Senin, 20 Juni 2011

[110423] OMS Cut 22 Secret Hyosung & BEAST Kikwang moment + Trans of SG Parody

Translation of the Scret Garden Parody:

KK and HS are sitting next to each other ont eh same team and they are discussing the unfortunate incidences where if you just type in "secret" you get "secret garden" instead of their group. So KK was like to HS: yeah you can't even find your own team information! And HS was like HOW DID YOU KNOW? and yoseobbie just have to add fuel to their "scandal" and SY was like "KK you have tried to search her before!"
Then the funny comedian guy (sorry forgot his name) said that they must have been over each other's shoulders with his arm around her, searching on the websites. soyeon was like have you guys tried the sit up scene before too? And thus procede to that exact scene, but HS couldnt go close to KK so they NGed.

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