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2NE1 are awarded their own bedrooms after two years + 2NE1’s Dara gives sneak peak of her new bedroom

2NE1 are awarded their own bedrooms after two years

After two years of living together in a dorm, the 2NE1 members have finally graduated into their own bedrooms.
Before their debut back in May of 2009, the four members moved into an apartment in Seoul, where it was intended that they grow closer together as groupmates by being roommates.
However, because the apartment directly above theirs became vacant, YG Entertainment decided to move two of the members to the upper floor, allowing each member to have their own room.
“The apartment the two members moved to is directly above the original apartment, so we believe they can still get along the same way as before. But because there is a special meaning behind the members getting their own rooms, we decided to completely refurbish both apartments as a congratulatory gift. The re-decoration completed just yesterday (November 19th),” said a representative of YG Entertainment.
They continued, “The 2NE1 members still take care of each other, and are still showing their dedicated teamwork as usual.”
Meanwhile, 2NE1 will have their goodbye stage for ‘It Hurts‘ this weekend on MBC’s ‘Music Core.
Source: Star News
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2NE1’s Dara gives sneak peak of her new bedroom

The ladies of 2NE1 recently upgraded to new digs, and Sandara Park gave fans a sneak peak of what their new apartment looks like.
On November 19th, Sandara wrote on her me2day, “Because we recently moved, a pretty bedroom was created for me.”
She continued, “Fans bought me presents as if it were my birthday – they gave me a pretty tea table, along with a small fridge and a small TV. They’re so pretty. I have my own little Darong cafe in my bedroom.”
The group announced earlier that two members moved into the apartment directly above their original apartment, allowing each member to finally have their own bedrooms after almost two years.

Source: Newsen
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2PM’s Nichkhun transforms into a hot… grandpa? + Super Junior’s Shindong is looking for nicknames for his car + Super Junior’s Shindong is looking for nicknames for his new Car + BeBe Mignon poses with B2ST, reflects on their debut performance

2PM’s Nichkhun is still hot as… a grandpa?
On November 20th, the singer uploaded a photo on his personal Twitter along with the tweet, “Hello everyone! Grandpa Nichkhun has returned!”
In the picture, he’s cringing while wearing a fake mustache. Despite the prop, fans have been noticing his handsome looks and claiming that even as a grandpa, he is still as hot as ever.
Netizens commented, “No matter what he does, it’s so cool~,” “Even with a mustache, his looks shine!,” and “Where can I find such a grandpa~?
Source + Photos: TV Daily via Nate
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Super Junior’s Shindong is looking for nicknames for his new Car

Super Junior’s Shindong is looking for nicknames for his new baby.
On his personal Twitter, he uploaded a photo of his new orange car and tweeted, “Tada! Finished transformation, hehehe! Please give it a new name that will be just as good as Hong Car (Noh Hong Chul’s car). What shall we name it?
In the picture, he stands happily beside the car with a proud smile on his face.
Netizens commented, “What a cool car, I want to ride it,” and “Since it’s an orange car, how about O-car?”
Is it just a coincidence that Shindong’s hat kind of matches with his car’s cargo cab on top? Leave your suggestions for the nicknames down below!
Source: Newsen
Photo: Shindong’s Twitter
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BeBe Mignon poses with B2ST, reflects on their debut performance

After their first performance on KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank,” new girl group trio BeBe Mignon uploaded a picture of B2ST along with a short message expressing their feelings on their debut.
In the picture, the two groups held up each others’ CDs and smiled brightly with the victory pose.
BeBe Mignon member Ga-Eul tweeted, “We finished our first broadcast. I was so happy, I thought I was dreaming. It’s kind of disappointing, and an empty feeling as well. I don’t think I can describe it in words. It’s just thousands of emotions going through me at once. It was through everyones’ support that we were able to reach this point, and we’ll be sure to show everyone how hard we’re working.”
Meanwhile, Ben said, “I was very nervous since it was our first broadcast. I started crying the moment I got off stage. Since this is just the beginning, we’ll work even harder. BeBe Mignon, fighting
And finally Hae Geum wrote, “Thanks to all of the people that fighting’d for us, we were touched all day long. I just thought about working harder all day, we’ll be sure not to lose our rookie mindsets.”
Source + Photos: Sports Today via Nate
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2AM Percaya Diri Dengan Kelebihan Mereka Dari Grup Lain, Kecuali Pada Grup…

2AM baru-baru ini menunjukkan keanehannya saat jadi tamu di acara radio KBS Cool FM’s, “Ock Ju Hyun’s Music Square. DJ Horan sempat menanyakan soal kelebihan mereka “Kami punya daftar grup-grup saingan kalian. Jadi, tolong katakan dengan jujur kelebihan kalian dari mereka.”

Dengan penuh percaya diri, mereka berkata, “Kami bisa menari kkab lebih baik dari SNSD. Kami lebih muda dan lebih segar daripada SG Wannabe, dan badan kami lebih terbentuk dengan baik daripada 2PM.” Tapi, pas menjawab kelebihan dibandingkan Brown Eyed Girls, 2AM berkata berbeda, “Kami menolak kalau ada yang bilang kalau kami diintimidasi oleh nuna-nuna BEG, Tapi, Brown Eyed Girls memang melampaui kami di berbagai macam kualitas.”
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CNBLUE’s Yonghwa makes a surprise visit to Minhyuk

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa personally visited fellow member Kang Minhyuk in order to support him during filming for his first drama.
Despite being in the middle of his own show recording, he immediately rushed over to the studio next door after hearing that Kang Minhyuk was filming SBS’s “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter“.
According to a representative on set, “As his acting senior, Jung Yonghwa looked very much like the group’s sturdy leader and hyung, as he gave Minhyuk any advice he could in order to help him calm down.
When asked about what type of advice he received, Kang Minhyuk answered, “Yonghwa-hyung told me to do my best in whatever I was doing and make sure that I act with respect. I feel really strong and thankful for Yonghwa-hyung coming to support me despite his busy schedule.
The drama’s pilot episode will air on November 22nd at 8:50 PM.

