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What were Nichkhun’s first Korean words?

On the November 4th episode of Happy Together 3, Nichkhun revealed the first Korean words he learned while studying the language. He stated, “I learned the curse words first.”
Nichkhun’s “curse mentor” Junsu stated, “When Nichkhun first arrived in Korea, he made initial eye contact with me. I’m sorry [for teaching him curses first],” spreading laughter around the filming.
Nichkhun revealed his personal thoughts on studying swear words, saying, “I thought I had to learn curse words first. If someone curses me out and I’m unresponsive, they would think I’m stupid”.
When the staff asked him about his aegyo charms, Nichkhun replied, “I couldn’t speak Korean, so I had to appeal with my body.”

Source: Daum
via: allkpop

Lee Seung Gi talks about his shaky kiss scene with Shin Min Ah

Successful actor, singer and MC, Lee Seung Gi, revealed the reason as to why he kept shaking during his kiss scene with actress Shin Min Ah.
On November 4th, the actor appeared on SBS’s One Night TV Entertainment News and told reporters about his nervous kiss scene.  For reference, Seung Gi partnered up with popular actress Shin Min Ah for drama “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox”, a drama that recently ended airing.  During the drama, it was revealed that he filmed kissing Shin Min Ah multiple times.  During those times, an NG scene where Seung Gi kept shaking his lips was revealed to the public.
When the reporter asked Seung Gi, “Why did you shake your lips so much,” the actor truthfully replied, “It’s been a while since filming Shining inheritance, so I felt pressured to film this kissing scene in the coolest way possible.  I didn’t shake that much.  It was just a little tremble.”
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*me: sorry gambarnya dihapus :P
kalo mau liat check here >>> http://www.allkpop.com/2010/11/lee-seung-gi-talks-about-his-shaky-kiss-scene-with-shin-min-ah

What is the most memorable compliment Jay Park has ever received?

From his 2PM days ’til now, singer Jay Park has undoubtedly received thousands of compliments from fans and media outlets alike. Yet for Jay Park, one compliment stood out from all the rest.
Recently, Jay participated in an interview, and was asked what was the most memorable compliment he’s ever received from the internet. Jay answered with a laugh, “Innocent glamor.”  Apparently, it’s a nickname bestowed onto the singer by his fans due to his milky-white skin, his cute facial features, and his chiselled chest muscles.
Jay also mentioned ‘Innocent glamor’ on his Twitter, and further explains why it’s so memorable to him. He tweeted that he finds the moniker hilarious because “Innocent glamor” is normally attached to women with curvaceous bodies, particularly with noticeable breasts.
It appears he’s also quite addicted to the social medium, as he expressed,  ”Usually I go on Twitter. I like being able to communicate with fans directly. I’m a Twitter enthusiast.”
Jay Park is currently promoting his newest single, “Bestie“.
Source + Photo: Sports Chosun

website baru Park Jung Min

situs resmi Jung Min secara resmi dibuka!

Alamat website: www.parkjungmin.net

Website ini akan menyediakan beberapa bahasa yaitu bahasa Inggris, Cina, Jepang dan Korea. tapi untuk saat ini masih belum berfungsi.

berikut notice dari CNR Media, mengenai website resmi baru

ini adalah lembaga SS501 Park JungMin's CNR Media.

Semuanya ini sementara kami tidak mampu memiliki rata-rata komunikasi dengan semua fans sama sekali, kami merasa begitu tak berdaya di banyak daerah.
Dalam rangka untuk menciptakan lingkungan yang menyenangkan bagi semua fans untuk berkumpul bersama-sama, kami telah memasang banyak usaha, sehingga lebih atau kurang begitu, prosesi harus tertunda. Kami meminta banyak pemahaman Anda mengenai hal-hal yang tak terelakkan seperti itu.
Untuk saat ini, Park JungMin berada di tengah-tengah mempersiapkan kerjanya dalam peluncuran discographynya yang akan diterbitkan pada tanggal 25 November serta melakukan beberapa jadwal kerja di Jepang ; ia tidak memiliki waktu untuk bernapas sama sekali, namun ia pribadi masih memberikan banyak saran untuk homepage resmi dan banyak khawatir pada ini dan itu.

Di sisi lain, beberapa bagian di mana komunikasi dapat disampaikan sekarang terbuka untuk layanan, galeri Park JungMin's, film, berita dll secara bertahap akan terbuka untuk layanan juga. Meskipun waktu persiapan kita lebih panjang daripada yang dijanjikan, mohon diingat bahwa ParkJungMin berpikir para penggemarnya adalah titik pertama dan terutama yang benar-benar penting.

Kami meminta banyak cinta dan kepedulian Anda di hari masa yang akan datang.

Terima kasih.


Min Jung official site officially opened!

Website address: www.parkjungmin.net

This website will be available in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. but for now it still does not work.

Notice from CNR Media, Regarding the new official website

Hello, this is SS501 Park JungMin's agency CNR Media.

All this while weren't We Able to have a mean of communication with all the fans at all, We felt so helpless in many areas.
In order to create a pleasant environment for all fans to congregate together, We have been putting in a lot of effort, so more or less so, the Procession Had to be delayed. We ask for much of your understanding on Inevitable Such matters.
For now, Park JungMin is in midst of Preparing for his upcoming release of his discography Work That Is to be published on November 25 as well as Digesting installments Japan's work schedules, he has no time to Breathe at all, however he still personally Gave much suggestions for his official homepage and worried a lot on this and that.

On the other hand, A Few sections Nowhere Could Be relayed communication is now open for service, and soon, Park JungMin's gallery, movie, news etc will from be gradually open for service as well. Though our preparation time was much longer Than Originally Promised, please do keep in mind That Park JungMin's care and thought for his fans is what the first and Foremost That point really matters.

We ask for your much love and concern in future days to come.

Thank you.

Original Korean Message:

안녕하세요 SS501 박정민 소속사 CNR 미디어 입니다.

그 동안 팬분들과 의사 소통이 전혀 안되어서 답답한 부분이 많이 있으셨으리라고 생각됩니다.
팬분들을 위해 보다 좋은 공간을 만들어 드리고자 노력을 하다보니 진행이 많이 지체되었습니다.
이런 점 많은 이해 부탁드립니다.

현재 11월25일 발매를 예정으로 음반준비와 확정되어 있던 일본 스케줄까지 소화하느라 정신이 없는 와중에 박정민 본인이 직접 공식 홈페이지에 많은 부분을 신경쓰며 의견을 내고 있습니다.
또한 의사소통을 할 수 있는 부분만 일부 오픈이 되었으며, 앞으로 박정민의 갤러리, 영상, 뉴스 등 순차적으로 공개 될 것입니다.

비록 준비되는 과정의 시간이 약속한 시간보다 다소 늦더라도 가장 최우선시 하는 부분은 박정민
본인이 팬들을 생각하는 마음임을 간과하지 않으셨으면 합니다.
앞으로도 많은 관심과 사랑 부탁드립니다.

Source: www.parkjungmin.net/58
English Translation: SS501ode.blogspot.com
indo trans: rtss501.blogspot.com

BoA thanks fans for special birthday present

BoA, who is celebrating her 25th birthday on November 5th, wrote a heartfelt message for her fans after seeing a newspaper advertisement they placed in her honor.
BoA tweeted, “Wow… so this is it!! Today’s Korea newspaper!!! Thank you so much to eveyone at forever dot com… Ah… I never even imagined this… Thank you^^
The tweet was uploaded along with a picture of the newspaper ad. The singer also went as far as to tweet her thanks in three different messages for her overseas fans.
Source + Photo: Osen
via: allkpop

Kim Hyun Joong violated his contract for the ‘Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games’?

Kim Hyun Joong was previously reported to be participating in the opening ceremony for the 16th “Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games on November 12th, but it has recently been revealed that he violated his contract terms.
On November 5th, a news report by the Beijing Youth Daily included an interview with Chun Wei, the director for the opening ceremony. He stated, “We’ve been put in an extremely difficult situation due to the disclosure of Kim Hyun Joong participating in the opening ceremony. China has been keeping the names of our own singers under the utmost secrecy, so it’s difficult for us to understand why he went ahead and revealed it.”
He continued, “The point of the ceremony is to reveal who is singing the theme song on the day of the actual ceremony. We’re extremely shocked to hear that news of his participation have already been reported. He even signed the contract agreeing to keep the information a secret. Kim Hyun Joong violated the contract and it’s very unfortunate.
Yet despite his disappointment, the director went on to express his understanding for the singer. ”The opening ceremony will hold a 100,000 member audience. Since it will also be broadcast live through TV, over a billion people will be watching Kim Hyun Joong. He probably thought of this as an honor and wanted to get it known. I understand his actions and will not ask him to take responsibility for it.”
Meanwhile, KeyEast representatives responded, “The reports about his Guangzhou Asian Games contracts is not true. Before we revealed the information to the public, we received permission from the organizing committee. The committee is currently expressing their disappointment by reporting information that is not even true. We are currently working to take follow-up measures.”

