Sabtu, 25 September 2010

Jay Park and BEAST’s Junhyung take a picture together

BEAST member Junhyung recently took a group picture with Jay Park.
On September 24th, a picture of Junhyung and Jay with other various famous musicians was uploaded onto an online community board. The picture was originally posted by BEAST’s choreographerPrepix. On his Twitter, he stated, “A get together after a long time for Chuseok, a weird combination haha  Shinsadong Tiger, The Quiett, Dok2, AOM Crew, Jaebum, Junhyung, me.”
He continued, “It originally was just a quick meet up between me, Tiger, and Junhyung… But we met The Quiett, Dok2, and Jaebum by chance, so went to an alcohol shop and introduced ourselves haha Does this make me a matchmaker? ha.”
Fans who saw this photo responded with, “It’s not a weird combination, but the best combination ^^”, “Please follow each other on Twitter and get closer ㅠㅠ You guys look good together”, “Refreshing must be the term to use in this situation,” and “Daebak! What did you drink, non-alcohol drinking Jaebum oppa? keke.”
Source + Photo: TheStar
via :: allkpop

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