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Cho PD and Block B have a mentor and mentee interview

Block B and their producer, Cho PD, recently sat down for an interview with BNT News and revealed their thoughts on one another and their careers.
While Cho PD was like a proud father, reporters noticed that the members of Block B actually contrasted against their stronger image with innocent personalities.
Check out their first interview together below!
Q. “Why did you create Block B?”
Cho PD: “You can’t become an artist with just talent these days. If you want to be popular, you have to be skilled in singing, dancing, character, and even looks. I really wanted to find good gemstones.”
Q. “What was Cho PD’s first impression like?”
Block B: “He kind of looked like a monkey…”
Zico: “When I first saw him two years ago, he looked like an uncle.  He was wearing a t-shirt and jeans so I wasn’t too intimidated by him.”
Jaehyo: “He has extremely nice skin.  I knew from the moment I saw him that he was the CEO.”
Taeil: “I was only used to seeing him on stage, but seeing him in person wasn’t as scary as I thought it’d be.”
U-Kwon: “The first time I saw him, I only saw his back as he was walking in for a meeting. I found out that he was the CEO later, so my first impression of him is just of his back.”
P.O: “He has a greater body than what he looks like on TV, so I was really scared of his first impression.”
Kyung: “He looked cold and chic, like the son of a rich family.”
B-Bomb: “I was in his music video when I was in high school, so I didn’t think I’d see him again as my CEO. Back then, he was someone I wanted to emulate, but seeing him in person now, he was normal.”
Q. “Cho PD seems like a father to Block B.”
Cho PD: “They say that your kids will learn bad habits if you just let everything slide, but I want to give them respect. I chose kids that are worthy of that respect, and I know that they’re going to be raised into a position of respect. Just because I give them that respect earlier doesn’t mean that they’ll go wrong. It just means I have that much more expectations for them.”
Block B: “When we’re tired from rehearsals, he’ll visit our dorm with delicious food.  When we said we wanted to eat meat on a radio show, he bought us meat all week long.”
Q. “What made Cho PD so captivated by Block B?”
Zico: “Rap.”
Jaehyo: “My visuals?  I heard that he fell in love with my emotional voice.”
Taeil: “My singing, of course.”
U-Kwon: “He chose me as his dark horse, but I really don’t know why.  I think he thought well of my improvements.”
Kyung: “I think my voice. I’m a good rapper, but I also have good character.”
B-Bomb: “I think my performance, and also the fact that I had met him twice like fate.”
Q. “Which member doesn’t listen to you the most?”
Cho PD: “They all listen to me well now.  It’s not a problem for me because I had told them before, ‘If you don’t want to do it, leave.  Only those that can handle it must stay.’  Only the members that were willing to put their lives on the line are left now.”
Block B: “We all listen to him well, and U-Kwon is always working hard.  Zico has a tendency to rebel or go off track, but he always listens to whatever U-Kwon tells him to do.”
Q. “Is Block B also pressured to take care of their bodies?”
Cho PD: “I made them work out from the beginning, but it’s hidden now.  Personally, I think that bodies with too much muscle… mmm, I’ll get antis if I say it like this, but I think it’s kind of countrified.  Trying to look cool with a good body worked in the 80s with people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.  In this generation, it’s about tall, modern looking things.  As far as exposure goes, I respect the opinions of the members.”
Block B: “We’re really hidden.  Zico works out a lot and Kyung does too, but once he stops, he stops for good.  We also hope that there will never come a point where we have to expose our bodies.”
Kyung: “I’m a man like fire.”
Q. “Does Block B have a set amount to spend on food like other idols?”
Cho PD: “I think in all of Korea, our company pays the most for meals.  Aside from the expenses, I’d like for the members to eat more healthy food like chicken breasts and whatnot, but they eat too much fast food instead.”
Block B: “We’re allowed exactly $6.50 USD!”
Jaehyo: “Before our debut, we were only allowed to eat bean paste stew.  I think because our CEO is so busy that he doesn’t know, but we’ve just now ‘leveled up’ to eat soft tofu stew.”
P.O: “I got in trouble for eating fried fish yesterday.”
Block B: “We don’t eat fast food because we want to.  We want to eat healthy food too but our manager says we don’t have time and buys us hamburgers (laughter).”
Q. “To conclude the interview, could you say something on your future goals and for your fans?”
Cho PD: “There’s a lot of antis because Block B isn’t doing something that’s considered ‘gangster hip hop.’  We’re not, however, putting everything into our title tracks.  The market is a single market, and we’re doing our best to show their true colors, but it seems people are being impatient with that.  For now, we’re going to be on a full run until Block B wins first place.  Only after the kids are on a strong foundation will I be releasing my own albums.  I am also considering creating other groups.”
Block B: “We worked hard to show a new image with our first mini-album.  It’s an album that’s chock full of things, so please look forward to it.  We will be taking this opportunity to show our true talents.”
Block B will be releasing their first mini-album, “New Kids on the Block“, on June 23rd.
Source + Photos: BNT News
via: allkpop

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