Source + Photo: TV Daily via Nate

via : allkpop
trans indo:

Kim Hyun Joong sebelumnya dilaporkan akan berpartisipasi dalam upacara pembukaan untuk 16 "2010 Guangzhou Asian Games" pada tanggal 12 November, tetapi baru-baru ini telah mengungkapkan bahwa dia melanggar ketentuan kontrak nya.
Pada 5 November, sebuah laporan berita oleh Beijing Youth Daily termasuk wawancara dengan Chun Wei, direktur untuk upacara pembukaan. Dia menyatakan, "Kami telah dimasukkan ke dalam situasi yang sangat sulit karena pengungkapan Kim Hyun Joong berpartisipasi dalam upacara pembukaan. China telah menjaga nama penyanyi kita sendiri di bawah sepenuhnya kerahasiaan, sehingga sulit bagi kita untuk memahami mengapa dia pergi ke depan dan mengungkapkan hal itu. "
Ia melanjutkan, "Maksud dari upacara ini adalah untuk mengungkapkan siapa yang menyanyikan lagu tema pada hari upacara yang sebenarnya. Kami sangat terkejut mendengar berita partisipasinya sudah dilaporkan. Dia bahkan menandatangani kontrak menyetujui untuk menjaga informasi rahasia. Kim Hyun Joong melanggar kontrak dan itu sangat disayangkan. "
Namun, meski kekecewaannya, direktur melanjutkan untuk mengungkapkan pemahamannya untuk penyanyi. "Upacara pembukaan akan mengadakan penonton 100.000 anggota. Sejak itu juga akan disiarkan secara langsung melalui TV, lebih dari satu miliar orang akan menonton Kim Hyun Joong. Dia mungkin berpikir ini sebagai suatu kehormatan dan ingin diketahui. Saya memahami tindakannya dan tidak akan memintanya untuk bertanggung jawab untuk itu. "
Sementara itu, perwakilan KeyEast menjawab, "Laporan tentang nya Asian Games Guangzhou kontrak tidak benar. Sebelum kita mengungkapkan informasi tersebut kepada publik, kami menerima izin dari panitia. Komite saat ini mengekspresikan kekecewaan mereka dengan melaporkan informasi yang bahkan tidak benar. Kami sedang bekerja untuk melakukan langkah-langkah. "
Sumber Foto: Harian TV melalui Nate

tran: me via google trans
*me: hah ? ini apa-apaan coba?*

CNN to hold exclusive interview with Kim Hyun Joong on the success of ‘Playful Kiss’

With the ongoing release of special episodes for ‘Playful Kiss’ via Youtube, the drama has been gaining worldwide attention even after the completion of the drama. American news channel CNN has picked up on the international sensation, and offered to conduct an exclusive review on its success. Main star Kim Hyun Joong will be interviewed for the special coverage, as well as Group Eight Publisher Song Byung Joon, and Google Director Seo Hwang Wook.
It was reported that the interviewer will be one of CNN’s main anchors, Anna Core, who will be asking Kim Hyun Joong about the success of ‘Playful Kiss’, as well as his thoughts on acting alongside female lead, Jung So Min.
Additionally, Anna Core will be asking producer Song Byung Joon about his secret know-hows for successful productions. She will also seek informed answers from the Google Director about the impact of the special web episodes.
CNN became greatly interested in ‘Playful Kiss’, ever since the first Youtube special episode received over 520,000 views in just two days after its release.
As of the 5th, the first special episode has received 768,591 views, while the 2nd episode recorded 438,178 hits – totaling to a whopping 1,756,175 views in such a short span of time.
Even the comments replying to ‘Playful Kiss’ episodes alone reached over 3,400 posts. The comments aren’t just made by Korean fans either, as there have been numerous contributions in English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and French. Youtube has been collaborating with subbing community Viikii in order to respond to the demand of international fans by subbing in various  languages.
Song Byung Joon stated, “We were able to realize through the comments and views of the special episodes that even content which is only aired in Korea gain an incredible amount of worldwide fans. It has been very helpful, being able to break the cultural barrier and communicate with, as well as listen to, the responses of our worldwide fans in real-time.”
Lee Wonji, the President of Google Korea, also expressed, “Youtube has become the #1 largest worldwide online video site where, for example, albums of famous Korean artists are revealed first. Many national broadcast producers have already gained interest in Youtube due to the success of ‘Playful Kiss’. Since Youtube will always be open for use, we hope that more national producers take advantage of this global platform.”
The interview will take place at an undisclosed location in Seoul on November 7th. Stay tuned to allkpop for future updates!
Source + Photo: Sports Today
via: allkpop

Lee Da Hae makes an apology to Filipinos for her imitation

There has been an uproar recently on the Internet after a Youtube clip of actress Lee Da Hae surfaced which showed her demonstrating how English was spoken in different countries.
The clip was from defunct KBS2TV variety show, “Sweet Night“, and it featured Lee Da Hae as one of the guests. Lee and her family had stayed in Sydney, Australia for five years, where she graduated from Burwood Girls High School, and thus she has a good command of English.
It was fine when Lee Da Hae was asked to demonstrate speaking English with American and British accents, but when asked to demonstrate how it would be like with a Filipino accent (according to the show’s graphics), Lee spoke in a way which sounded rather insulting, and it angered many Filipinos who got wind of the video.
Lee Da Hae herself got wind of this, and tweeted an apology on November 3rd:
“First I’d like to give you my sincere apologies for what seems to be a misunderstanding.
It has come to my attention that many of you from the Philippines have posted comments protesting that i was being derisive by mimicking Filipinos when they speak English.
Therefore, in light of this matter I’d like to take this opportunity to clear the air.
In spite of what many people believe, I myself did NOT mention anything
about the Philippines or Filipino accent whilst on the TV show.

On the other hand, I recall bringing up Southeast Asia and not the Philippines and the subtitles were inserted when the show was being edited of which I was not aware of until it was aired.
The TV show where this footage was taken from was designed to amuse its audience and my sole purpose was to entertain the viewers by coming up with lighthearted stories.
Since the producer knows that i speak English he asked me if I could
share any episodes that touch upon the English language.

As we all know every country has a typical accent when its people speak English (including myself) so after giving it some thought, I came up with a few lines where I simply tried to compare different English accents: the somewhat rigid British accent and beginners in Southeast Asia whose English tends to be a little hard-edged. No pun or ridicule was intended.
As an individual who use to take English classes over the phone with a Filipino instructor, I give you my word that even the mere thought of mocking Filipinos would never cross my mind.
I cannot tell you how much Filipino fans mean to me and as much as I love them, I would in no way
hurt or upset them.

I hope I have clarified any misunderstandings and once again I am truly sorry if I inadvertently
hurt anyone’s feelings.

-i really love you, my Filipino fans.. “
Video: Pakdatsyit @ Youtube
Twitter: Lee Da Hae’s Twitter
via: allkpop

Ernest – Because I’m Weary (God Of Study OST)

Lirik Lagu Ernest – Because I’m Weary (God Of Study OST)

maeumeul dudeurineun kkumiraneun meon hutnarui iyagideul
du soneul ppeodeobwado daheul su eomneun eoryeomputan punggyeongdeul

Because Im weary, Cause Im weary
Because Im weary, Cause Im weary

sumi makhil deut naedallyeoganeun i sesang sogeseo
hollo gwireul makgo eorin sijeorui noraereul bureunda
kkeutdo sijakdo eobsi jaranan gieogui supeseo
irijeori hemaeda meonguljin gaseumeul dallaenda

Because Im weary, Cause Im weary

himgyeoun oneul haru yunanhido tteollyeooneun simjangsori
eolgureun jjinggeuryeodo jiul su eomneun seomeokhan dugeungeorim

Because I love you, Cause I love you

sirin baramgyeori otgiseul tturko gaseume daheumyeon
chama itji motan geu ttae ildeuri nun apeul garinda
eoriseogeun banghwanggwa gonoeui pyeonghaengseon wieseo
jageun ttambangureul dakkanaerimyeo sumeul goreunda

Because I love you, Cause I love you

sumi meojeul deut naedallyeoganeun i sesang sogeseo
hollo gwireul makgo eorin sijeorui noraereul bureunda
kkeutdo sijakdo eobsi jaranan gieogui supeseo
irijeori hemaeda meonguljin gaseumeul dallaenda

Because Im weary, Cause Im weary
Because Im weary, Cause Im weary

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Big Bang, 2NE1, KARA, 4minute, Brown Eyed Girls and more gather for SEOUL TOKYO MUSIC FESTIVAL 2010

Top Korean groups Big Bang, KARA, 4minute, 2NE1, FTIsland, CNBlue, Brown Eyed Girls, U-KISS, Rainbow, and Teen Top gathered in Japan to perform for the “Seoul Tokyo Music Festival 2010.”
The event was held earlier today at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. This event was a collaboration between Korean broadcasting channel SBS and Japanese broadcasting channel TBS in celebration of SBS’s 20th anniversary. The performances from this event will air on SBS on November 12th as a special episode, along with a 3-D production of the concert. TBS will air this concert at a later date in December.
SS501’s very own Park Jung Min was the MC for the event and reports state that the event was a major success. Check out some of the photos from the press conference below.
KARA commented, “We will do our best in both Japan and Korea!”
Big Bang commented, “We are honered to be chosen as an artist representing Korea. Please support us!”
A very awesome event, we’ll have to wait until the 12th for it to air on SBS.
Source + Photos: mdpr.jp + oricon.co.jp

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2PM akan Kencan dengan Fans!

2PM akan mengadakan kencan spesial dengan para fans. Agenda kencannya adalah menonton film di teater CGV di Yeong Deung Po pada Sabtu, 6 November ini.

Dalam kencan spesial bertajuk “2PM Day at CGV” ini, enam fans terpilih akan menonton sebuah film bersama grup idola mereka tersebut.

Enam fans yang beruntung itu akan dipilih secara acak berdasarkan komen yang mereka tulis di homepage CGV. Mereka akan menghabiskan waktu satu setengah jam bersama 2PM, dari jam 18.30 hingga 20.00 waktu Korea.

Selain kencan nonton film dengan 2PM, mereka akan mendapat kenang-kenangan berupa kado merchandise dan CD 2PM yang ditandatangani langsung para personilnya!

Hmm, kira-kira siapa ya 6 fans yang beruntung itu?

Source: allkpop, dkpopnews
Photo: Newsen
Re-written by: dearmarintan for KoreanIndo
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Review Film Korea Sad Movie

Sad Movie (새드무비) is a 2005 South Korean romantic comedy film starring Jung Woo-Sung (as Jin-Woo), Im Su-Jung (as Su-Jung), Cha Tae-Hyun (as Ha-Seok), Yeom Jung-Ah (as Ju-Yung), Shin Min-Ah (as Su-Eun), Son Tae-Yung (as Suk-Hyun), and Lee Ki-Woo (as Sang-Gyu). It was the second film directed by Kwon Jong-kwan, following S Diary from 2004.


The film focuses on the stories about four relationships and their trials, pains, heartaches, and subsequent separations. The plot lines eventually connect in some way, but they remain unrelated for the most part.
The first story tells of a firefighter and his girlfriend named Su-Jung who works in a TV station as a news translator for the mute. She's waiting for him to propose, focused on the rationale that given his dangerous job, she likes the idea of him having to think of her, to hesitate for a while before jumping into danger. He, on the other hand, is waiting for that perfect opportunity, setting and all, before popping the question. The second story is about a deaf girl who works as a costume character in a theme park. There she meets a young artist who she begins to develop feelings for quickly; yet refuses to take off her mask in front of him for quite some time. The third story is of a mother and child. The mother was too busy to spend time with her young son, until an illness confines her to a hospital bed. There the mother and son begin to communicate more and more. Lastly, the story of a boy and girl who have just broken up. The girl's reason being that she needs a more stable guy with a good job. The unemployed ex-boyfriend goes off and finds himself a job helping other couples break up. Hoping that if he earns enough money, he could woo his loved one back.

