 Oktober, Minho dan Key SHINee akan menggantikan posisi Leeteuk dan Eunhyuk menjadi DJ selama satu hari pada siaran KBS Radio “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio (atau Sukira)”. Mereka juga terjadwal untuk mengisi tempat Heechul pada 4 Oktober untuk SBS radio "Kim Heechul's Youngstreet". Seperti Minho dan Key di Sukira, Jonghyun dan Taemin terjadwal untuk menjadi DJ sehari di Youngstreet.

Seorang wakil SM menyatakan, "SHINee pasti akan menggantikan tempat kosong sunbae mereka Super Junior" dan meminta untuk "terus pertahankan kedekatan persahabatan antar dua grup itu"

INFO : Sukira jam 10PM KST dan Youngstreet jam 8PM KST

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English Translated by: kimchi hana @ shineee.net
Indonesian Translated by : shiningstarlover@SHINeendonesia
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Why are there Korean lyrics in Japanese remakes?

With SNSD set to release their 2nd Japanese single, “Gee,” on October 20th, and having already released their music video on the 6th, many have noticed that both SNSD and KARA kept some of their Korean lyrics in their Japanese remakes.
SNSD’s “Gee” features repetition of Korean words such as “Really really (jinjja jinjja)” and “Like like (joa joa).” KARA’s Japanese remake of “Mister” also repeats Korean words such as “Tick tock (tok tak)” and “Over and over (jakku jakku).”
Despite both being Japanese remakes, Korean lyrics dominate the highlight of the songs. Why are Korean lyrics appearing in Japanese songs? The reason is said to be behind the high interest in K-pop amongst Japanese fans, and their willingness to learn more about Korean culture.
One industry representative revealed, “Japanese K-pop fans rejected the idea of SNSD and KARA releasing Japanese albums. There were a lot of voices that asked for them to promote with their original Korean songs. We took their suggestions into consideration, and naturally added the Korean lyrics into their Japanese remakes.
He continued, “Korean sounds a lot stronger than Japanese, impact-wise, so it’s able to add a bit of charm to the songs. The Japanese public, and music fans alike, believe that Korean songs and lyrics sound modern. They have no problem accepting Korean lyrics in their songs.
Another representative continued, “There’s a lot of K-pop fans that love the impact and modern feel to Korean lyrics. Just like there was a rush to learn Korean with the drama Hallyu, the Japanese youth are just as interested in learning Korean now as well.”
Source + Photo: Newsen

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Top 50 Chart KPop...!!!! ( 04 Oktober - 10 Oktober'10 )

maaf telat >.<
aish ^^ btw,aku belom bisa ngelakuin minggu Super Junior :)
soalnya minggu ini lagi mid test ^^

1. 2NE1 (Clap Your Hands)
2. FT Island (Love Love Love)
3. Wheesung (Even Thought Of Marriage)
4. Gavy NJ (Let's End It)
5. Miss$ Ft. Jung Sul Ki (What Did You Do At This Age)
6. Secret (Madonna)
7. Sistar (Shady Girl)
8. Rainbow (A)
9. DJ DOC (I'm This Kind Of Person)
10. Homme (Eat Well)

11. Narsha (Mamma Mia)
12. Eru (White Tears)
13. Supreme Team & Young Joon (Why)
14. Jung Yup (Love You)
15. Lim Jung Hee Ft. 2AM Jo Kwon (Road To Breakup)
16. Taeyang (I'll Be There)
17. V.O.S (Full Story)
18. 4Men (U)
19. Lee Seung Chul ( That person)
20. Chae Dong Ha (Day Is Crazy)

21. Brown Eyed Soul (You)
22. Kara (2Me)
23. Beast (Clenching Fists Tightly)
24. Yoo Chun, Jae Joong, Jun Su (Found It)
25. Park Hyo Shin (Goodbye Love)
26. KCM (3 Years Passed)
27. Jo Sung Mo (I Want To Cheat)
28. Miss A (Bad Girl Good Girl)
29. Trax (Oh! My Goddess)
30. Oh Jong Hyuk (Heart is Racing)

31. Seo In Kook (My Baby U)
32. See Ya (I Must Be Crazy)
33. Son Dam Bi (dB Rider)
34. Lee Seung Ki (I Must Have Been Out Of My Mind)
35. Rumble Fish (Feel Good Day)
36. Bobby Kim (Loner)
37. Davichi & Electroboyz (Drawing You)
38. SHINee (Lucifer)
39. BoA (Hurricane Venus)
40. Suh Young Eun ft. H-Eugene (In Case He Comes Back)

