Senin, 07 Maret 2011

[21 Feb 2011] Onew on Star King

There’s been rumours that he ‘fainted’ on Star King but I just want to make it clear that he DID NOT FAINT! He was ill (had some difficulty breathing) during Star King and had to get some first-aid treatment! He didn’t go to hospital immediately as he wanted to finish the recording. He went to the hospital eventually to get examined. Nothing has been confirmed but please don’t worry too much as I’m sure he’s resting right now. Minho replaced him on SUKIRA today due to this. Please don’t spread false rumours that he fainted!

Indotrans :

source: DC/ april/ weibo
cr : forevershiningshinee@tumblr
Indotrans : Qina@LOCKETS-Indonesia
Shared for LOCKETS-Indonesia : Qina

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