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Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and Kim Jang Hoon have a “fight”

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and singer Kim Jang Hoon were photographed “fighting” on either side of DJ, actress, and television personality, Park Sohyun.
Sohyun posted on her Twitter, “It’s fun watching a fight. Keke. Personalities are the same!! Similar two men, Kim Heechul and Kim Jang Hoon!!!!! %2,” alongside a photo of her between the dueling men.
Though they say that similar personalities tend to not get along, it’s obvious the two were just having some fun for the camera.
Source + Photo: Nate
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Moon Geun Young does not plan to get married

A press conference for the KBS2 drama “Mary Stayed Out All Night” was held this afternoon at the Seoul Imperial Palace Hotel. Over the course of the questioning about the drama and stuff, actress Moon Geun Young surprisingly confessed her thoughts on marriage.
She honestly stated, “Marriage is not for me. I have so many things that I want to accomplish, so it would be detrimental to the family”.

She further added, “However, if I do find somebody who I love, and he understands and gives me freedom to do whatever I want, I would think of marriage. Nevertheless, I have yet to meet a man like that, and neither have I thought of marriage. I want to have personal freedom. I don’t like the idea of being restricted.”

“Mary Stayed Out All Night”  is scheduled to have its first episode aired on November 8th.
Source + Image : Hankyung
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Saengil Chukka Hamnida TOP Big Bang.

.. 04.11.2010 ..

Saengil Chukka Hamnida~~
Saengil Chukka Hamnida~~
Saranghaneun.. TOP sshi..
Saengil Chukka Hamnida... ^__^

Hari ini TOP ultah yg ke 23 thn (24 thn umur koreanya)...


Nickname: T.O.P.(Tempo)
Real Name: Choi Seung Hyun (최승현)
Postion: Rapper Vocal
Birthday: November 4, 1987
Height: 180cm, 6'0"
Weight: 65kg, 142lbs
Blood Type: B
Specialties: Rap, BeatBox, Song Making, English
Hobbies: Reading and swimming

Fun Facts::

- TOP adalah member tertua di Big Bang

- Yang memberikan nama TOP adalah Se7en

- Makanan fav nya nasi, ice cream, yanggeng (red bean jelly), donat

- Saat sekolah, TOP tidak pernah memiliki nilai yang bagus

- Dia selalu berpikir bahwa apapun yang dia pakai selalu terlihat bagus

- First kissnya saat kelas 7 di dekat sungai Han dengan pacarnya, sedikit ciuman di bibir

- Tombol #1 di HP nya yaitu ibunya

- TOP benci mendengar orang bilang kalo dia menakutkan

- TOP memilih Taeyang sebagai member yang akan diajak berkencan jika dia perempuan

- Jika tidak ada di dunia musik, TOP akan menjual pakaian atau apapun yang berhubungan dengan fashion

- Dia suka menutupi wajahnya jika sedang berada di depan umum

- TOP lebih memilih cinta drpd pekerjaan

- Dia pernah menangis saat melihat 2000 fans nya datang di pesta ulang tahun kejutan buatnya

- TOP tidak suka jika fans memasang foto keluarganya di internet

- Suatu hari nanti TOP ingin berduet dengan Lyn dan Gummy

- Ingin menjadi kakak yang baik dan tidak memalukan untuk adik2nya

- Artis fav nya Method Mad dan Kanye West

- TOP masuk sebagai Mnet's TOP 100 "Must Have" Males di #41 pada tahun 2007
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Source: koreanboyband, asianfanatics

Nominasi 25th Golden Disk Awards...

Nah ini udah keluar nominasi buat 25th Golden Disk Awards dan acara ini akan digelar pada tanggal 9 Desember nanti..



Kim Jong Kook
Lucy Day Full
Bobby Kim
Brand Project
Super Junior
Supreme Team
Epik High
Lee Seung Hwan
Lee Juck


Ga In
Hot Potato
Miss A
Wonder Girls
SG Wannabe
MC Mong
Lee Seung Gi
CN Blue – Bluetory
CN Blue – Bluelove
SNSD – Run Devil Run


MC Mong
Supreme Team
Eun Ji Won


Namgyeok Band
Hot Potato
CN Blue
Comeback Madonna Band


Gil Hak Mi
Miss A
Seo In Gook
Supreme Team
CN Blue


Ga In
Kim Jong Kook
Gil Hak Mi
Namgyeok Band
Hot Potato
Lucid Fall
Miss A
Bobby kim
Brand Project
Seo In Kook
Super Junior
Supreme Team
CN Blue
SG Wannabe
FT Island
Epik High
MC Mong
Wonder Girls
Eun ji Won
Lee Seung Gi
Lee Seung Hwan
Lee Juck
Comeback Madonna Band

Tp sayangnya kita ga bisa ikutan dukung buat idola fav kita soalnya votenya lewat sms aja,, doain aja idola kita menang hehe...^^

** Hasil sementara sampe aq posting ini::
- Disk Bonsang Award --> #1 Super Junior, #2 SNSD, #3 SHINee
- Digital Bonsang Award --> #1 Yesung, #2 CN Blue, #3 2PM
- Rookie Award --> #1 CN Blue, #2 Beast, #3 Seo In Kook
- Popularity Award --> #1 SHINee, #2 Super Junior, #3 SNSD
Buat yg hip hop ama rock award ga ada hasilnya d webnya, jd ga tau deh siapa 3 terbesarnya...

Source: GDA website

*me : secret masuk ke 2 nominasi.. bisa menang gak ya? sayang gak ada MBLAQ+SS501 T^T tapi masih ada U-Kiss :D

Indo trans shinee melon special interview

Sebelum lanjut ke post-post yang lain,jo mau minta maaf gara2 kemarin gak muncul :D
soalnya inet ngambek >o< lelet banget.. sekarang juga gitu tapi paling gak udah mau nyambung..
okay.. gak banyak omong ini wawancaranya:

SHINee: hello,kami shining shinee
Onew: ya,semuanya.Kalian pasti senang&baik2 saja kan? SHINee telah bekerja keras selama ini dgn "Hello".Apakah kalian ingin tau alasan mengapa kami tiba2 muncul seperti ini?
Key: kami akan memilih beberapa pertanyaan yang kalian berikan pd kami melalui Melon & menjawabnya. Tolong beri kami pertanyaanya.

SHINee :: hello.. kami shinee *shining shinee
Onew :: ok semua.. saya rasa, semuanya senang dan dalam kondisi baik bukan..? shinee telah bekerja keras beberapa hari ini dengan kegiatan promosi “hello” . apakah kalian ingin tau alasan kenapa kami (shinee) tiba2 berkumpul seperti ini..?
Key :: kita (shinee) akan memilih beberapa pertanyaan yang anda ingin tanyakan melalui “melon” dan kami akan coba menjwabnya. Jadi silahkan bertanya. *saya dong oppa.. pengen bgt nanya nih..

::wakil perubahan shinee *mungkin maksudnya salah satu perubahan shinee*.
Adalah, idola yang begitu mewah *bagus/indah* apa ada perubahan lain yang bisa mewakili shinee..?
Onew :: ya, semua idola selalu mewah *bagus/indah* bukankah itu berarti sedang dalam keadaan yang benar2 baik..? dan itu juga menunjukan bahwa kita/kami bernilai tinggi..^^
Key :: kami sangat berterimakasih.Musik adalah kemewahan,pakaian & fashion juga kemewahan,bagus jika orang berkata seperti itu & sebagai tambahan ada satu hal yang slalu kami ucapkan selama ini "contemporary band" dan ada sebuah perbedaan, tapi aaku pikir bahwa ada banyak hal yang baru yang akan muncul di masa datang.

::saya fikir,bahwa shinee memiliki banyak pesona/karisma *ember..* Apa keistimewaan pesona unik Shinee? *pesona nya key oppa yang bikin lockets jadi klepek2* hehe
Onew :: ya, daya tarik dari shinee yang unik.? Apa memang ada.?
Minho :: apakah ada..? *ada..ada.. xD~*
Taemin :: pertama, saya fikir bahwa keunikan kami *shinee mebuat shinee menjadi berbeda dari yang lain nya. Shinee memiliki berbagai macam warna seperti yang di katakan banyak orang, dan itu memang keunikan musik juga keunikan style kami. Saya rasa, semua orang bisa merasakan nya.
Minho :: ya, saya rasa juga seperti itu..

:: walaupun satu group, siapa yang membuatmu berpikir bahwa dia mengagumkan ketika kau melihatnya di panggung??
Onew :: Untukku,aku akan memilih Taemin-gun.Dia selalu terlihat bekerja keras dan aku rasa dia selalu berkembang.Dia sangat mengagumkan.

:: Pertanyaan yangg ditanyakan kepadamu,selama wawancara yang membuatmu merasa harus menjawabnya berulang-ulang?
Taemin : Kemanapun kami pergi,kami slalu ditanya tentang tipe ideal kami,sejujurnya aku tidak mempunyai tipe ideal yang spesifik,jadi setiap wawancara aku hampir selalu mengatakan bahwa aku menyukai Emma Watson,tapi aku merasa sangat tidak nyaman saat aku mengatakannya.Siapa yang seharusnya aaku katakan?
Minho: aku mengerti.
Key : ketika kau benar2 tidak mempunyai seorangpun.
Minho : ya.

::siapa member atau anggota yang paling sering mengomeli anggota lain melebihi ibu sendiri anda lakukan?
Onew :: member yang paling sering mengomel, uhm.. mari kita hitung sampai 3.
SHINee :: 1,2,3... KEEEYY..!!!!
Key :: aku..?? *si oppa ga ngerasa ternyata=,=
Onew :: ya memang begitu (memang kamu)
Minho :: pertama, key memang senjata yang baik untuk kami di asrama. Dia (key) benar2 memperhatikan kami dengan sangat baik, memastikan kami sudah makan setiap hari.. tapi, apa bila ada yang melanggar, dia pasti akan mengomel sangat extrim..
Taemin :: sebenarnya dilihat dari sisi positive, kita bisa memanggilnya umma (ibu), “umma key”
Minho :: dari sisi negative kita bisa melihat perubahan omelan key hyung . dia mengatakan nya dengan penuh kasih sayang..
Onew :: ya, kau benar. Dia mengatakan hal dengan kasih sayang.
Minho :: jadi, kita benar2 menyukai key hyung.