Source + Photos: TV Daily via Nate 
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Warna dan Olahraga

Warna (색깔 – Saegkkal)

갈색 [galsaek]: cokelat
검정색 [geomjeongsaek]: hitam
노란색 [noransaek]: kuning
보가색 [bogasaek]: ungu
빨간색 [ppalgansaek]: merah
자주색 [jajusaek]: ungu
주황색 [juhwangsaek]: orange
초록색 [choroksaek]: hijau
파란색 [paransaek]: biru
핑크색 [pingkeusaek]: pink
하얀색 [hayansaek]: putih
회색 [hoesaek]: abu-abu

Olahraga (운동 – Undong)

골프 [golpeu]: golf
농구 [nonggu]: basket
마라톤 [maraton]: maraton
배드민턴 [baedeuminteon]: bulutangkis
수영 [suyeong]: renang
스키 [seuki]: ski
야구[yagu]: bisbol
육상[yunksang]: atletik
체스 [cheseu]: catur
체조 [chejo]: senam
축구 [chukku]: sepak bola
태권도 [taegwondo]: taekwondo
테니스 [teniseu]: tenis

How do idol groups distribute their income?

After 2PM recently revealed how they distribute their income on a variety program, fans have been showing increasing interest in the different ways their favorite idol groups choose to share their income. Individual member activities within idol groups have become quite prominent lately, and the popularity gaps between members can sometimes be huge.
Most of the groups let the members who embark on solo activities keep what they earn; groups like After School and Jewelry are known for allowing individually-earned profits to remain solely with the earner. UEEKahi, Park Jung Ah, and Seo In Young are often coveted for the advertisement appeal, which makes them the bigger money makers of the group.
The members and the company came to an agreement when Park Jung Ah first started her solo activities that whatever she earned, she would keep for herself. Problems will definitely arise if she’s forced to share her income with other members, after staying up all night in order to procure it,” commented Ryu Jae Hyun, the CEO of Jewelry’s agency, Star Empire Entertainment.
He continued, “When there’s a disparity in the amount that they’re being paid, it makes the members that receive less want to work harder. There has to be a difference in pay in order for the members to listen and follow their managers’ directions.”
And what about the other agencies?
SM Entertainment, home to idol groups such as SNSD, Super Junior and f(x), also allow individual members to keep what they earn on their own.

Yet other groups such as 2AM, 2PM, B2ST and 4minute prefer equality.
Despite each of the four members actively working in different solo activities (Jo Kwon’s variety programs, Changmin’s “Homme” project group, Seulong’s acting debut, and Jinwoon’s solo album preparations), 2AM splits their income equally.
4minute and B2ST follow the same rule despite Hyuna having once released a solo album and Ki Kwang doing well on individual appearances in variety programs.
The CEO of Cube Entertainment, Hong Seung Sung, revealed, “They’re receiving popularity because they are a member of their own respective groups. It might be harder for one member, but they’re all on one boat and share the same fate. Time will pass, and another member will rise and give more help. I believe that there will be more problems amongst the members when there’s a large difference in the income they earn. This is a decision we all made together when they first contracted with us.
2PM shares their income as well, with the exception of drama appearances. JYP Entertainment’s CEO, Jung Wook, added, “We cannot reap or control the profits of another member’s hard-earned income, o we decided to leave it up to the members. Excluding drama appearances and Nichkhun’s Thailand activities, the members decided to share everything else.”
It’s interesting to see how these different groups try to troubleshoot a potentially-sticky situation. Which idol group tackled this problem best?
Source: JoongAng Daily
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*me: sayang DSP gak disebutin :P << ngarepnya liat SS501 .. tapi apa ntar masuknay tetep DSP yah ? ._. #fansbego #lupa*

[18/11] Kyu Jong with kids at Lotte World

Kyu Jong tweeted last Thursday that he was in Lotte World and some photos of him with kids surfaced today. via : @hl2412 and
Credits to + Baidu
*me: argh.. wajib melting abis liat fotonya Kyu >o<
abis.. makin cakep aja sih !!* 

Jewelry akan Comeback dengan Member dan Nama Baru

Jewelry akan segera kembali dengan 4 member, tapi dengan nama grup baru akhir tahun ini. Menurut Star Empire “Kami telah memilih member-member baru lainnya dan jika kami bergerak cepat, 3 Desember ini mereka akan comeback. Jewelry yang baru akan terdiri dari 4 member. Selain 2 member yang ada Ha Juyeon dan Kim Eunjung, satu lagi adalah finalis ‘Superstar K’ 1 Park Se Mi, dan satu lagi adalah trainee kami. Nama grup ini akan diubah, tapi belum ditentukan, tapi ya, tidak akan jauh dari kata Jewelry.”
Jewelry tinggal dua member, setelah dua member yang lama, Park Jung Ah dan Seo In Young keluar untuk kegiatan solo mereka.

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BEAST Fun Fact Interview

Ketika BEAST dan Trendy bertemu untuk pertama kalinya, untuk memungkinkan Taiwan untuk tahu lebih banyak tentang BEAST. Trendy telah mengajukan beberapa pertanyaan menarik bagi anggota BEAST untuk menjawab.

T: Di dalam BEAST, yang penari terbaik?
J: Lee Kikwang (Selain Kikwang sendiri yang memilih Hyunseung, setiap anggota lain memilih dia).
Alasan: Yoseob berkata, “Kikwang memiliki banyak semangat untuk menari, terlebih lagi bahwa ketika ia melakukan kegiatan sebagai” AJ “, ia juga menggunakan tarian sebagai bentuk utama kinerjanya. Tapi kita juga Hyunseung tariannya sangat baik juga! “

T: Siapa yang memiliki tubuh paling bagus di BEAST?
J: Lee Kikwang (Kikwang Selain dirinya sendiri, semua orang memilih dia.)
Alasan: Doo Joon berkata “Terakhir kali ketika kami tampil, ia menarik sedikit kemejanya untuk memperlihatkan tubuhnya, para fans terus berteriak” Junhyung berkata, “Kikwang sangat fokus ke olahraga untuk membangun tubuhnya, oleh karena itu tubuhnya adalah yang palingbagus. “

T: Siapa yang suka online di BEAST? (Bertanggung jawab untuk kegiatan dengan B2uties)
J: Doo Joon (bahkan Doo Joon memilih sendiri juga)
Alasan: Ya, ini aku. Aku yang bertanggung jawab dari dunia online di BEAST! Bukan saja aku yang bertanggung jawab untuk kegiatan dengan B2uties, aku juga prihatin atas artikel anggota. Tentu saja, aku lebih prihatin tentang artikel sendiri! Namun, saya akan bertanggung jawab, dan tentu saja menjadi prihatin terhadap artikel anggota lain .