41. Lee Juck (Laundry)
42. Zi-A (Just A Smile)
43. Gil Me ft. K.Will (Sorry for Loving You)
44. Dalmatian (Round 1)
45. Sori (You're Not My Style!)
46. Park Hong (Look At Me)
47. Hwan Hee (…While Doing)
48. Lee Sun Hee (Sun Shower)
49. Moon Ji Eun (Hibiye Hibiyo)
50. Boo Hwal (I Love You I Love You)

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top 20 senyum-mata ver koran cina

No. 1 – Hongki (FT Island)
No. 2 – Nickhun (2PM)
No. 3 – Donghae (Super Junior)
No. 4 – Yonghwa (CNBlue)
No. 5 – Leeteuk (Super Junior)
No. 6 – Jang Geun Suk
No. 7 – Sungmin (Super Junior)
No. 8 – Kim Hyun Joong (SS501)
No. 9 – Onew (SHINee)
No. 10 – G-Dragon (Big Bang)
No. 11 – KiBum (Super Junior)
No. 12 – Kim Bum
No. 13 – Taeyang (Big Bang)
No. 14 – Minhyuk (CNBlue)
No. 15 – Taemin (SHINee)
No. 16 – Jinwoon (2AM)
No. 17 – Kangin (Super Junior)
No. 18 – Jo Kwon (2AM)
No. 19 – Daesung (Big Bang)
No. 20 – Junho (2PM)

cre :dkpopnews.net
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Official Peringkat fancafe Daum 101004

05 : Super Junior:236,94
07 : SHINee:123,848
08 : BEAST:121,689
09 : Wonder girls:106,042
10 : FT Island:101,582
11 : 2NE1:98,393
12 : MBLAQ:82,759
13 : F(X):65,115
14 : 2am:59,545
15 : kara:55,632

cre :dkpopnews.net
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Heechul Oppa akan jadi seorang dosen !!

Heechul oppa menguliahi lebih dari 300 pelajar.
Menurut seorang perwakilan, Heechul akan mengunjungi Sangji University tanggal 29 Oktober, dan akan berbicara di depan murid-muridnya. Heechul sudah lulus di tahun 2008 dan kelas Sangji University’s Computer Data Informatics Department, dan dia diundang untuk berbicara di depan “Alumni Mentoring Talk” (programme).

Perwakilan Kim Heechul memberitahu Money Today Star News bahwa, “Baris pertama dan kedua sudah penuh diisi dengan 300 siswa/i, dan semakin lama semakin banyak orang dan mereka tetap memilij untuk berdiri karena kekurangan tempat duduk. Suasana di hall-nya sangat panas.”
Dia juga bilang, “Beberapa pelajar ada yang serius mencatat pidato dari Kim Heechul, dan ada juga beberapa pertukaran pelajar dari China yang datang untuk melihat kuliah dari Heechul, dan aku dengar juga ada seorang murid pertukaran pelajaran asal China yang sangat mengagumi Heechul, dan dia masuk ke Sangji University karena itu adalah almamater dari Heechul.”
Wakilnya juga bilang di perbincangan satu jam terakhir, di samping dari penampilannya yang sangat memukao, Heechul juga menunjukkan karakternya yang humoris. Heechul juga membicarakan kehidupannya kepada para juniornya, dimulai dari masa kecilnya, kehidupan sekolahnya, dan kemudian kehidupannya menjadi seorang selebritis.

Pada hari itu, Heechul memberikan nasihat kepada juniornya bilang, “Daripada memikirkan orang lain sebagai sainganmu, pikirkanlah tentang dirimu terlebih dahulu daripada harus memikirkan sainganmu, dan enyahkan pikiran untuk mengalahkan orang lain, bawa dirimu dengan kepercayaan diri, dan jika kamu ingin kehidupanku lebih tenang, lepaskan kesombonganmu dan rasa rendah diri.” Setelah menyelesaikan pembicaraannya, Heechul juga bilang “Aku sampai tidak merasa sekarang saatnya aku pergi, aku rasa aku belajar banyak tentang beberapa hal, ini adalah pengalaman yang sangat berarti”.

Perwakilan resmid dari Sangji University bilang, “berdasar dari standar para muridnya, Kim Heechul membawakan sebuah pembicaraan yang menyenangkan dan sangat terbuka”.
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