:: siapakah anggota yang memilike perbedaan sangat mencolok dari gambaran pertama kali muncul..? *antara sekarang dan dulu*
Key :: yah aku merasa bahwa semua anggota memiliki perubahan yang sangat banyak, saya tidak pernah membayangkan bahwa kami dapat berubah seperti ini. Waktu telah berlalu dan sebagai kepentingan anggota dalam berbagai bidang telah berkembang kita pelajari untuk berpakaian dan bersolek diri kita sendiri, dan ketika kita membandingkan satu sama lain untuk apa yang kami seperti kembali kemudian bahkan kita bertanya-tanya mengapa kita dulu begitu berbeda.

:: apakah shinee suka lagu yang menantang seperti rindingdong dan lucifer, atau lagu slow seperti replay dan hello..?
Onew :: Bagi saya, "Replay" sejak awal jadi saya pikir yang cocok dengan kita dan memang sangat baik.
Minho:: Bagi saya, "Replay" benar-benar bagus juga, tapi aku suka "Lucifer" dan "Ring Ding Dong" di mana kita mampu menunjukkan kinerja yang kuat dari kami, dan itu benar-benar bagus bahwa "Hello" dari album repackage kami mendapat banyak dukungan dari para fans.
Key :: Karena para member memiliki selera yang berbeda, kita tidak bisa mengatakan bahwa hanya suka satu dari beberapa lagu di panggung, tapi saya senang apa bila ketika kita melakukan kinerja dengan baik/positif , jadi saya berpikir bahwa ada baiknya setiap kali kita lakukan kita memang harus menunjukan kinerja terbaik dan mendapatkan point positive.

:: apa instrumen / alat musik yang ingin anda pelajari..? tidak termasuk yang sudah anda kuasai.
Onew :: Saya ingin belajar marimba. Saya pikir itu akan sangat menyenangkan. *belajar sama mochi ya..?*
Key :: ‘untuk onew hyung’ memang hyung mau belajar dimana..?
Onew :: Aku akan pergi ke lokasi yang sebenarnya ... ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ
Key :: Saya ingin belajar gitar atau piano lagi dari awal. Bagaimana dengan anggota lain?
Minho:: Bagi saya, tidak terlalu lama yang lalu saya melihat seseorang yang bermain saksofon dengan sangat baik dan saya begitu terharu bahwa jika ada kesempatan aku pasti ingin belajar.

:: Uraikan/ceritakan masing-masing anggota dalam 5 kata
Minho:: Jika kita menjelaskan satu sama lain dalam 5 kata, terlebih dahulu kita harus memulai dengan menjelaskan hyung Onew? Onew hyung sedang sibuk dengan pertunjukan musikalnya akhir2 ini jadi dia menunjukkan kinerja yang berbeda dari penampilan kami. Karena dia menampilkan gambaran serbabisa saat melakukan pertunjukan musikalnya, bagaimana dengan sesuatu seperti, "Menyanyi, menari, atau semuanya"?
Taemin:: Multi. *loh. Maksudnya apa oppa..?
Minho:: "Menyanyi, menari, melakukan semuanya."
Key :: almighty key *ciaelah nih oppa malah promosi diri sendiri.. keke, emang oppa key serba bisa..
SHINee:: Ohh..!!?
Minho:: Itu bagus juga. Hmm, lalu bagaimana ini? Keyhyung memang sangat teliti tentang mode atau fashion,serta penampilan para member, key akan terlihat sangat menonjol ketika sedang melakukan suatu pekerjaan / hal jadi,bagaimana tentang "kesensitivan/sensitifbilitas"? Apakah hyung baik-baik saja?
Key:: Ada banyak yang dapat dinyatakan dengan 5 kata, kan?
onew:: "cukup dengan mengucapkan cutie-pie"!
SHINee:: Ohhhh.
Onew:: Menggunakan aksen yang benar-benar cute. ><
Key :: Saat ini banyak penggemar yang datang jadi kami juga sudah melihat banyak hal, dan ada banyak ide yang timbul. Silahkan terus menyampaikan ide untuk waktu kedepan. Kami akan mencatat dan menggunakan ide itu bagi para member.

:: Bila Anda membuat kesalahan dalam lirik atau koreografi selama konser atau manggung, apa yang akan ada lakukan secara pribadi untuk menangani hal itu?
Onew:: Ya, jika terjadi kesalahan selama pertunjukan ... kita harus mengatasinya dengan sangat baik. Jadi ada waktunya ketika kita mendapat kritikan. Dan aku berpura-pura bahwa itu bukan lah aku sebelumnya.
Minho:: berpura-pura bahwa itu tidak terjadi
Key :: berpura-pura bahwa itu bukan bagian dari pertunjukan mu.
Onew :: Sejujurnya aku pernah melakukan hal itu sebelumnya,dan tidak ada hal lain yang dapat ku lakukan. Karena aku lah memulai dan aku lupa di bagian tengah, aku punya kenangan yang sangat sulit untuk di lupakan, tapi aku harus bisa melupakan nya untuk performs di masa yang akan datang. *hwaiting oppa..!!

:: pose seperti apa yang akan kalian lakukan untuk menunjuk kan ke jantanan/kegagahan kalian..?
SHINee:: Ketika kita menyanyikan sebuah lagu yang dapat memberi kekuatan / semangat sehingga menunjukan ke gagahan, kita pikir itu akan keluar secara alami di atas panggung.^^

:: di episode terbaru, di mobil atau asrama manakah yang paling menyenangkan..? agar kita tahu.!
SHINee: Oh, akhir – akhir ini kami sedang sibuk mempromosika album repackge “hello” tapi ketika salah satu di antara kita sedang bosan, atau pun merasa bibir kami sangat kering. Kita tetap menikmatinya
:: Anda bertemu seorang penggemar SHINee di jalan. Tetapi mereka mengatakan bahwa mereka lebih menyukai member lain dari pada anda, apa yang anda rasakan pada saat itu..?
SHINee:: Halo ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

:: Jika Anda pergi ke karaoke, nilai apakah yang dapat mengalahkan rasa percaya diri anda..?
SHINee:: Ketika kita sedang bekerja keras menyanyi dan seseorang tanpa sengaja menekan tombol batal dan skor kami tidak keluar. Kekalahan. Halo ㅠ ㅠ
:: “She sells sea shells by the sea shore. The shells she sells sure are sea shore shells, for if she sells sea shore shells as sea shells, the shells she sells are sea shore shells.” Siapa Anggota yang mampu mengatakan ini paling cepat?
SHINee:: Huk .. Kita semua pasti salah. Hello Hello Hello
Taemin:: Ya, sampai sekarang kami telah menjawab pertanyaan Anda, apakah itu menyenangkan?
SHINee:: Ohhhh.
Taemin:: Terima kasih. Mungkin anda bisa bertanya di lain waktu
Minho:: Ya.
Taemin :: kami (shinee) akan selalu bekerja keras
Onew: Sampai sekarang kami adalah band kontemporer
SHINee: shining shinee. Terima kasih.

cr :: momochi shinee + vina noona yeopo
via:  LOCKETS-Indonesia (Fansbase Indonesia for Key SHINee)

informasi rilis "present" photo book PARK JUNG MIN

Park Jung Min (SS501)
penjualan First Photo Book (termasuk DVD)!

Park Jung Min (SS501)
First Photo Book (Termasuk DVD) 'present' (judul Tentatif)
Akan dijual dalam bentuk Pertama Press Limited Edition / Normal Edition
Jadwal tanggal penjualan: 18 Desember 2010

Menggabungkan cute, pesona, keseksian dalam satu tubuh
Park Jung Min yang melepaskan pesona yang berbeda, 1st Photo Book
Banyak pendapat yang berbeda dari penggemar dikumpulkan ke dalamnya
Hadir dari JungMin untuk semua orang
'Jika JungMin bukan idola, maka ia mustahil untuk memiliki ekspresi begitu banyak'
Ini juga merupakan konsep desain photo book ini .
isi DVD termasuk di balik adegan adegan dan rekaman dari album Jepang.
Akan merilis 2 jenis: Pertama Tekan Limited Edition dan edisi normal.


Park Jung Min 'Present' Photo Book release information

Park Jung Min (SS501)
First Photo Book (Include DVD) sales!

Park Jung Min (SS501)
First Photo Book (Include DVD) 'Present' (Tentative title)
Will be sold in the form of First Press Limited Edition/Normal Edition
Schedule sale date: 18 December 2010

Combining cute, charm, sexiness in one body
Park JungMin whom releasing different charm, 1st Photo Book
Many different opinion from fans are collected into it
Is a present from JungMin to everybody
'If JungMin is not an idol, then he is impossible to have so many expression'
This is also the design concept of this photo book.
DVD content include the behind the scene and recording scene of the Japanese album.
Will be releasing 2 types: First Press Limited Edition and normal edition.

Credit: ameblo.jp/ss501jungmin + (Chi Trans) 楓落缥缈 @ www.park-jung-min.com + (Eng trans) PlanetHyun.blogspot.com + Indo trans: rtss501.blogspot.com
via : RT SS501

Album2 MBLAQ dari awal-sekarang


# MBLAQ - Y Single Album

01 4 Ya' Stereo - Intro (feat. Taewan a.k.a C-Luv)
02 Y
03 One Better Day
04 What U Want
05 Last Luv
06 Y (Inst.)
07 One Better Day (Inst.)


# MBLAQ - JUST BLAQ Single Album

01 Oh Yeah
02 G.O.O.D Luv
03 My Dream


# MBLAQ - If You Come Into My Heart (The Artist Part. 4) Digital Single Album

01 그대 내 맘에 들어오면은 (feat. C-Luv)


Cre: iHoneyJoo
via: KBPK

Learn Korea (mengenal subjek, objek, dan predikat dalam bahasa korea)


Untuk mengenal subjek dalam bahasa korea digunakan penanda subjek, yaitu 이 (i) dan가 (ga).

Bila kata benda berakhiran konsonan, gunakan -이 (i)


가방이 있어요. (gabangi isseoyo) - Ada tas

Bila kata benda berakhiran vokal, gunakan -가 (ga)


비가 옵니다. (biga eumnida) - Hujan turun

Bila -가 diletakan setelah kata benda berikut maka akan terjadi perubahan sebagai berikut.

