Selasa, 23 November 2010

Co-Ed member Balance Noori spotted underage drinking

Yet another controversy regarding the pictures of Co-Ed’s Hot Blood Kangho at a private bar has surfaced, but this time it’s because a picture of another member of Co-Ed, Balance Noori, was recently discovered in which he is seen drinking underage.
On November 22nd, a post with the title, ‘Balance Noori drinking’, went up on a popular community site, and since then, it has been stirring a heated discussion on various portal sites.
In the picture, you can see Balance Noori holding a beer bottle and appetizers, posing near the front of the table with another person’s arm around his shoulder.
Being born in 1993, Balance Noori is still considered a minor for drinking and going to bars.
Meanwhile, Core Contents Media recently announced that this week will be Co-Ed’s last week of promotions before temporarily putting a halt on their activities.
Source: Asia Today via Nate
via allkpop

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