Senin, 27 Juni 2011

After School’s first Japan showcase tickets sold out in one minute!

After School’s showcase tickets for their Japanese performance at Akasaka BLITZ went on sale today. Over 50,000 people attempted to purchase the tickets, but with a 3,000 ticket capacity (for two stages), all of the tickets were sold out in one minute!
After School has collaborated with Amuro Namie for her collaboration album, “Checkmate!” and have even sang at ‘Tokyo Girls Collection by 2011 SUMMER/SPRING’ despite not having made their debut in Japan yet.
As reported, the group will make their debut with their new single, “Bang!”, which is set for release on August 17th.
Their debut single is a Japanese remake of their song that is already popular in Korea. At their July performance at Tokyo, it is expected that “Bang!” will be performed at this live.
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via: allkpop

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