나 (na) + 가 (ga) -> 내가 (naega) - Aku

너 (neo) + 가 (ga) -> 네가 (nega) Kamu

저 (jeo) + 가 (ga) -> 제가 (jega) - Saya

누구 (nugu) + 가 (ga) -> 누가 (nuga) - Siapa

Selain penanda subjek, untuk mengenal subjek dalam bahasa Korea juga digunakan penanda topik, yaitu은 (eun) dan 는 (neun).

Bila kata benda berakhiran konsonan, gunakan -은(-eun)


이것은 연필이에요. (igeoseun yeonpil-ieyo) - Ini pensil

Bila kata benda berakhiran vokal, gunakan -는 (-neun)


나는 학생이에요. (naneun haksaeng-ieyo) - Saya murid


Untuk mengenal objek dalam bahasa korea digunakan penanda objek, yaitu 을 (eul) dan를 (leul).

Bila kata benda berakhiran konsonan, gunakan -을 (-eul)


밥을 먹어요. (babeul meogeoyo) - Makan nasi

Bila kata benda berakhiran vokal, gunakan -를 (-leul)


사과를 안먹어요. (sagwa-leul anmeogeoyo) - Tidak makan apel


Dalam bahasa Korea predikat dibentuk dengan merubah konjugasi dari kata sifat ataupun kata kerja bentuk kamus (dictionary form). Perubahan predikat ini didasarkan pada perbedaan waktu, gaya bahasa (tingkat kesopanan), ataupun situasi yang berlangsung.

Predikat bentuk kamus dalam bahasa Korea dikelompokkan menjadi:

Predikat yang berakhiran vokal 아 (a) atau 오 (o)

Contoh: 가다 (gada) - pergi, 자다 (jada) - tidur, 오다 (oda) - datang

Predikat yang berakhiran vokal selain 아 dan 오

Contoh: 먹다 (meogda) - makan, 듣다 (deudda) - mendengar, 읽다 (ilgda) - membaca

Predikat dalam bentuk 하다 (hada)

Contoh: 하다 (hada) - melakukan, 공부하다 (gongbuhada) - belajar, 사랑하다 (saranghada) - mencintai

www.locketsindonesia.wordpress.com (blog LOCKETS-Indonesia)

Saengil Chukka Hamnida BoA & Geon Il Supernova~~ Happy 4th Anniversry SuJu K.R.Y...

.. 05.11.2010 ..

Saengil Chukka Hamnida~~
Saengil Chukka Hamnida~~
Sarangaheun.. BoA Onnie & Geon Il sshi..
Saengil Chukka Hamnida... ^__^

Happy 4th Anniversary SuJu K.R.Y... ^__^

- BoA -


Nama lengkap : Kwon BoA (Boa Kwon, Kwan BoA, Gwon Bo-a)
Nama panggilan : Kkamshi, Beat of Angel (BoA)
Tanggal lahir : 5 November 1986
Tempat lahir : Kyung Gi Do Goorisi, Korea Selatan
Tempat Tinggal : Chung Dam Dong
Tinggi/Berat : 158,5 cm / 45 kg
Golongan Darah : AB
Zodiak : Scorpio
Agama : Khatolik
Anggota Keluarga : Orang tua dan 1 kakak laki-laki & 1 kakak perempuan
Pendidikan : SD Yangjung, SMP Sahmyook, Korean Kent Foreign School, Seoul
Debut menjadi penyanyi : 25 Agustus 2000 di usia 13 tahun
Impian masa kecil : menjadi penyanyi
Hobi: menyanyi, mendengarkan musik, menari hip hop, nonton film, membaca majalah, meniru orang lain/berakting dan membuat asesoris untuk teman-teman.
Bahasa yang dikuasai : Korea, Jepang, Inggris dan Mandarin (masih belajar)
Musik Favorit : Rap, Hip Hop , Dance dan Rn B
Penyanyi Favorit : Nelly, Britney Spears, Brian McKnight, Pink, Janet Jackson, Jay-Z
Lagu Favorit : "Hot In Here" oleh Nelly The Neptunes
Aktor Favorit : Jang Dong Gun, Bae Yong Jun
Film Favorit : Men In Black 2
Warna Favorit : hitam, abu-abu, putih, emas, coklat, warna gelap
Karakter Kartun Favorit : Winnie the Pooh
Minuman Favorit : Bubble Tea
Makanan Favorit : masakan Korea masakan buatan ibunya
Parfum Favorit : Samurai, NiNa Ricci

- Geon Il -


Name: Park Gun-il / Park Geon-il
Nickname : Canopus Gunil
Date of Birth: November 5, 1987
Physique: 187 cm ; 70 kg
Blood Type: B
Specialties: Rap, drawing, basketball, soccer, swimming, Taekwondo, English
School: Dongguk University
Hobbies: playing sports, writing lyrics, listening to music, cleaning & watching movies.

TV Appearances:
→ Joongbu University CF
→ SBS Drama+ 똑바로살아라
→ 2003 KBS2 “Sangdoo, Let's go to school~!”
→ 2004 MBC “I’m going to love..”
→ 2005 “Mister Quiz King”
→ 2006 “Sunday Seoul”
→ 2006 Seeya “Crazy Love Song” MV
→ 2007 FT Island “Lovesick” MV
→ 2008 Seeya “Sad Footsteps” MV

Jangan lupa d twitter ikutan TT nya buat BoA #HappyBdayBoA trus buat Geon Il #HappyCanopusDay.. Kalo buat SuJu KRY nya #KRY4EVER atau #Happy4KRY..

Source: yeinjee, asianfanatics, lizlemagazine2
KLI 2 

heo young saeng dan kim kyu jong akan menggelar fanmeeting di seoul

Hi semuanya,

ini B2M Entertainment, penyelenggara "Kyu Jong & YoungSaeng DAN Story di Seoul"
Kyu Jong & Young Saeng dan cerita baru mereka dimulai sekarang.
Ini akan menjadi waktu dimana semua orang akan bersenang-senang berinteraksi bersama dan sebuah acara dengan diversifikasi aktivitas, sebuah panggung khusus yang belum pernah terungkap sampai sekarang.
Tolong beri banyak partisipasi dan dukungan.
Terima kasih semua orang.

'Kyu Jong & YoungSaeng AND Story in Seoul' jadwal sebagaimana tercantum di bawah.

Tanggal: 2010/12/04 (Sabtu), 07:00
Lokasi: Universitas Sangmyung, Hall Dang Gye (Theathre Big)
Tiket: tiket presale ₩ 25.000, Penjualan di situs ₩ 30.000 (pajak tidak termasuk)
Organizer: B2M entertainment
Hosted by: Mays entertainment
Pembukaan Dijual: 11 November 2010 (Kamis) 08:00
Pra-penjualan: Lelang Tiket: ticket.auction.co.kr

[Presale Pemberitahuan Penting]
1. Tiket presale mulai dari 11 November, Kamis, 20:00 melalui Lelang Tiket (ticket.auction.co.kr), tolong jangan salah.
2. Selama presales, setiap orang hanya bisa membeli 4 tiket.
3. Untuk mencegah kekacauan di siang hari pertunjukan, tiket presale akan dikirim setelah pembelian, kita harapkan pengertian Anda.
4. Tiket tidak akan diterbitkan kembali, ketat tidak masuk tanpa tiket, silahkan merawat tiket Anda.
5. pembelian presale tanpa (bank) account untuk melakukan pembayaran, harap jumlah setoran sebelum 23:59:59 pada hari berikutnya untuk mengkonfirmasi pembelian presale Anda. Jika jumlah setoran tidak diterima dalam periode ini, presale akan secara otomatis dibatalkan. Harap perhatikan.
* Waktu transfer bank yang berbeda akan berbeda, silahkan membuat konfirmasi sebelum tangan.
6. Penyelenggara dan tuan rumah tidak akan bertanggung jawab atas kecelakaan setiap terjadi selama proses pengalihan atau penjualan tiket kepada pihak lain. Pada saat yang sama, tiket pembelian sesuai dengan kesepakatan tersebut mungkin akan ditolak masuk, tidak menjadi korban ini, silakan perhatikan,
7. Untuk pertanyaan, hubungi Lelang Tiket Customer Service Hotline 1566-1369.
Waktu operasi: hari Normal dan Sabtu: 09:00-8:00 / Minggu & hari libur: 09:00-06:00.

[Catatan di Hall Masuk dan melihat]
1. Entry waktu akan menjadi 1 jam sebelum pertunjukan dimulai. Untuk memulai kinerja tepat waktu, silakan masuk ke dalam ruangan pada 10mins sebelumnya. Tidak masuk setelah pertunjukan dimulai.
2. ketat Tidak boleh mefilmkan dan mengambil photo. Jika ditemukan melakukan hal di atas selama pertunjukan, data akan dihapus dan akan diminta untuk meninggalkan aula.
3. plakat LED, papan tanda, kembang api dan barang-barang pendukung lainnya, seperti yang mungkin cos gangguan selama pertunjukan, silakan kontrol diri. Yang disebutkan di atas mungkin akan disita saat masuk ke gedung pertunjukan.
4. Sepertinys mungkin ada kekacauan di siang hari lalu lintas kinerja, silakan gunakan transportasi umum.
5. Kinerja akan dibatalkan dalam hal terjadi bencana alam
6. Untuk mereka yang menolak disebutkan di atas dan tidak mengikuti instruksi dari staf dan kekacauan dan menyebabkan kecelakaan.Penyelenggara dan tuan rumah yang bertanggung jawab tidak akan menyelenggarakan.

Credit: www.b2ment.com + (Chi Trans) cheunya&redcat111 @ www.kimkyujong.com.cn + (Eng trans) PlanetHyun.blogspot.com + indo trans: rtss501.blogspot.com
via: RT SS501 @ FB

Donghae ingin kembali ke waktu sebelum ayahnya meninggal!

nah ini tentang wawancara..antara donghae...dengan W Korea
oppa membiarkan dan menggunakan rasa percaya diri didalam hidupnya tanpa penyesalan....^^
wah..yg ini juga ngga bikin ketawa sendiri..yah ini lebih ke sedih..^^
langsung aja yuk capcu>>
Q : Untuk diri sendiri, apakah Anda memiliki kata-kata atau saran yang ingin Anda dengar?

Menghabiskan waktu dengan baik, meskipun ingin melakukan hal-hal yang ingin saya lakukan dengan mudah, tetapi masih tidak mudah … Ketika saya masih muda, tidak hanya berpikir tentang bermain ketika memiliki waktu luang, aku merasa tidak aman jika tidak belajar sesuatu.

Q: Kapan Anda merasa benar-benar bahagia?

