Selasa, 15 Februari 2011

MBLAQ members reveal that they’re plastic surgery-free

While guesting on “TrendE,” the members of MBLAQ declared themselves to be a ‘naturally handsome boyband’ that did not undergo any cosmetic surgery. did not undergone any cosmetic surgery.
Their make-up artist praised, “Out of all the idol groups out there today, MBLAQ is probably the only idol group that is naturally handsome.”
Leader Seungho joked, “Now that we’re a year into our debut, I think it’s time to get some plastic surgery done.” When asked to choose a member that he thought needed plastic surgery, Seungho teasingly replied, “Mir. Despite being the maknae, he has a lot of wrinkles, which worries me.”
Check out their full segment at 12 AM KST on February 15th.
Source: the Newspaper via Nate
via: Allkpop

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