Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

[Promote]KIA ENTERTAINMENT (Cover Dance of K-POP Group)

KIA entertainment is miniature of SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, DSP Entertainment, Pledis Entertainment, Cube Entertainment and M.Net Entertainment in Serang, Pandeglang, Rangkas Bitung or Cilegon or Tangerang (BANTEN), Indonesia for (in practicing) of choreographing and singing . As we all know 'Korean Wave' was coming in Indonesia so we are trying to be more like Indonesia and Korean Community ~~

We are not the best group but we are trying to be THE BEST ^^ And our members still trying with Korean language ~~

We Cover Dance KPOP Girlband and Boyband are consist of ::

★ 6PM (2PM Cover Dance) ★
★ 5GIRLS (5DOLLS Cover Dance) ★
★ 4MUZIK (4MINUTE Cover Dance) ★

Our Cover Sing KPOP is consist of ::

★ DREAM HIGH (Sing Cover Mixed) ★

For people who live in Banten !!! Let's Become Our Family ~~~

Please support us for our DEBUT in 3 July 2011 (_ _)
visit them here :
gomawo ^o^

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