Ketika saya berolahraga, mendengarkan musik, melihat sesuatu, merasakan sesuatu. Terutama pada saat merasakan sesuatu, saat itu adalah yang paling bahagia. Meskipun merasa popularitas yang sangat penting, tetapi dibandingkan dengan itu, saat-saat bahagia seperti, berbicara dan tertawa dengan orang-orang sekitar disekitar saya, mengobrol, dan memakan makanan yang baik.
Tentu saja, sebagai penyanyi, [Selebihnya...] berdiri di atas panggung juga merupakan suatu kebahagiaan. Berada di depan 20 ~ 30 ribu penggemar, mengatakan satu hal selama konser, menyanyikan lagu, akan ada tanggapan langsung dari semua orang. Semacam itu merupakan suatu perasaan yang tak terlukiskan.

Q:apakah hal yang membuat Anda tetap diserap?

Orang-orang yang saya cintai. Jika saya ingin memahami seseorang, saya akan melakukannya dengan baik, akan bekerja keras dan memberikan segalanya kepada pihak lain. Meskipun ingin menjadi keberadaan yang paling penting (untuk seseorang itu) tapi terkadang hal itu tidak seperti ini.
Bersama dengan seseorang dan seseorang itu menjadi bahagia, oleh karena itu dibandingkan saya melakukan solo , saya lebih suka berada bersama member yang lainnya. Karena saya tidak akan merasa kesepian , jadi jika tidak ada orang di sekitar saya, saya akan merasa sangat sedih.

Q: Apakah ada usia yang ingin Anda kembali ke usia tersebut atau usia yang Anda ingin tumbuh dengan cepat?

Meskipun usia tumbuh cepat, tetapi masih bisa menunggu hal-hal untuk dapat berfokus, atau merencanakan dll. Dalam hal ini, saya dapat memiliki saat-saat di mana ada kebahagiaan dan kesedihan. memegang nama nama grup Super Junior sedikit menakutkan, meskipun merasakan cinta dari banyak orang, tetapi sebagai Lee Donghae, tidak mampu menunjukkan terlalu banyak kepada semua orang. Mulai sekarang, sebagai seorang aktor, aku akan menunjukkan semua sisi lain dari Lee Donghae, berjalan lebih jauh, akan tumbuh dan bekerja lebih keras juga. Dan juga, saya ingin kembali kewaktu sebelum ayah meninggal, berfikir kembali ke hari muda, ingin menghabiskan waktu lebih banyak dengan ayah.

Cry: Karina
Kpop "music of my life"
Via : 海世代 OnlyHae
via: Super Junior Star ELF

Happy Fifth Anniversary to Super Junior!

On November 6th, 2005, Super Junior debuted with their first stage on SBS “Inkigayo“, winning the attention of the industry and audience with their large member count. The group continued their stellar success by branching out into various entertainment fields over the past 5 years. No longer containable within Korea’s wee market, the group burst to stardom in the whole of Asia.
In celebration of their fifth anniversary just around the corner, let’s take a tour of Super Junior’s five year long history.
1. All-around entertainment talent: the “separate but together” strategy
On top of their singing careers, the members of Super Junior have branched out as actors, MCs, DJs, comedians, producers and models since their debut, letting the versatile individuals find their niche talent. Their “separate but together” was their motto and catchphrase since the debut. Though this strategy received questionable reaction from the industry, it is now widely accepted and emulated in the current market where all-around entertainers are highly coveted.
Even now, “separate but together” is their logo, earning praise and prominence in various fields. Siwon, Heechul, Kibum and Donghae all earned recognition as actors; Leetuek, EunHyuk and Shindong are daily doses of laughter with Radio DJing and variety shows; finally, Kyuhyun, Yesung, Sungmin, Ryeowook and Donghae actively participate in musicals and OSTs.

2. SuJu’s unique concept of “unit systems”
Super Junior pioneered the “unit system.” It was as unique and foreign as the “separate but together” strategy, but within years, various groups utilized the same method, making the unit system a landmark concept.
With excellent vocals, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung created Suju’s ballad unit “Super Junior K.R.Y.” “Super Junior-T” was the first idol formation to delve into trot music. They also won various awards in China with “Super Junior-M” and when focusing on pleasant music created “Super Junior-Happy” to transform and fit into different performances and stages.

3. Widespread success across Asia
Super Junior’s story-packed five year history lead to their current status as one of the lead idol groups of Korea, winning the attention of the whole Asian continent.
Their 3rd album “Sorry Sorry” sold over 250 thousand copies and earned the Golden Disk Award, won the title “Album King” of 2009, was named “2009 Asia’s Most Popular Single” by Thailand’s Channel.V, ranked 1st for 36 straight weeks  on Taiwan’s KKBOX, and 34 weeks on ezpeer+. The single “Sorry Sorry” spread like an epidemic in Asia.
Additionally, SuJu’s 4th album “BONAMANA” is expected to top album sales again, reigned for 22 weeks on KKBOX, and Japan’s famous drama named Super Junior as Korea’s top group, affirming their Asia’s superstar title.
Furthermore, their second Asia tour “Super Show 2” was presented fifteen times across nine cities and “Super Show 3″ across thirteen cities enthralling the global fans.

On November 6th,  Super Junior will hold a party with their official fanclub at Seoul Korea University to commemorate their 5th year anniversary. Congrats to this talented group – we look forward to what the future years will bring!

Source: Newsen
via : allkpop

*me : HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY !!! :D 5 TAHUN gak cepet loh :) and SJ bisa ngelewatinnya :D congrats yah buat SJ

[101103] SHINee Key Star Call

[101103] SHINee Key Star Call


Key: Yes! Recently, when I was browsing around, Uh… I saw something that a fan posted. She said that in the song “Hello”, her favorite line was “I brought up the courage.” (Key’s 1st line) Then she asked, “Which part is your favorite, Key goon?” I… I… I…!

Onew: I !

Key: I ! Ah… I !

Minho: My rap part.

Jonghyun?: Hurry up and say it, punk!

Key: I ! I… Ah, which part do I like? Ah, from where…. I think the “Hello” part is my favorite.

Minho: I know (?)

Onew?: Baby, baby~

Key: I like the “Baby, baby, girl” part, too. Anyway, I like it all. Please continue to listen to it a lot since there are many good tracks. You can listen to Minho goon’s rap and Onew hyun’s parts, right? Jeon emen gabol- I said emen. Jeon eman gabolkkaeyo(I’ll get going now.). Bye! Please post a lot. We’re reading!

key: Ya! Baru-baru ini, ketika saya browsing , Eh … Aku melihat sesuatu yang diposting. Dia mengatakan bahwa dalam lagu “Halo”, bait favoritnya adalah “Aku dibesarkan keberanian.” (Bait 1 Key) Lalu ia bertanya, “Bagian mana favorit Anda, orang jahat Key?” Aku. .. Aku. .. Aku. ..!

Onew: Aku!

Key: Aku! Ah … Aku!

Minho: bagian rap saya.

Jonghyun:? Cepat dan katakan itu, punk!

Key: Aku! I. .. Ah, bagian mana yang saya sukai? Ah, di mana …. Menurut saya “Halo” adalah favorit saya.

Minho: Saya tahu (?)

Onew: Baby, baby~

Key: Saya suka “Baby, baby, girl” bagian itu juga. Anyway, saya suka semuanya. Silakan lanjutkan untuk mendengarkan banyak karena ada banyak trek bagus. Anda dapat mendengarkan rap Minho orang jahat dan bagian Onew hyun, kan? emen Jeon gabol-kataku emen. Jeon eman gabolkkaeyo (aku akan pergi sekarang.). Bye! Silahkan posting yg banyak. Kita membaca!

credit: kimchi hana@shinee.net + gyapower07@youtube
indo trans: Lolla@LOCKETS-Indonesia
shared for LOCKETS-Indonesia: Key Holic

ada satu lagi star call nich,

101103 SHINee @ Star Call

tp mian ya lum ada transletnya T^T

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NEWS "Jadwal SHINee" and "SHINee’s Fan Party Exclusive Goods"

SHINee Schedule dari tgl 4 sampai 8

2010-11-04 [Departure] AM 09:20 CX421 Incheon International Airport
2010-11-04 [Arrival] AM 11:00 CX421 (Cathay Pacific Airways) Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
2010-11-04 [Recording] PM 14:30 to 17:30 GTV 100% Entertainment
2010-11-04 [Recording] PM 20:30 to 23:00 CTS Super King


2010-11-06 [Recording] PM 16:10 MBC Music Core (MC Onew and Minho) (Seoul)

2010-11-07 [Fan Party] PM 19:00 Hello Taiwan – The First Fan Party Taipei International Convention Center (Estimated 2 hours)

2010-11-08 [Recording] AM 09:30 starts Million Star (Not sure what time SHINee will arrive for recording)
2010-11-08 [Departure] PM 17:10 CX420 (Cathay Pacific Airways) Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
2010-11-08 [Arrival] PM 20:35 CX420 Incheon International Airport

SHINee’s Fan Party Exclusive Goods
Untuk penggemar yang tidak dapat menghadiri acara Fan Party di Taiwan mereka memiliki kesempatan untuk membeli produk-produk eksklusif terbatas , atau di Avex Taiwan telah memasukkan opsi E-Shop.

Semua barang fan partai akan tersedia pada tanggal 7 November 2010 di tempat di Fan Party venue atau tersedia pada website Avex E-toko Taiwan pada tanggal 8 November 2010 06:00 (Taiwan Time).

Waktu pembelian: 8 November 2010 dari 18:00 dan seterusnya (Taiwan Time)
Dimana dapat membeli: Avex Taiwan E-toko


Tersedia hingga 30 November 2010 (Semua barang terbatas dan tidak akan ada re-stock sekali terjual habis)

Daftar gambar produk-produknya akan di share besok ea chingu.

Wah sapa mau beli???
Harganya pasti mahal deh >< *mupeng.mode on*
Lihat di websitex ja ea chingu buat info lengkapnya.

Cr: Soompi, shineeshawol

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Part 1:


Part 2:


"SHINee Shout Out to Soompi Fans! [partly in English]"


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Rabu, 03 November 2010

NEW NEWS "JongKyung Couple"

Shawols show their support for SHINee’s Jonghyun

Sudah seminggu sejak berita patah SHINee Jonghyun dalam hubungan dengan aktris Kyung Shin Se Kyung dan berita selanjutnya berbalik tentang skenario drama kencan mereka.

