About This Blog + Read It Please !!

About This Blog ^~^

Saya juga bingung ngapain nambah2 laman ==;
hehehe ~ tapi daripada ngepost lagi ~ ye gak ? hahaha
*sorry xD*

So, Kalau ada yang bertanya-tanya soal blog ini , i will tell you ;)
this is my OWN blog..
There's no other person in this blog except me :)
FINALLY 13 y.o now ~ LOL
like the other kpopers ~ i know about FanFiction ..  ._.
but i'm not too freak =.="
i'm a Triple S,Secret Time , and Touch lover
i wanna  be HIT-5 fans but i still don't know anything about them ^^
just it :) ask me here >> http://www.formspring.me/lovelykyu and my twitter >>  @FeyFey_Makyuev if u wanna be a friend with me :) and my tumblr >> Secret501Lover


Read It Please!!~

HIIII .. I'm so busy these days !!
but i hope you enjoy your visit to this blog !! :)
i'm thankful for your comments at my blog and also your visits to this blog
I know this blog isn't perfect and maybe very worst.
but,i think i'm tired with all of the spammers comments
so please, respect me here as the owner and please don't spam to any post.. arasseo?
Do you want to promote something ? And you want me to promote it at my blog ?
So,please contact me here >> @feyfey_makyuev or just comment at an article ..
I'll make another place to promote .. I promise.. But please be patient ne? 
And please don't spamming!! ~

And please understand why i post several news .. not like when i was still active ..
I'm doing my best to make my "social networks life" lives again,just like before


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