Kamis, 03 Maret 2011

[News] SS501 Park Jung Min Suicide?! Chinese Media mistook photo of Cheorographer Park Jung Min [02.03.11]

Source: TV Daily
English Translation: Honeyeeee + Wonderrrgirl @ Love501.com
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SS501 Park Jung Min is not the victim of this case of suicide assault.
Chinese media reported on Cheorographer Park Jung Min (37) who took his life this month on the 27th.
However, picture appearing on the articles is not the Cheorographer, but Park Jung Min of SS501 which brought confusion to many overseas fans.
In the news coverage, with regards to the deceased Park Jung Min’s death, the well-known and the very same truth was reported by the Korean media as well, but the photo being used (by the Chinese media) was completely out of context.
Overseas fans who have read the article responded, “Just looking at the headlines and the picture only, one will be misled by it” , “A correction to the article should be made”.

via: rainaftershine

Me; wait a second.. i want to laugh first

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