Selasa, 21 Juni 2011

Details on Secret’s Japanese debut single “Madonna” revealed!

Via tokyohive:
Earlier this month, we reported that Secret signed with Sony Music, and some details on their debut single, “Madonna“, have recently been revealed.
The single will drop on August 3rd, and like other artists, the single will be released in three versions: two limited editions and a normal edition.
The limited editions will come with a DVD (contents to be announced later), a 24-page photobook, and a ticket to attend Secret’s handshake event in Japan.
The first press normal edition will include a bonus track, which is said to be the original Korean version of “Madonna”. It will also come with an event ticket to the group’s handshake event.
Secret will also have a premium debut live on July 6th at La Foret Museum in Harajuku, and the event will be a free live performance.
Source: Amazon Japan, Official Website
via: allkpop

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