Meskipun ada banyak penggemar yang patah hati, ada juga penggemar yang yang terus menunjukkan dukungan mereka, dan beberapa secara khusus tertangkap mata baru-baru ini.

Waktu menyembuhkan segalanya, dan beberapa penggemar sudah menunjukkan pemahaman mereka terhadap situasi ini. Banyak dari mereka memposting "Kim Jonghyun, Saranghae!" Di situs resmi SHINee baru-baru ini, secara berurutan berjumlah lebih dari 1.500 untuk menunjukkan dukungan mereka.

Fans menyatakan,
"Meskipun merupakan pukulan besar, kita baik-baik saja dengan sekarang, SEMANGAT oppa!!!!"
"Melihat Anda dengan kepala ke bawah di atas panggung membuat saya sedih"
"Anda tidak melakukan kesalahan apa pun, pergilah kencan tanpa rasa takut!!!! "
" Tidak peduli apa yang orang katakan, kita akan selalu menjadi fans Anda, "
Mereka menunjukkan dukungan mereka.

Sebagian penggemar juga mengatakan maaf untuk posting pesan kebencian yang menyebabkan minihompy Shin Se Kyung ditutup setelah kemarahan mereka setelah menemukan berita itu.

SHINee baru saja menngkhiri promosi album repackaged "HELLO" pekan lalu, dan kini mempersiapkan konser tunggal mereka mendatang di Korea pada bulan Desember.


Ini q gak tau jelas gambar apaan tulisanx hangul o.O
Kayaknya posting tentang dukungan mereka.

Wah Wah Wah para fans udah pada menunjukkan mereka buat JongKyung couple.
A-Yo Shawols Indonesia kita juga tunjukkan dukungan kita buat pasangan ini^^

Dan mari kita sambut dengan suka cita dan hati berbunga-bunga KONSER TUNGGAL PERTAMA SHINee pada bulan DESEMBER nanti >o< HWAITING

Shin Se Kyung and Jong Hyun Couple’s Dating Stories Revealed

Pada SBS E! TV seorang reporter menceritakan tentang kencan Shin Se Kyung dan Jonghyun.
Shin Se Kyung dan Jonghyun mengungkapkan kalau mereka memang berkencan pada tanggal 27 bulan lalu. Mereka adalah pasangan termuda yang diketahui publik. Selain itu, karena Jonghyun adalah idol grup, pasangan ini mendapat banyak perhatian dari publik.

Reporter ini bilang, “Seperti kebanyakan pasangan muda, mereka bahkan tidak mengenakan topu dan pergi kencan bersama dengan penuh percaya diri, padahal banyak wartawan disekitar mereka”

Acara ini akan mengudara pada 07:00 KST. Lihat ini untuk mengetahui cerita di belakang pasangan terpanas pada bulan ini!
Koreaboo akan mencakup kisah ini berkembang lebih lanjut dan kita akan mendengar lebih banyak lagi!

Sc: All KPop
Repost for LOCKETS-Indonesia: ChachaRisa Charoro
LOCKETS-Indonesia (Fansbase Indonesia for Key SHINee)

Jaejoong fans angered with “Poseidon” over miscasting

The writer for upcoming drama “Poseidon” is facing a lot of heat from Jaejoong fans due to a couple of contrary statements he made about Jaejoong and TVXQ’s Yunho.
Last July, he uploaded photoshopped images of Jaejoong on his personal Facebook page and wrote, “Although it’s not confirmed yet, if Jaejoong and Kap Su Jwa were cast for my drama, I’d feel so honored and do my best.
Soon after, news agencies released articles confirming Jaejoong’s role in “Poseidon”. When a fan left a message stating that she hoped Jaejoong would do well for the drama, the writer replied, “Yes, I too am hoping for good news.”
However, with recent news of Yunho being confirmed for “Poseidon”, a controversy quickly arose.
Although the writer had previously rallied for Jaejoong, Yunho’s confirmation caused him to do a complete turn. He left contradictory tweets about Jaejoong’s supposed casting, “Sigh~ Internet news agencies putting in their [EXCLUSIVE] headlines and writing as if they don’t care what the truth is.
Angry fans began tweeting back, “The writer is saying something completely different now. He acted as if Jaejoong would be cast for the drama at first” and “What happened to Jaejoong’s casting then?
The writer responded, “There was nothing confirmed, and articles were already being released as if it was. We, too, are going through difficult times because of this. However, the fans are probably going through a much more difficult time than we are. This may seem like a fake statement, but I am truly thankful for every actor that chooses to work with me.”
Although he attempted to clarify the situation, fans continued attacking him for his hypocrisy until the writer eventually decided to terminate his Twitter account.

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Nate
via : allkpop

Top 50 Chart KPop...!!!! ( 01 November - 07 November'10 )

1. Beast (Breath)
2. Ga In (Irreversible)
3. Miss A Breath)
4. 2PM (I'll Be Back)
5. 2NE1 (Clap Your Hands)
6. Supreme Team & Young Joon (Then Then Then)
7. Lim Jung Hee (It Can't Be Real)
8. Lee Juck (With You)
9. SHINee (Hello)
10. U-Kiss (Shut Up)

11. BoA (Copy&Paste)
12. Sung Shi Kyung & IU (It Is You)
13. Gummy (Love You Even If I Die)
14. JYJ (Found It)
15. Kang Seung Yoon (Instinctive)
16. Davichi (Events That Causes Two Breakups)
17. Coed School (Too Late)
18. Mighty Mouth Ft. Kim Hee Sun (Love Is)
19. Kim Jong Kook (Come Back To Me Again)
20. FT Island (Love Love Love)

21. Younha (One Shot)
22. Park Ki Young (Light)
23. SG Wannabe (Winter Tree)
24. Kim Bum Soo (Passing By)
25. Se7en (I'm Going Crazy)
26. Hwa Yobi (Woman Like Me)
27. Suh Young Eun ft. Noblesse (You Melt Me)
28. Wheesung (Even Thought of Marriage)
29. MBLAQ (Running Running)
30. See Ya & Davichi (All Grown Up)

31. Jung Yup (Without You)
32. HAM (So Sexy)
33. Sunday Brunch (Ten Won Item)
34. Transfixion (Never Say Goodbye)
35. Lee Young Hyun (Big Mama) (Really Hate Love)
36. Lee Seung Chul (That Person)
37. See Ya (So That Breakup Won't Come)
38. Lee Seung Ki (Love You From Now On)
39. Oh Jong Hyuk (Heart is Racing)
40. Psy (Right Now)

41. Miss $ ft. Jung Sul Gi (What Did You Do At This Age)
42. No Reply (If It Was Me)
43. Beige & Ryeo Wook (Super Junior) (When You Fall In Love With a Friend)
44. Sistar (Shady Girl)
45. Rainbow (Mach)
46. Jessica (SNSD) (Sweet Delight)
47. Homme (Eat Well)
48. Winter Play (Touche Mon Amour)
49. Outsider (Hero)
50. Woo Eun Mi (Request)

Source: soompi

Tony An to join variety show “Hot Brothers”

Former H.O.T. member Tony An was officially confirmed as the 8th member for a variety show titled Hot Brothers.
Tony An has been appearing as a guest in a slew of variety shows lately including SBS Running Man and Oh! My School after his military discharge. It seems all of that was just a warm up for the star as he joins the variety show. A Hot Brothers affiliated staff member stated, “Tony An has officially joined the team of Hot Brothers. Starting from the 7th Tony will appear in the show.”
Hot Brothers originally started with 8 members but because Noh Yoo Min suddenly quit the show, only 7 members were left to continue the show namely Tak Jae Hoon, Park Myung Soo, Kim Goo Ra, Han Sang Jin, Park Hwi Soon, Simon D and Lee Ki Kwang. However, because Tony will now join the cast the crew will be able to once again continue the show with 8 members.
Tony An will appear as a guest initially following the next show’s concept of “Meeting the Old and the New Idol” special. He will then transition from guest and become an official Hot Brother in the following episodes.
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@mystyle1103 우엥?~ 생일축하해!! 생일선물은없어 베벵 ㅎㅎ
@mystyle1103 ueng?~ Happy Birthday!! No birthday present bebeng hehe
@mystyle1103 ueng?~ selamat ulang tahu!!! tidak ada hadiah ulang tahun bebeng hehe


@mystyle1103 12시 기다리다 깜빡 자다가 깜짝 놀라서 깼다!! 생일 정말 축하하고~^^나 일본이니까 돌아가면 봐!!허영생 싸랑한다!!
@mystyle1103 Waiting for 12 o'clock. Dozed off and woke up startled!! Really happy birthday~^^ Because I am in Japan, meet when I return back!! Heo YoungSaeng Ssaranghanda (I love you)!!
@mystyle1103 menunggu jam 12, tertidur dan bangun dengan kaget!!! selamat ulang tahuun!!! karena aku di jepang, ketemu disaan aku kembali!! heo young saeng i love you!!!!