T: siapa yang paling ‘cute’ di BEAST?
J: Yoseob (Semua anggota setuju dan bahkan Yoseob mengiyakannya)
Alasan: Yoseob: “Aku harus menjelaskan hal ini dengan sangat hati-hati. Aku benar-benar tidak ‘cute’, tapi setelah mengetahui member lainnya, aku merasa seperti aku sedang dilatih oleh member lain untuk menjadi seorang cowok cute sekarang. Semua terima kasih kepada mereka, kelucuan saya semakin begitu baik sekarang! ” Atas permintaan Trendy, Yoseob yang diminta untuk menunjukkan tentang bagaimana menjadi ‘cute’. Yoseob dengan look-nya yang cute dan dengan suara malaikat, ia berkata: “Hello semuanya, aku Yoseob”. Mungkin karena lucu, para anggota BEAST semua tertawa dan ingin pergi, dan bahkan pewawancara Trendy tertawa sampai mereka ingin jatuh.

T: siapa yang paling malas di tempat tidur sampai mereka tidak mau bangun?
J: Kikwang (Selain Hyunseung, orang lain memilih Kikwang)
Alasan: Setelah melihat seluruh anggota memilih Kikwang, ia segera merubah jawabannya: “Karena semua orang memilih Kikwang, aku harus mengikuti mayoritas” dan perubahan pilihannya untuk Kikwang. Kikwang mengaku dengan malu, “Sepertinya … aku tidak punya alasan untuk menolak lagi.” Dalam permintaan maaf ini, wawancara ini berakhir dengan tawa.

f1ey@B2ST Rising (SHARING); Yuki-fied@B2ST Rising (TRANS)

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Super Junior promotes SUPER SHOW 3 in Japan


Earlier in the month we reported that Super Junior would add Japan as one of their destinations for their upcoming Asian Tour titled SUPER SHOW 3. The boys will hold a concert early next at the Yokohama Arena on February 18th and 19th. Although this is their 3rd Asian Tour, this will be their first time performing for Japanese fans as part of their SUPER SHOW tour.
Recently, a promotional video for their stop in Japan was revealed. They mention that when Japanese ELF’s first received news of this, they crashed the servers in Japan. They state that they will put on a great and hard working performance for fans in February of 2011.
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Agnes Monica Masuk Nominasi Yahoo Asia Buzz

Kiprah cewek yang satu ini memang nggak pernah ada habisnya. Setelah disibukkan menjadi host red carpet American Music Awards 2010, kini Agnes Monica juga didaulat sebagai salah satu nominasi artis Yahoo Buzz Awards 2010.

Ajang ini dibesut oleh Yahoo. Sampai hari ini Agnes Monica masih memimpin dengan 228 Buzz, sementara di belakangnya menyusul bintang film sekaligus model, Fahrani di peringkat kedua dengan 50 Buzz. Sementara Sherina Munaf berada di posisi ketiga dengan 34 Buzz.

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Song Joong Ki and Seo Hyo Rim bid a tearful goodbye to “Music Bank”

The two MCs for KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank“, Song Joong Ki and Seo Hyo Rim, revealed their thoughts on leaving the show. They first joined the show in August of 2009, and participated in their final live broadcast of “Music Bank” on the evening of November 19th.
Right before their final broadcast, the two told reporters, “We realized that a lot of time had passed.” Song Joong Ki added, “I have a feeling Hyo Rim will cry on the show.” Seo Hyo Rim rejected the claim by asserting that she would not be crying, but eventually did end up crying on the show.
She went on to state, “The new male MC looks really cool. I don’t want to leave the show, I want to stay and MC with him.”
The new MCs for “Music Bank” includes MBC’s “Pasta” pretty boy chef, Hyun Woo along with Kim Min Ji, the leading female role of “Ipanema Boy.”
Song Joong Ki and Seo Hyo Rim concluded their interview by stating, “Both of us got a lot closer through ‘Music Bank’ and after working together on the drama, ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’. It’s disappointing, but we hope we meet each other again soon.

Meanwhile, the two of them said their final words at the concluding of tonight’s show as Hyo Rim said in tears, “I hoped that this time wouldn’t come.. but I’d like to thank the singers and staff members for being with me through all of my inexperienced emceeing. I’ll be remembering this moment forever.”
Song Joong Ki expressed, “I was an MC for a year and three months. I thank the viewers, staff, and singers for giving us their genuine love.”
The two new MCs will be joining “Music Bank” on the 26th with their own special stage.
Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate
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Learn Korean ~

다음 주에동물원에 가겠어요(Daum jue dongmulwone kaketsoeoyo)
Minggu depan Saya akan pergi ke kebun binatang

나는 한국 식당에서 저녁을먹어요(Nanuen hanguk siktangeseo cheoyeokeul meogoyo)
Saya makan malam direstoran Korea

di korea, untuk memanggil seorang pria dengan sopan biasanya menggunakan kata songsaengnim setelah nama keluarga atau nama, sedangkan arti sesungguhnya berarti guru. sebagai contoh, yoo songsaegnim atau dengan nama penuh yoo sanghyun songsaegnim. tidak boleh menggunakan nama pertama, seperti sanghyun songsaegnim. Tapi jika menggunakan ssi, kamu dapat menggunakannya setelah nama panjang atau nama pertama, contohnya, yoo sanghyun-ssi atau sanghyun-ssi.
Berbeda dengan di Inggris, wanita dinegara korea tidak mengambil nama keluarga suami mereka ketika mereka menikah. sebagai contoh jika Mrs han menikah dengan ke Mr kim, tetapi dia boleh juga dipanggil dengan kim songsaengnim-puin (istri Mr. Kim, atau dia boleh menggunakan istilah inggris seperti misesu han(mrs han).

