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Kim Heechul talks about an incident with Lee Hong Ki

Super Junior Kim Heechul brought laughter to the studio with his story of his very close dongseng, FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki and an incident he had with him.
On the August 1st episode of MBC’s “Come To Play”, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki, Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu, TRAX’s Jung Mo, and Supreme Team’s Simon D were featured on the “Vacation Needed” special.
On the broadcast, Kim Heechul shared his friendship with Chocoball’s maknae, Lee Hong Ki, and revealed that there was a time in the past when they almost severed their friendship.
Kim Heechul stated, “Hong Ki was going through a hard time so I ran out to meet him in the middle of the night. Hong Ki was already drunk so I suggested we go home, but he said ‘let go of me’ and refused”.
Heechul continued, “I kept trying to stop him but he wouldn’t listen. I asked where he learned to act like this and his answer was, ‘I learned from you, hyung!’”
Heechul added, “So I told him if he’s not going to listen to me, we should end our relationship, and he replied, ‘Okay, I understand, Mr. Heechul’”, and brought laughter to the studio.
Heechul then added, “Hong Ki is a dongseng I treasure. He makes me want to take care of him and he puts his seniors in a good mood”, flaunting his unchanging friendship with Hong Ki.

Source: TV Report via Nate
via: allkpop

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