2010-11-03 @ 6+am
@mystyle1103생일 추카 ㅎㅎㅎ 조만간 보자구!!! 3년전 영생이 생일 파티 생각나네!!ㅎㅎ 감동받구 닭똥같은 눈물 흘리던...ㅋㅋ
@mystyle1103 Happy birthday heeheehee let's meet soon!!! I thought of YoungSaeng's birthday party 3 years ago!! heehee Was touched and sheded large drops of tears...keke

=Steven Lee=
2010.11.03 @ 12:18am
@mystyle1103 동생 생일 축하해. 선물은 미국와서 가져가 ㅋㅋㅋ
@mystyle1103 dongsaeng Happy Birthday. Come to USA to take your present kekeke
@mystyle1103 dongsaeng selamat ulang tahun. datang ke USA untuk mengambil hadialmu kekeke

2010.11.03 @ 12:08am
@mystyle1103 영생아 생일축하한다~!! ㅋㅋ 야 쏘주 마시러나와 ㅋㅋ
@mystyle1103 YoungSaeng ah Happy Birthday~!! keke Ya Come out and drink ssoju
@mystyle1103 young saeng ah happy birthday~!!! kekek ya ayo kesini dan minum ssoju

2010.11.03 @ 12:07am
@mystyle1103 우잉~생일 추카해. 생일 선물로. 형. 가져라~~
@mystyle1103 Ooing~ Happy birthday. Take. hyung. as your birthday present~~
@mystyle1103ooing! selamat ulang tahun, ambil hyung sebagai hadiah ulang tahunmu~~~

via :: RTSS501 @ FB

“Invincible Youth” members choose the most influential member

Secret’s Han Sunhwa recently admitted to her ‘blank sheet’ character on an episode of KBS 2TV’s “Invincible Youth.”
In celebration of the show’s one year anniversary, the members had to vote for the most influential member.
Victoria voted for Narsha, stating that she was transforming day by day because of Narsha, while Han Sunhwa chose herself, claiming that she was the only idol able to pull off her trademark ‘blank sheet’ character. Her confession caused the filming set to burst out with laughter.
Narsha chose Goo Hara for her beautiful looks, while adding that male guests always used to choose her, but now opt for Goo Hara instead.
Other polls, such as the member that became the most beautiful in the past year, and the member that transforms whenever a male guest is invited, will be revealed on the episode set to air on November 5th at 11:05 PM.
Source + Photo: TV Report
via:: allkpop

Kim Hyun Joong menyanyikan lagu tema resmi Guangzhou 2010 Asia Game

Kim Hyun Joong menyanyikan lagu tema resmi Guangzhou 2010 Asia Game

Penyanyi Kim Hyun Joong akan menyanyi lagu tema resmi China Guangzhou Asian Game dalam mandarin. Perusahaannya mengungkapkan pada hari ini (3 Nov): "Kim Hyun Joong telah menerima permintaan Asian Games Organizing Committee untuk menyanyikan lagu tema resmi." "Kim Hyun Joong bersama dengan yang lain 4 penyanyi dari China akan menyanyi upacara pembukaan lagu tema resmi 'Sunshine Again'."

upacara pembukaan Game Asia yang akan diselenggarakan pada bulan 12 ini adalah kegiatan berskala besar dengan tidak hanya 100.000 penonton. Selain itu, selama waktu itu para penonton seluruh asia akan dapat menerima siaran. Keyeast berkata: "Kim Hyun Joong telah menerima pengakuan untuk popularitas tinggi di wilayah Asia dan dengan demikian memungkinkan dia untuk melakukan lagu tema resmi Asian Games."
"Kim Hyun Joong akan tampil lagu tema resmi di mandarin di panggung selama upacara pencahayaan obor."

Credit: NATE + (Chi Trans) YOYO @ Hyunbar66.com + (Eng Trans) PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
Hyunbar66 has requested to not repost this news at websites related to WGM.
indo trans: rtss501.blogspot.com'
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Berat badan PARK JUNG MIN turun 10 kg

SS501 Park Jung Min, kehilangan 10kg sebelum comeback 'dimahkotai sebagai Pretty Beast Guy'

park JungMin baru upload beberapa foto dirinya berolahraga di pusat pelatihan di facebook nya. Dalam foto, Park Jung Min terbungkus handuk biru, dia rajin berolahraga. Dengan hari sebelum comeback, ia sepenuhnya menjaga tubuhnya.

lembaga-Nya CNR perwakilan media mengatakan "Dia turun 10kg melalui berolahraga, tidak hanya latihan, ia juga secara bersamaan terapi diet. Ia ingin menampilkan gambar yang bagus untuk para penggemarnya, dengan itu dalam pikiran, ia bertahan pada kesulitan dan bekerja.keras. "

Sementara itu, album solo pertama Park JungMin ini diperkirakan akan dirilis pada 25-November

Credits : leeuh@newsen.com + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com + Indotrans: rtss501.blogspot.com
*me: i hate this.. don't know why*

Happy Otter Day My Lovely Young Saeng !!

Young Saeng my prince !!!
today is your birthdayne ?
sorry for coming late
i wish you all the best..
i hope you can be a little fat again
hihi.. TS miss you're chubby face i think ?
hehe :D
i love you my lovely prince !!~
TS will give #501YSday as your international present ?
so please online my lovely saeng XD

Kim Hyung Jun, “First Kiss When SS501 Was Active” Shocking Confession

SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun confident confession about his first kiss has become a hot issue.

During MBC Every1 pre-recording of the truth game with the question “When is your first kiss”, Kim Hyung Jun replied “When 20 years old, I had my first kiss”. In response to this, Eun Ji Won asked blatantly, “By any chance, it happened when SS501 was active?”, to which Kim Hyung Jun honestly replied, “Yes”, hence shocking everyone.

Additionally Kim Hyung Jun said that “Will not forget the first kiss even until I die.” On a cold winter day, after reading out to (his) girlfriend the letter he had written, had his first kiss while trembling and therefore managed to confess in a romantic way. His younger brother, U-KISS’s Ki Bum, upon hearing his brother’s shy confession, stated “I still thought that you haven’t had your first BoBo”, expressing his hurt by his elder brother’s betrayal (?).

Meanwhile, U-KISS’s Kevin expressed that he has yet to have his first kiss, and have not even have a girlfriend yet.

Credits: Good Day Sports + Trans: Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)
Repost with full credits.

Selasa, 02 November 2010

Drama ‘Playful Kiss’ Akan Tayang di Indonesia

Drama paling dicari meski berating rendah, “Naughty Kiss,” yg dibintangi Kim Hyun-joong dan Jung So-min, akan ditayangkan di 11 negara di Asia. Menurut KEYEAST, drama ini sudah dibeli hak tayangnya oleh Jepang, Hong Kong, Thailand, Filipina, Malaysia, Singapura, Indonesia, Kamboja, Burnei dan Taiwan.

“Para pembeli ini memiliki ketertarikan luar biasa untuk drama ini dan tiap media massa di negar2 tsb meminta untuk menggelar acara atau wawancara promosi.”

Saat ini, drama “Naughty Kiss,” juga akan tayang di Youtube dengan masing2 10 menit per episodenya mulai besok.
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Dongho Ukiss Merasa Terisolasi?

U-KISS’s maknae Dongho has confessed his feelings on going through adolescence through cable TV show MBC Every1’s “Idols of the Night.”

During the episode’s truth game segment, Dongho stated, “People around me have been telling me that they think I’m going through adolescence.” He went on to confess, “I’ve been beginning to talk less and less and sometimes feel like I’m being isolated.”

Fortunately, Dongho claimed that his fellow U-KISS members are helping him cope with these feelings and thanked them. Member Kevin showed his love for his maknae by stating, “I have to take care of Dongho more from now on.”

Eun Ji Won, who was quietly listening the whole time, gave advice by stating, “The other members have to become Dongho’s guardians. I’m proud of Dongho for sticking to everything with his hyungs despite being a minor.”

The full episode will air on November 4th at 12 AM.

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cre : http://www.allkpop.com/2010/11/u-kisss-dongho-confesses-to-feeling-lonely-while-growing-up
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Jang Geun Seuk News + Lee Hong Ki

Ini tidak mengherankan bahwa Jang Geun-seok akan kembali memberikan kontribusi untuk OST drama, kali ini Geun-seok akan meramaikan OST dari drama baru yang dibintanginya bersama Moon Geun-young, Kim Jae-wook dan Kim Hyo-jin, "Mary Stayed Out All Night", karena sebelumnya uri Geun-seok always menyanyikan lagu untuk peran - perannya di masa lalu. Terutama, ia menyanyikan beberapa lagu di "You're Beautiful" sebagai leader dari band idola ANJELL.

Tapi kejutan yang cukup membingungkan adalah judul lagu pertamanya, yang baru saja dirilis hari ini : "! 부탁해, "My Bus" yang diterjemahkan secara kasar menjadi ... “Please, My Bus” atau “I Leave My Bus In Your Care”, berikut adalah liriknya :

부탁해, My Bus!
Like crazy Just Run, Run, Run, Running, Go, Go 부탁해, My Bus! To the Stage.
My Heart is Beat, Beat, Beat, Beating. Boom, Boom.
심장까지 들려오는 Hurricane Sound
높이 Jump, Jump, Jump, 파란 하늘 위로
멀리 Quick, Quick, Quick 달려가는거야, Start! You and I
날이 선 머리끝, 흐린 Telepathy, 날 조이는 꿈, Im crazy now
달콤한 Jasmine 향, 또 반복되는 Stress, I want to be free
꿈의 Paradise! OH~ 그 곳으로 갈테야 My friend
Dont think Just run! OH~ 꿈꾸는 나의 바다로
Like crazy Just Run, Run, Run, Running, Go, Go 부탁해, My Bus! To the Stage.
My Heart is Beat, Beat, Beat, Beating. Boom, Boom.
심장까지 들려오는 Hurricane Sound
높이 Jump, Jump, Jump, 파란 하늘 위로
멀리 Quick, Quick, Quick 달려가는거야, Start! You and I
Never to fall down!
지독한 연기, 늘 멍한 Television, 날 깨우는 Noise, Im tired now.
쓰디쓴 혀끝과 또 꿈틀대는 Strain, I want to be free.
꿈의 Blue Sky! OH~ 그곳으로 갈테야 My friend
새처럼 Fly to the sky, 너의 날개를 타고
Like crazy Just Run, Run, Run, Running, Go, Go 부탁해 My Bus! To the Stage.
My Heart is Beat, Beat, Beat, Beating. Boom, Boom.
심장까지 들려오는 Hurricane Sound
높이 Jump, Jump, Jump, 파란 하늘 위로
멀리 Quick, Quick, Quick 달려가는거야, Just Run, Run, Run!
Never to fall down!
부탁해, My Bus!
Never to fall down!
부탁해, My Bus!

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Lee Hong Ki:

Pada tanggal 4 Oktober 2010, pada variety show yang ditayangkan KBS 2TV "Happy Birthday", berbicara tentang "Ada banyak wanita yang menggunakan air mata sebagai senjata. Mereka selalu mencoba menangis", dan Lee Hong-ki mengatakan sesuatu yang menarik perhatian semua orang. Hari itu adalah hari di mana Hong-ki secara jujur setuju tentang 'Jika seorang wanita merasa seperti kehilangan, mereka akan menangis'.
Para tamu wanita mengatakan, "Menangis adalah cara terbaik untuk minta maaf", "Kami tidak menangis karena kita kalah", "Jika Anda sengit dan menyerang kita, kita menangis", dan mengungkapkan pendapat bahwa mereka tidak bersalah. Tapi kemudian Lee Hong-ki dengan sangat keberatan berkata "Hari ini ada banyak orang yang dapat berakting (menangis) dengan baik. Sekarang ini para gadis mudah menangis".
Para tamu laki-laki sangat mendukung pendapat Lee Hong-ki. Terutama aktor Lee Gae-in yang memujinya dengan "masa depan Anda adalah perspektif Anda".

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