menggunakan kopula untuk menggambarkan" ini adalah itu"
di korea, jika kamu ingin menggambarkan tentang sesuatu, kamu akan harus menggunakan kata kerja khusus yang disebut kopula. di negara korea, kopula ini letakkan di ujung kalimat, dan ini digunakan untuk membedakan dengan kata kerja yang biasa.
Jika kamu mau mengatakan A adalah B (seperti “Ini adalah buku kamus”)
A B-ieyo (atau B-eyo)
Ini buku kamus-ieyo
Jika B diakhiri dengan huruf hidup maka menggunakan –eyo, tapi jika B berakhir dengan huruf mati maka menggunakan –ieyo.
Contoh:songsaengnim-ieyo (Ini guru)soju-eyo (ini soju)

Korea kopula hanya dipakai untuk menggambarkan jika ini “sama dengan”. Dan tidak dapat dipakai untuk memberitahukan lokasi(misal diatas, dibawah) juga tidak dapat dipakai untuk “situasi tertentu” (misal; marah, gembira)

Menggambarkan bagaimanakah
Korea memiliki kata yang berarti “cara tertentu”
Ottaeyo artinya Bagaimana? Seperti dalam:
songsaengnim ottaeyo? (bagaimana gurunya? Atau seperti apa gurunya?)
saob ottaeyo? (Bagaimana bisnisnya? Atau Bisnisnya seperti apa?)
Kuraeyo arti sebenarnya adalah “seperti itu”, bisa juga digunakan untuk menyatakan ‘itu betul’
Sebaliknya jika Kuraeyo? Digunakan untuk bertanya, maka akan menjadi “Sungguh?”, “Betulkah”.
Korea memiliki partikel spesial yang digunakan untuk memberikan penekanan tentang apa yang sedang dibicarakan.
Dengan menambahkan –un atau nun, akan memberikan penekanan pada subyek.-nun (utk yg berakhiran dgn huruf hidup) atau –un (utk yg berakhiran dgn huruf mati) selalu dikaitkan dengan kata benda.
soju-nun (utk Soju), Songsaengnim-un (untuk guru).

1.1 Percakapan sehari-hari (drama)
Kata-kata dibawah ini, adalah kata2 umum yg sering diucapkan sehari2, biasanya jg sering dipakai dalam percakapan didrama2 yg kita tonton.

nama korea
secara umum, nama korea terdiri dari 3 suku kata. pertama bagian nama keluarga ( seperti kim, lee dan park ), kemudian diikuti dua nama pertama. di korea, nama keluarga selalu diletakkan pertama berbeda dengan nama barat misalnya doojin park maka dikorea ditulis Park Dojin. Jika seseorang yang sudah kamu kenal baik, kamu dapat menggunakan nama pertama mereka. akan tetapi kalau kamu belum mengenalnya dengan baik atau baru bertemu pertama kali kamu akan menambahkan -ssi di ujung nama. contohnya doojin-ssi

kalimat formal/sopan
dengan kata kerja yang berakhir dengan huruf hidup seperti ka-, ha- dan sa-, dapat menambahkan -yo di ujung kata, contohnya kayo ( yang berarti" pergi" , atau " saya pergi" atau " dia pergi" ). kata kerja yang sopan dapat digunakan sebagai pernyataan, pertanyaan, saran atau perintah, atau sesuai bunyi penekanan suara kamu. sebagai contoh, chal chinaessoyo dapat digunakan sebagai pertanyaan/menanyakan bagaimana seseorang, atau bisa merupakan suatu pernyataan/menegaskan. bahwa kamu dalam keadaan baik. contoh lainnya yang lebih sering adalah annyong haseyo.

struktur kalimat korea dan urutan kata
di korea struktur kalimat berbeda dengan kalimat inggris/Indonesia, sebagai contoh kelompok kata chal chinaessooyo arti sesungguhnya berarti " apakah kamu baik-baik saja? " berlawanan dengan bahasa Indonesia/inggris. secara umum struktur kalimat korea dipecah menjadi subyek - benda - kata kerja

Seperti biasa dengan menambahkan –yo maka membuat kalimat ini menjadi sopan, dan –ro yang berarti “untuk” atau -uro jika kata kerja berakhiran dengan huruf mati.
Contoh :
(di Indonesia) saya Pergi ke toko Untuk membeli roti
(di Korean) saya (optional) Beli roti Akan pergi ke toko

Kalimat ini di korea akan jadi na-do ppang sa-ro kayo (saya – beli roti – akan pergi).

* susunan ini hanya digunakan untuk kata kerja yang dikuti dengan ‘pergi’ dan ‘datang’ dan tidak dapat digunakan dengan kosakata yang lain diakhir kalimat.

kata kerja korea yang berarti " ada" adalah issoyo ( 있 어요 )
caranya tergantung bagaimana kamu menggunakannya, dan apa yang sedang dibicarakan.
Kata baku dari kosa kata ini adalah iss- dengan ditambahkan o dan partikel sopan ‘yo sehingga membentuk akhiran -oyo

akan tetapi untuk kata kerja yang berakhir dengan huruf hidup, kami menggunakan -a atau -o, seperti -ayo.
Akhiran huruf hidup - yo
Akhiran huruf mati - ayo (ika berakhir dengan huruf hidup -a atau –o)
Akhiran huruf mati - oyo

