Sabtu, 25 September 2010

Choi Hee Jin: “Tablo probably did something shady”

It seems netizens have more to reveal about Choi Hee Jin, as there are more negative comments made by the songwriter to add to her previous statements.
When netizens compared Choi Hee Jin to figures like MC Mong and Tablo, who have also been hit with controversy, Choi stated of the comparison, “Tablo probably did something shady. I’m not the type of person to stand for this.”
One netizen commented, “She herself leaves insults, and she’s blaming it all on the netizens who insulted her?”
It’s also been reported that Choi has been working diligently to delete all her negative statements, but there are netizens who are screen capturing them as well.
Source: Yahoo! Korea
via :: allkpop

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