Kamis, 03 Maret 2011

Top 50 Chart KPop...!!!! (21 Februari - 27 Februari'11)

1. Secret (Shy Boy)
2. G.na (Black & White)
3. Mighty Mouth (Tok Tok)
4. Jewelry (Back It Up)
5. MBLAQ (Stay)
6. DBSK (Keep Your Head Down)
7. Navi (Well Done)
8. Seungri (What Can I do)
9. Dal★shabet (Supa Dupa Diva)
10. Kim Bo Kyung (Day By Day)

11. See Ya (You're Gorgeous To Me)
12. Kim Bum Soo & Taeyeon (Different)
13. IU (Good Day)
14. GD&TOP (High High)
15. Park Jung Min (Not Alone)
16. Seungri (VVIP)
17. Park Jin Young (If)
18. Infinite (Before The Dawn)
19. Hyun Bin (That Man)
20. K.Will (Amazed (feat. Supreme Team & Sistar))

21. Chang Min & Jin Woon (2AM) (Can't I Love You?)
22. Lee Jung (Let's Dance)
23. Jung Yong Hwa (For First Time Lovers (Banmal Song))
24. Voice One (Hold One's Tears)
25. Bae Da Hae (How Can You?)
26. Teen Top (Supa Luv)
27. Sun Ye (Maybe)
28. Lee Hyun (8Eight) (Criticism)
29. Humming Urban Stereo (You That Day (feat. Yoo In Na))
30. T-Ara (Beautiful Girl)

31. Lee Hae Ri (Davichi) (I'm Living At That Time)
32. Namolla Family JW (Separated Two People (feat. Tae In))
33. Monday Kiz (I Love You and I Remember)
34. Suzy (Winter Child)
35. Oscar (Place for Tears)
36. Kiroy Y (Stars in the Night Sky 3 (feat. Kim Haneul))
37. Joo (Bad Guy)
38. The One (Walk On Heaven)
39. JQT (PeeKaBoo)
40. 10cm (That Is Not It)

41. SNSD (Hoot)
42. Sung Shi Kyung (You Are My Spring)
43. Sistar (How Dare You)
44. Tae Yeon (I Love You)
45. Baek Ji Young (That Woman)
46. LPG 누나라서 미안해
47. Boo Hwal (Secret (Special Vocal: Park Wan Gyu))
48. Piggy Dolls (Trend)
49. Shin Yong Jae (4men) (Reason)
50. Hwa Yobi & Tae Ha (Be With Me)

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