Adapunkata yang berlawanan dari iss- adalah ops- yang artinya ‘tidak ada’
Contoh cara penggunaannya :
chogi issoyo berarti" itu ada di sana" , atau " nya di sana"
issoyo berarti " saya punya/dia punya"
Opsoyo berarti" saya tidak punya" atau " tidak ada"

di toko
untuk memanggil penjaga toko atau pelayan, korea menggunakan ajussi (pria) yang berarti paman atau Ajumma(wanita) yang berarti bibi, tetapi ini digunakan sebagai kata umum untuk memanggil seseorang di toko yang umurnya 30 tahun keatas, dan Agassi untuk wanita yang lebih muda.
di korea, kami menggunakan partikel yang datang setelah kata benda bahwa itu berhubungan dengan, seperti na-do (me-too. di inggris, itu berlawanan, kami akan mengatakan 'with-me, sedangkan korea. gunakan 'me with'
di korea, partikel selalu didepan kata banda. Contohnya : Na – do (saya juga)

di Korea kata yang digunakan adalah –hago, ini adalah partikel maka untuk penggunaannya harus disambung dengan kata benda. sebagai contoh, jika kamu mengatakan 'burger dan chips', di korea itu menjadi 'burger-hago chips. Kata hago menjadi bagian dari kata burger. partikel hago dapat juga berarti ‘dengan’ contohnya, doojin-hago shinae-e kayo yang artinya 'saya pergi kekota dengan dojin.
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B2ST’s Doojoon asserts that his zipper was not undone

B2ST’s leader Yoon Doojoon was recently swept up in a ‘pants zipper controversy’ that surfaced after the release of the group’s Marie Claire” photoshoot yesterday.
On November 19th, he wrote on his personal Twitter, “My fly wasn’t open in the ‘Marie Claire’ photoshoot. You’re all so shy… You can see more shocking pictures if you purchase the magazine.”
Netizens immediately found a picture of what they believed to be Yoon Doojoon with his zipper undone in the December issue of “Marie Claire”. It was later clarified that his fly was not open, but rather, was just part of his white shirt showing through his sweater.
Upon reading Doojoon’s cute clarification, netizens commented, “We~ get it!,” “I’m anticipating more shocking photos!,” and “Don’t hate your sly nunas.”
Source + Photos: Daily Sports via Nate
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Learn Korean ~ Satuan~

Satuan gelas:
1 gelas > hanjan
2 gelas > tujan
3 gelas > sejan
4 gelas > nejan
5 gelas > tasotjan
6 gelas > yosotjan
7 gelas > ilgopjan
8 gelas > yodoljan
9 gelas > ahopjan
10 gelas > yoljan
Satuan buku:
1 buku > hankwon
2 buku > tukwon
3 buku > sekwon
4 buku > nekwon
5 buku > tasotkwon
6 buku > yosotkwon
7 buku > ilgopkwon
8 buku > yodokwon
9 buku > ahopkwon
10 buku > yolkwon
Satuan umum:
1 buah > hankae
2 buah > tukae
3 buah > sekae
4 buah > nekae
5 buah > tasotkae
6 buah > yosotkae
7 buah > ilgopkae
8 buah > yodolkae
9 buah > ahopkae
10 buah > yolkae
Nah pada dasarnya sama kan.. tinggal akhirannya aja diubah.
Satuan orang: -bun
Satuan pakaian: -pol
Satuan hewan: -mari
Satuan pohon: -kuru

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miss A poses with the Wonder Girls

We often see pictures of JYP Entertainment boys hanging out together, but rare is the moment when we can catch a glimpse of the JYP ladies together. 
On November 19th, miss A’s Min wrote on her Twitter, “miss A with WG!”, and attached various photos of the miss A members in Taiwan with their labelmates, the Wonder Girls.
In one of the photos, miss A and the Wonder Girls gathered together to take a quick family picture. Indeed, the closeness of the girls makes them look like they could even be from a single girl group!
Netziens called them the “Cute Wonder A!“, and also commented, “JYP Family I love you!”, “Sun Ye and Min look alike,” “JYP Family, Fighting!!!”.
Check out some of Min’s other photos below.

"@missA_suzy kyakyakya Must've been when we went to Taiwan, I found it on my laptop!! seems so long ago for some reason -_-; ehhh hehehe"
"in Taiwan. Bad girl good girl"
"miss A. backstage in Taiwan again."
Source: OSEN
Photos: Min’s Twitter
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Rain Termasuk Aktor Kelas A Hollywood ???

Dari selama ini, hanya beberapa aktor Asia yg mampu diakui sebagai aktor Hollywood kelas A (unggulan). Sepertinya, Rain, a.k.a Jung Ji Hoon, juga akan menjadi salah satunya. Mungkin karena film debutnya di Amerika, “Ninja Assassin“.

“Aku tidak tahu apakah Rain akan jadi aktor daftar A di Hollywood. Aku mendengar dari seorang distributor film ternama kalau Rain adalah bagian dari aktor2 kelas A.” kata An Hyung Soo, produser KBS 2TV’s ‘Fugitive‘. Bahkan dijelaskan lagi, Rain bisa selevel dengan Jackie Chan.

Dialnutkan“Aku baru menyadari status aktor Rain setelah bertemu dengan utusan distributor film untuk mendiskusikan distribusi Fugitive ke luar negeri.”

Source: Sports Korea

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[spoiler] Which ladies caught the prized photoshoot from ‘Wedding 21′ on “Bouquet”?

MBC’s “Bouquet” hosted a very special event on their show called ‘Wedding 21“, which pitted girl group members and solo female artists against each other for the chance to win a professional photoshoot while wearing designer wedding dresses. The participants for the event included miss A, SECRET, SISTAR, Chae Yeon, NS Yoonji, and many more.
Participants had to successfully propose to their ‘fiancees’, who then revealed their top 4 picks of the group. So which lucky ladies made the cut?
miss A’s Suzy and Min, SECRET’s Sunhwa, and Chae Yeon had successfully swept their ‘fiancees’ off their feet and won the special bridal photoshoot!
Suzy stood out the most with her beautiful slender shoulders, as emphasized by the tube top dress. Photographers were also said to have favored her by giving Suzy more cuts.
Indeed, the compliments towards the young singer were unending, and earned her the highly-coveted ‘A’ cut that brought out the jealousy in many.

Min’s cute wedding concept also utilized a tube top dress to show of her shoulders, but the audience was more charmed by her baby face and bold persona.
Regarding her photoshoot, a representative of MBC stated, “Min seemed shy at first, but once it actually began, she gave natural cute poses at the request of the photographer.”

