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2AM’s Seulong and C.N. Blue’s Jong Hyun and Min Hyuk recently displayed a warm-hearted image of them together, showing their close friendship.

On the 31st, Seulong used his Twitter account to upload a picture of himself with his arms around the shoulders of Jong Hyun and Min Hyuk. Along with the picture, he left the comment, “With the C.N. Blue babies~ We’re currently shooting for a movie poster.”

The three are currently starring in the movie ‘Acoustic‘, which is an omnibus of three mini-dramas. Shin Se Kyung stars in the first mini-drama, called ‘The Confession of a Dangerous Broccoli’, while the second mini-drama, ‘Bread Attack’, will star C.N Blue’s Jong Hyun and Min Hyuk. In the last mini-drama, ‘Unlock‘, Seulong will star.

This will be the second time Seulong has taken to the challenge of acting, as his debut role was in MBC’s ‘Personal Taste’ earlier this year. ‘Acoustic’ will mark Jong Hyun and Min Hyuk’s debuts on the big screen.

The movie is set to release this October.

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