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[Trans] Hyung Jun’s Solo Album ‘My Girl’ Thanks to

This one is the 'full' version

Source: 체리윗 @ SS601
Thanks to scan:
Chinese translation: h妞&雪梨 @
English translation:
Please repost with full credit

My family who always at my side giving me the driving force and power to live,
really thank you and wish to tell you I love you.
Mum, be healthy and please receive my limitless filial.
My alter-ego Kibum ah! Hyung really doted you, PiroPiro and HnB Company daebak!
S-Plus’s Gu HwiGyun representative, Lee KyeongHwa representative, because of starting up together with me,
Thank you for your full support and love
I will store these memories deep in my heart, for a long long time ^^
All staff of S-Plus, truthfully thank you.
Director Kim WonSeop~ really reassuring! JaeWon hyung~ you have work hard, Cool~ please be happy.
Mashimaro look-alike YeongSin hyung, and also right next to me and can’t go without Anchovy man*~ (*nickname)
General Anchovy SeongChan hyung thank you for always understanding my heart.. you understand my heart right?
World’s most fashionable ChangWan hyung~ Feeling good this year~? Do not go anywhere! Stay beside me!
JeongMi noona, EunYeong noona~ all depends on you for the best promotion! Okay~?
Interesting DongYeong Hyung~ Good Good, fashionable SangDae hyung~ Meet often
Swave family whom taking care of me in Japan.. DongJun hyung, MuYeong hyung~ Thank You!^-^
Japan Avex family receive my thanks. Wantanabe san~ Matsutomi san~ arigato gozaimasu!
Oricon No.1 let’s try for it. Ikimashyo*! (*Let’s go in Japanese) Thank you for your limitless love.
The key role in this album, the best producer E-tribe and Rado! Definitely know which is the best, thank you,
E-tribe MyeongWon hyung~ Congratulation for your baby 1st birthday~ My Brother, Rado JuYeong hyung~ Let’s do it till the end! Tonight is a sleepless night!
Charming ballad song maker YongHwan dongsaeng~ continue to daebak!!
Feel abundance OneWay MyKey hyung! Let’s stand together on stage! Ultra level hip-hopper Dok2! Envious of your voice~ Thank you.
Also teaching me about dancing’s FreeMind!!! Inside page+mustache man~ is done by GwiHun hyung and me! P.sseu~
For a few months was not very healthy and had not rest well, practicing from the basic, JaeGu hyung~
Also HongRae man! Volcano Hong~ Thank you! Angry Bird boys HanSol man~,
Sharing the spiritual world JaeSeung man! Force Gauge best SuEun noona~
Haha, totally cheerful and powerful~ InSeon noona~
Dance partner InWoo~ Cute! Thank you, dark circle YuRi, recommend you broccoli!
Chubby SoHyeon ah! Whatever also like! Right~! Haha~
“Kim HyungJun’s Music High” is already 2nd anniversary~!
Rabbit appa WuiJun hyung, most beautiful MyeongSeon noona, cool JungGwan hyung! and also YunSeon noona! JunWan noona, HyeNyeo noona, thank you everybody.
Another new start, musical “Cafe-In’ staff~ will not forget you…
WuiJeong noona, TaeHan hyung, GeumJi noona, I love you!
Oh! DuSu hyung~ HyeJin noona~ MiSol noona~ HyeYeon noona~ in this 2 months, you have work hard~
My old friend and also like a family JeongYeon, be healthy and meet a nice person!
Storm-V’s 5 mischievous kids~ JiHyeon, JeonYeon, ChanYeong, TaeHwi, SeungYeon, don’t forget our friendship..+_+
Accepting the director position and share my joys and sorrows, Storm legend JinHo hyung let’s have a drink~
Hard-core GyeongJong~ YongJun hyung, GyuJun hyung, SeungHui noona, JiHye noona~ Season 3 Go~? SunOk noona also!
Starting from secondary school debut until now also giving a lot of help all staff from DSP, thank you^^
And also Lee HoYeon CEO, I pray that you will recover soon.
Like my own brother JiHwan hyung! Charming SeongHeon hyung~ Let’s have a drive, paparazzi MiYeon noona~
Always very kind uncle SangMin, cute SoJeong~ let’s go to look for furniture SeJin noona~
Like a big sister, best DJ SoHyeon noona, ChangRyeol hyung~ The best!, HyuSin hyung, I miss you!
Interesting Brian hyung~, Best vocal Sin YongJae! Let go to see piano~, Rainbow JiSuk, WheeSung hyung-nim, HwaYobi Rea-ssi~, Bekka hyung, cool SeongSu hyung, Leo, WuJu hyung~,
Can’t judge by look Hwangbo noona, JiYoung ah~ Don’t grow taller anymore! Hara~ Always very thank you~ R.G? (*R.G sounds like you know right? in korean)
Protecting me from the heaven, love you and thank you YongHwa hyung.. will always pray for you.
HuiJeon noona work hard! Have a good relationshiop Ming noona HaChi hyung~ kimchi soup go go!
Kind dongsaeng MyeongHwa~, iceskating arena’s rising angel JaeUk hyung~ and also Director Ha TaeKi,
Kind Steven hyung~, always good BJJ SeonJe hyung, Sweet tune family~ JaeHo hyung, SeungSu hyung, SuYun noona~ Boa noona~
C-Luve TaeWan hyung, I.DMYO YunYeong, GeonYeong, MinHyeon, YunHo!
Minari SeNa noona, Yuri noona, Yumi noona, making me very charming and ‘pure’!
HuiJin noona~ SeonAe noona~, Anna, Uni, Sora, HoeSang, JongBeom,
Kangnan fashion scene terminator Director Song JongSeok, Director Lee JinGyu, clumsy Min JeongMin! Thank you
It is my fated, my eternal destiny, SS501 5 brothers, HyunJoong, YoungSaeng, KyuJong, JungMin, and.. me!
Even when we grow older, will also want to stand on stage together, It is a promise..
Really very love you, no matter how long will remain faithful (loyal).
Also~! 5 of us will work hard to group together for the many TripleS,
Everybody definitely do not forget,
Will definitely repay you, therefore please trust us. Will definitely be together. JJUNAWAY’s Japan fans, Aishiteru* (*I love you in Japanese)!
I, Kim HyungJun will start flapping my wings.
For a new start will feel nervous and wander.. Although will be very difficult, will never cease to be the best.
Will always be humble and maintain the beginner attitude, this is artist Kim HyungJun.
I will climb up little by little, step by step,
will do my best in order to allow my name to be qualified for ‘the best’.

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