The 4 girls participated in the wedding photoshoot as the final winners of the “Bouquet” wedding quiz and proposal competition, and their photos will appear in the December issue of “Wedding 21.”
Footage of their wedding photo shoot can be found on the November 21st broadcast of “Bouquet.”
Meanwhile, check out their gorgeous photos below!
Source + Photos: Sports Chosun
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lagi tobat.. gak cuma muji sunhwa doang*

Julukan2 yang di berikan pada masing2 member Super Junior!

Leader dari super junior ini memiliki julukan “ Angel Without Wings “ kenapa ?? karena menurut adik adiknya, dia adalah sosok yang mempunyai hati seperti malaikat. Matanya yag berkilau mengisyaratkan cinta ke adik adiknya tak membuahkan hasil seperti air susu di balas dengan air tuba. Pasalnya leader yang di juluki “ Old Idol “ ini selalu menerapkan system kelembutan buat ngatasin ke-12 anak buahnya . mungkin karena salah metode ini, eeteuk malah diinjak injak sama member suju laen.

Si cowok cantik ini biasa di juluki “ cinderella’s man “. Karena tidak seperti layaknya cowok normal lainnya, dia mempunyai wajah yang cantik, body yang bagus dan tangan yang indah. Bahkan si “ beautiful hand “ ini sempat diminta sebagai icon produk wanita yang menonjolkan keindahan tangannya yang ramping dan putih. Cewek aja gak gitu gitu amat . .

Satu satunya member suju yang berasal dari china ini memiliki julukan “ Chinese F4 “. Julukan itu diberikan karena dia sempat ditawari untuk bermain di kotba namja cina sebagai salah satu anggota F4. mungkin karena kegantengan cowok ini masuk kriteria yang cocok jadi anggota F4 kali ya ?? tapi sayangnya leader dari super junior M ini menolak tawaran itu. Dia lebih memilih fokus pada promo album super junior sorry sorry.

Pemilik 1001 ekspresi wajah ini di juluki “ Artist vocal chord “ alasannya, dia memiliki pengucapan atau artikulasi yang baik saat bernyanyi. Hal ini sangat sinkron dengan sifatnya yang talkactive atau bisa dibilang cerewet. Dia juga salah satu member suju yang paling patut dikasihani, sebab dia selalu di jadikan bahan ejek oleh member suju lainnya karena sering bersikap aneh.

Kangin dinobatkan oleh member suju lainnya sebagai “ first choise for a husband “ soalnya di mata member member suju yang lain merupakan figure yang tegas,kasar dan sangat cocok menjadi seorang suami atau ayah.

“ lean sungmin “ atau si “ cuteness “ adalah salah satu member suju paling cute dan fanatik banget ama warna pink. nggak heran kalo dia dinobatkan sebagai “ prince pink “. Semua barang barang yang dia miliki dominan dengan warna pink. Bahkan dia pernah nekat mengecat rambutnya dengan warna pink. Gila aja . . pink gitu loh !!

Si “ machine dance “ ini memang jago ngedance. Tapi teryata dia punya kebiasaan yang bikin ke-12 member suju lain seneng. Apa itu ? Dia selalu membersihkan dan membereskan isi dorm. Alhasil ke-12 member suju laennya bisa leha leha sehabis manggung dan gak perlu mikir dorm yang kayak kapal pecah.

Donghae ato “ fish “ ini adalah anggota suju yang punya speed paling cepet dan berhati besar. Dia juga member suju yang perhatian dengan orang tuanya pasalnya dia paling rajin menelpon orang tuanya ketimbang member lainnya. oh iya setiap perform dia gak pernah nanggung nebarin pesonanya ke seluruh penonton. . yah perfectlah disetiap penampilan.

Pewaris tunggal jaringan alfamart sekorea ini biasa dipanggil “horse“ oleh member super junior lain. Karena hobby fitnessnya ini membuat postur tubuhnya menjadi . .ih waw keren abiz. Sampai sampai jadi model cover majalah men’s healt. Dia adalah member suju paling jago dibidang olah raga. Ibarat kuda dia cowok yang sangat gagah saat melakukan apapun.

“ king of wives ryeowook “ yup itulah julukannya. Cowok ini sangatlah feminim. Nggak seperti member suju lainnya, dia sangat suka memasak dan take care dengan member lain ketika mereka lelah dan dia juga sangat rajin menyiapkan makanan untuk mereka. Bahkan dia sampai update resep masakan lewat internet loh . .

Cowok yang paling sering absen dari aksi super junior ini bisa disebut “ smile killer “ menurut para fansnya sey . .setiap dia tersenyum, dia mempunyai pesona tersendiri. Berarti harus hati hati cama senyumnya dong ?? kibum ini juga seorang aktor handal selain heechul. Misalnya untuk adegan nangis, dia gak butuh waktu lebih dari semenit loh buat keluarin air mata.


“ magnae kyuhyun “ adik kecil ke-12 member suju ini memang paling jago niru kebiasaan kebiasaan yang dilakukan para hyung hyungnya. Hal ini nieh yang bikin kangen para hyung saat kyuhyun harus beberapa bulan tinggal di rumah sakit setelah mengalami kecelakaan yang parah bersama lee teuk, shindong, dan eunhyuk.

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2PM Buka Rahasia??

2PM Wooyoung mengatakan “Nichkhun itu berpikiran sempit” dan pada saat yang sama, mengungkapkan sisi Nichkhun yg tersembunyi.

Pada tanggal 14, di SBS ‘Kim Jungeun Chocolate’, 2PM mengungkapkan sisi rahasia masing-masing melalui topik “Ternyata dia begitu setelah kalian kenal dekat”‘.

Wooyoung bilang, “Nichkhun itub berpikiran sempitl” yg membangkitkan banyak rasa ingin tahu. Wooyoung berkata, “Nichkhun meminta sepotong permen karet dan aku bilang tidak, dan dia berkata ‘oke’ tapi dia berbalik dan memandangku dengan benar-benar sengit.”

