Sabtu, 25 September 2010

Netizens react negatively to Tablo’s tears

We previously reported that a teaser video was recently released for MBC’s special, called, “Tablo Goes to Stanford“. In the show, Tablo sheds tears and expresses his feelings, saying, “It’s not that they don’t believe me. They just don’t want to believe me.”
In response to this, netizens reacted negatively, criticizing him for avoiding the core of the controversy.
“Yu***” said, “Tablo is always like this. When ‘A’ is asked, you are meant to give an answer regarding ‘A’, but he comes up with an answer for ‘B’…he is the lord of giving irrelevant answers.”
“co***” expressed, “If you just reveal your transcript and graduation certificate, wouldn’t the process have been faster? At first I insulted Tablo’s antis, but now I’m starting to doubt Tablo.”
“Gi******” said, “All he needs to do is show his graduation certificate and ID, not all this crying and having friends (at Stanford) bullcrap. Are you just showing photos of friends and then going to meet them again?”
The MBC special will be broadcast on October 1st at 10:55 pm KST.
Source + Photo: Nate
via :: allkpop

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