Selasa, 12 Juli 2011

Girls’ Day’s Sojin rushed to the emergency room for respiratory problems

Fans were shocked by the reports that Girl’s Day’s Sojin was hurriedly transported to a hospital for emergency services on July 11th.
The reason was reportedly due to a shortness of breath, said a representative for DreamT Entertainment. “Sojin started rapidly losing weight before her comeback activities. Her weight decreased to 43 kilograms from 47, and it was the cause for her rapid shortness of breath that she experienced.”
Sojin, who’s currently in the midst of promotions for “Hug Me Once“, came under scrutiny a few days ago for her unsteady performances on music shows.
Thankfully, after undergoing several tests, she was found to be in no immediate danger.
“It seems as though there was some stress due to her schedule ahead of her comeback,” DreamT explained. “In the future, we will pay more attention to the members’ health.”
Source: SSTV
via: allkpop

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