Ketika Nichkhun ditanya “Ketika Wooyoung tidak memberi mu permen karet, apakah kau membencinya?” ia tampak marah dan berkata “Aku tidak membenci nya tapi dalam pikiran ku, aku berpikir ‘Aku akan membelinya sendiri’ ” dan menyebabkan semua orang tertawa.

Pada hari yang sama, 2 anggota yang juga mengatakan di acara itu,

“Taecyeon suka melakukan aegyo”,

“Junsu itu keren tapi dia suka bertingkah memalukan”,

“Karena Chansung kentut, sutradara berhenti syuting video musik” dll yg menyebabkan banyak tawa.

Sementara itu, pada episode 121 dari ‘Kim Jungeun’s Chocolate’, selain 2PM, ada Lee Seonhee, Lee Seunggi, Sunday Brunch, Evas, dan Song Hobum (OneTwo) yang juga tampil .

@cre : AFC
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Hyun Woo and Kim Min Ji are the new “Music Bank” MCs

After one year and 3 months on the job, actor Song Joong Ki and actress Seo Hyo Rim will be leaving their MC positions on KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank.
The two gave a disappointing message on the November 19th broadcast of the show by stating, “Today will be our last broadcast.”
Beginning on the 26th, Hyun Woo from MBC’s “Pasta” and Kim Min Ji will be taking their place. We’ll be looking forward to see what fresh elements the two MCs will bring!
Source + Photos: Osen via Nate 
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Ga-In borrowed Jo Kwon’s glasses?

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In has demonstrated that glasses are still quite the chic accessory through her latest blog entry.
On November 19th, Ga-In posted a picture on her Cyworld Minihompi of herself wearing round glasses with leopard-print rims. She wrote, ‘Glasses really don’t fit me. But sometimes I have an urge to wear them.
The pictures show a fresh-faced Ga-In nibbling on a cake, as well as her cute expressions while trying to kiss a doll.
Yet as charming as those photos are, netizens are more interested in its similarity to earlier photos uploaded by 2AM’s Jo Kwon. Jo Kwon recently uploaded a funny photo of himself onto his Twitter, where he also sported round leopard-print glasses.
Jo Kwon and Ga-In have been acting in the sitcom ‘All My Love‘ as twins, and their similar pictures definitely reinforces those roles.
The fans who saw the pictures commented, ‘The sunglasses fit really well. You look smart’, ‘You look pretty even when you wear glasses’, and ‘Very cute, you should wear them more often.’

Source: Star News
Photos: Ga-In’s Cyworld
VIA: Allkpop
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Beberapa poster fanmade "City Hunter"

Drama baru yang akan dibintangi Lee Minho, "City Hunter" masih jauh untuk tayang perdana, tapi para fans sudah beramai-ramai dengan menciptakan beberapa poster untuk drama sang idola.

Dalam drama tersebut, Lee memainkan karakter utama Kang Jin, yang dalam versi manga asli dan serial animenya bernama Saeba Ryo. Dalam versi Jepang, Ryo adalah mata - mata swasta menjalankan operasi bawah tanah dengan pasangan wanita, Kaori, dan bekerja untuk menyingkirkan kejahatan di Tokyo.
Yang akan menjadi partner Lee Minho untuk memerankan karakter Kaori, masih belum dicast dan tetap menjadi topik spekulasi diantara para fans. Dia digambarkan sebagai cewek yang "lebih menarik daripada cantik", yang merupakan cara untuk mengatakan bahwa peran tersebut akan membutuhkan seorang aktris yang kuat karismanya.

"City Hunter" berencana untuk mulai syuting pada bulan Desember 2010, dan bertujuan untuk siaran di paruh pertama tahun 2011.

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FT Island akan konser di Indonesia !!

sebelum baca diharap berdoa,, semoga ini bener2 terjadi,, hhee

Sebuah Panggilan untuk Fans FT Island!

Dengan senang hati kami menginformasikan bahwa FT Island akan konser di Indonesia. Kami berharap kami dapat membuat hal ini terjadi pada Januari 2011. Tapi, sesuai kita selalu mengatakan, dukungan kalian adalah tekad kami.

Silakan pilih hadir, jika kalian ingin melihat FT Island Concert 2011 dengan detail di bawah ini:

* Acara: F.T Island Concert(durasi 120 menit)
* Tanggal: Januari 2011 (belum dikonfirmasi tapi kami akan memperbaiki kapan tanggal tersebut)
* Waktu: 19.00-21:00 (WIB)
* Tempat: Plenary Hall JCC, Senayan, Jakarta

Kami membutuhkan dukungan Anda untuk membuat acara ini terjadi.

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Kemegahan Universitas Korea

Universitas Korea atau Korea University adalah salah satu universitas swasta terkemuka di Seoul, Korea Selatan dan memiliki dua kampus, yaitu kampus Anam (terbesar) dan kampus kedua di Jochiwon. Universitas Korea didirikan pada tahun 1905, merupakan salah satu tiga besar universitas terbaik di Korea Selatan. Universitas Korea terdiri dari 81 departemen, 15 sekolah tinggi, dan 75 lembaga penelitian. Jumlah total mahasiswa mencapai 30.000 orang, mencakup program sarjana, magister, dan doktor. Sebagai bagian dari usaha globalisasinya, Universitas Korea telah mengadakan program pertukaran mahasiswa dengan universitas-universitas lain di seluruh dunia.
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Wheesung responds to hate regarding his lyrics for “A~ing♡”

Singer/songwriter Wheesung recently responded to some hateful remarks made about his lyrics for Orange Caramel’s newest single, “A~ing♡“.
Previously, a friend of PD Song from EBS’s music program, “Space Sympathy“, tweeted, “What exactly is ‘Orange Caramel?‘ When I first heard that the title of their new song was ‘A~ing♡‘ I was absolutely appalled,” causing PD Song to reply, “Wheesung could’ve named the group too. His writing sense is as disgusting as his character.
Their tweets caused much controversy online, forcing Wheesung to eventually address the situation. On November 18th, he tweeted, “Orange Caramel will be the last time I ever write such stimulating and embarrassing lyrics. I don’t want my fans to be put down and hurt. It might not be as fun anymore, but from now on, I’ll put out lyrics that will be widely accepted by the public and deemed as ‘cool.’
He continued, “I don’t understand why everyone is so caught up in being cool. Please look back at the words you use everyday, or at least make up a law dictating what can and cannot be said. I’m just a normal, regular person so it’s hard for me to keep up with all you poets.
Wheesung concluded his series of tweets by writing, “Your opinion? I don’t want to have to put the few precious people I love through your hate. That’s my biggest reason. I feel refreshed now. I will just do the same thing over and over again from here on out.”

