Sabtu, 17 September 2011

SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong releases tracklist for debut solo mini-album, “Turn Me On”

Earlier last month, SS501‘s Kim Kyu Jong announced that he’d be the last of his fellow members to finally make a solo debut.  The date has been finalized for September 28th, and the tracklist has just been revealed!
Titled “Turn Me On“, this single will be his first singing efforts in nearly a year and six months. Ever since SS501′s last group promotions, he’s been pursuing an acting career, starring in musicals like “Goong“.
“Turn Me On” was co-produced by Taewan and Han Sang Won, who both have experience composing SS501′s “U R Man” and Rain‘s “Rainism” and “The Song That’ll Hold You Back“.
Check out the tracklist below!
01. No More Yes
02. Yesterday (Sadder Today Than Yesterday)
03. My Love (Feat. Heo Young Saeng)
04. Get Ya’ Luv
05. Get Ya’ Luv (Acoustic Version)
Source + Photos: Synnara
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via : allkpop

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