Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

SS501’s Kyu Jong & Young Saeng hold first fanmeeting

SS501 members Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong held a press conference before their fanmeeting, “Kyu Jong & Young Saeng STORY IN SEOUL,” took place on December 4th.
Kyu Jong revealed a bit of the group’s future plans by stating, “I met with the members last week and discussed the plans for SS501’s next album. It will be released next year. We wanted to succeed in our solo activities in order to better regroup as SS501.
Lead vocalist Heo Young Sang will be releasing a solo album next year, while Kim Kyu Jong focuses on acting activities.
On his acting, Kyu Jong added, “I want to learn properly, so I’m taking it step by step. I felt that the rest of our members were able to reach the level of their acting skills through much effort.
Heo Young Saeng concluded, “As long as I have my hyungs that I trust, the only thing left in our future is a new road to walk through together.”
Their impressive fanmeeting managed to sell out within 10 minutes of the tickets going on sale, and it will be held later in the day. The two will be revealing footage from their period of hiatus, such as vacation clips and day to day life.
Their fan meetings will continue on to the rest of Asia, through Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and other locations.

Source: Osen via Nate, TV Daily via Nate
Photos: Sports Korea
via: allkpop

me: kyaa... FMnya sih udah mulai ^^ kkk.. gila... dua2nya cakep*nyolong2 foto dri TS yang bagi2 foto dri FM disono*

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