Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

2NE1 posts an update about the YG Family concert preparations

A brand new photo of both 2NE1 and Big Bang, along with the rest of the YG Entertainment crew, was recently posted via the official 2NE1 Facebook fan page, showing the crew hard at work for their YG Family concert.
Along with the snapshot, 2NE1’s manager wrote,
YG Family practicing all together… There’s a lot to learn from our seniors and they are just so funny haha I can’t stop laughing…My tummy hurts! Everyone’s so good~ So excited!!! Look forward to it! :)
A hilarious picture of Dara was also uploaded to the page, exhibiting the star’s face being engulfed by a beanie and sporting some luxurious headphones.

The caption reads,
Ta-da! Guess what this is~?!?! It’s the list of songs we are going to sing at the concert. A lot, huh? We can’t just do the ordinary! This is YG Family concert! hehe…everyone is getting dark circles for the last minute practice :( But we are so excited..!!
This sure is heating things up for the concert, don’t you think?
Source: 2NE1’s Facebook
via: allkpop

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