Wheesung wrote the lyrics for Orange Caramel, Younha’s “Password 486,” Seo In Guk’s “Baby,” “Love U,” and T-ara’s “Crazy Because of You“.
We’ve also translated these controversial lyrics for “A~ing♡” down below:

When your lips touch mine, it tingles tingles
My heart continues to tingle, aing aing
So happy aing aing I’m so sensitive, sensitive
I feel like crying when I can’t see you for even a minute
I keep (cry cry) missing you (cry cry)
Sensitive, so sensitive, this love is like an allergy
I used to be so normal, but now I feel tingly and want to cry
You make me go back and forth, you hold me in your hands

Oh Oh, do you think just being cool is enough
Just being handsome is enough?
I just like you so so much, I’m going crazy crazy
I’m so into, into you
My whole body is electrified right to the bones
Oh~ You swallow my heart whole, me, you you you….

Your random jokes bother my heart all night long
I’m curious, aing aing
I’m always thinking about it, aing aing
Sensitive, so sensitive, my love is like an allergy
I used to be so calm but now it’s made me jump, tingle, dizzy

Oh Oh, do you think just being cool is enough
Just being handsome is enough?
I just like you so so much, I’m going crazy crazy
I’m so into, into you
My whole body is electrified right to the bones
Oh~ You swallow my heart whole, me, you you you….

My love, you’re a man of all the men
How, how can you be like that..
Oh, you’re so perfect from head to toe
You’re the jewel of my life, my life’s destiny
For a long, long, l~ong time, just love me, me, me
Me me me me….. A~ing

Source: BNT News, Wheesung’s Twitter
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[Info] Beasiswa ke Korea Selatan!!

1. Kualifikasi

Pemohon dan orang tuanya harus memiliki kewarganegaraan asing dan berada di bawah ketentuan berikut!!

* Lulus atau akan lulus atau merupakan sarjana muda atau program master di luar negeri (Dept. of Electronic Eng., Computer Science Eng., Information and Communication Eng., and IT related Eng.)
* Harus memiliki skor IBT (Yang ada di TOEFL yaitu Internet Based Test) dengan nilai 80,,, CBT (Computer Based Test) dengan nilai 210 atau 550 atau lebih tinggi.
* Harus memiliki superior CGPA /nilai IPK yang tinggi

2. Beasiswa yang bisa diambil /dipilih

* Circuit/ASIC design, algorithm development dan processor application for the bio-medical area

3. Kirim dokumen melalui e-mail ke (

* CV (Curriculum Vitae) termasuk foto, pengalaman, alamat, data kelahiran dan sebagainya
* Copy transkrip
* Copy sertifikat kelulusan
* Copy lembar uji skor bahasa inggris seperti IBT, CBT, PBT atau IELTS

4. Jadwal peserta (

* Klasifikasi: Semester Musim semi, 2011
* Batas Pendaftaran: 1Nov-3 Desember 2010
* Pemberitahuan Pendaftaran: 30 Desember 2010
* Deadline Pendaftaran: 11 Feb, 2011
* Hari pertama kelas: 2 Mar, 2011

5. Beasiswa

* dana untuk biaya sekolah dan pendaftaran ditanggung, kecuali biaya pendaftaran tidak dapat dikembalikan sebesar 100.000 KRW (sekitar $ 90).
* Mendapat uang untuk biaya hidup

6. Tempat Tinggal

* Setiap siswa dapat tinggal di perumahan universitas (asrama).

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut anda dapat menghubungi Prof. G.S.Choi, SoC Design Lab., Dept. of Information and Communication Eng., Chosun University, GwangJu, Korea.

Situs Web:, e-mail: gschoigs [at]

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(20101118)Winners at the 8th Korean Film Awards

The 8th Korean Film Awards took place on November 18th at the Sejong Center.
Stars who walked the red carpet include SHINee’s Onew, Song Chang Il, Seo Ji Hye, Nam Bora, Song Yun Ah, Gong Hyo Jin, Seo Young Hee, Seo Woo, Jo Yeo Jung, Lee Yo Won, Choi Daniel, Lee Sun Gyun, Kim Sae Ron, Won Bin, Park Shin Hye, and more.
After much controversy the last time they performed at a film awards ceremony, the SNSD girls were back on stage again and they were without Tiffany as she is laid low with injury. The girls performed ‘Hoot‘ and ‘Genie‘, with the actors giving excellent reactions when the cameras panned to them.
Watch out for a surprise cameo by actress, Song Yun Ah.
List of Winners (Major)
Best Film – Poetry
Best Screenplay – Poetry
Best Director – Lee Chang Dong (Poetry)
Best Actor – Won Bin (The Man from Nowhere)
Best Actress – Seo Young Hee (Bedevilled)
Best Supporting Actor – Yu Hae Jin (Moss)
Best Supporting Actress – Yun Yeo Jeong (The Housemaid)
Best Male Rookie – Song Sae Byeok (The Servant)
Best Female Rookie – Kim Sae Ron (The Man From Nowhere)

The awards ceremony broadcast was delayed, after the broadcaster chose to show the men 1,500m freestyle swimming final in which national swimmer, Park Tae Hwan, was partaking, and won the silver medal. The rating for the swimming event was 34.8%, so it seems like they made a good decision.
Park also anchored the relay team in the last race of the swimming competition, as the Koreans won the silver medal in the 4×100 men’s individual medley relay in a dramatic finish.
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