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[Trans] After watching Goong [From the blog of Lady Host in Japan show]

japan-chinese translator: redcat111 from
lifted from Kyujong site in
English translation: LLS @

I went to watch musical (Goong) which started on the 11th of this month on Tuesday.
I interviewed Kyujong san (who is starring as Shin Prince) before the show. He relates that he was extremely nervous on the first day and was even trembling throughout.
However he sounds pretty relax today even though my interview is just prior to the show. Perhaps because today is already the third day of performance.
Can I say Kyujong san really is a nice guy!
Even though it was a pretty rushed/impromptu interview, he was all ready, waiting for the interview to begin when I arrived.
“Wants to take a photo, can? Will it be alright?”
“Yup, no worries, go ahead.”
Kyujong san was very hardworking during the show, great voice projection in his singing, living up to the name of Prince Shin, making me very touched.
Frankly, he speaks in a very gentle, warm voice, greatly different from during singing~!
After the performance, inadvertently had a small chat with the audience next to me, “great effort!”
As compared to (Goong) in Korea last year, there is better flow in the current storyline, emotions amongst the characters are more intense too.
I had a short chat with Run san too. Run related in a rather anxious tone that after seeing Kyujong san’s stage performance, felt that he is really great, hence will have to work hard for his (Run’s) own shows too…
Kyujong san is already very good but I heard from sources that Run san is even better in terms of singing, hence am also interested in Run’s show.
And Run san is also very handsome.
Good match to Prince’s image.

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