Kamis, 23 September 2010

[23/09] Ratings for Naughty Kiss Episode 7

Credits to star.mk.co.kr + (English translation) ss501ode.blogspot.com
via :: yenhersheytriples.blogspot.com 

MBC Wed-Thurs drama Playful Kiss has recorded its highest ratings of all time.

On the 23rd, according to AGB Nilson Media Research Center, Playful Kiss who aired its 7th episode on 22nd September recorded ratings of 6.3%.

As compared to the drama's last episode aired last week with 2.8%, it has now increased by 3.5%. For other dramas during the same timing slot, they were replaced by Chuseok special movies except for Playful Kiss which was scheduled to continue as per normal, which attracted the attention of everyone if its ratings will improve or not.

On the other hand, during the same timeslot, movie 'Sworn Brothers' broadcasted through KBS2 TV recorded 12.5% ratings, whilst 'Haeundae' telecasted through SBS recorded 13.6% of ratings.

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