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[INFO] 2NE1 to debut in Japan on March 9

by iamrekushi

2NE1 will take Japan by storm on March 9, they are now starting to take Japanese music industry into new level of awesome, addicting and rockin’ music.

So, Japanese Blackjacks and even iBlackjacks lets support these girls as they enter new level of challenges awaits them.


Full info under the cut~

4 member Korean girl group, 2NE1, will finally debut in Japan. The group is known for their R&B-electric sound, their cool dance performances and their colorful fashion.

When AVEX saw 2NE1’s high quality performances, their unique fashion sense and their achievements in Korea; the company immediately began contract negotiations to bring them to Japan. This past October, they officially signed the group to their label.

2NE1 will debut in Japan this spring with the Japanese version of their Korean track,“GO AWAY”; the Japanese lyrics will be about a strong girl. On March 9th, Recochoku will release “GO AWAY” as a Chaku Uta (ringtone) that fans can download. The girls are looking to advance not only in Japan, but America as well. The group’s leader, CL (19), commented, “You’ve all waited a long time for us to debut in Japan. We’ll do our best to live up to your expectations”.

Statement on AVEX’s official website:

“2NE1 will be having their long-awaited Japanese debut this spring with the single “GO AWAY”!
“CAN’T NOBODY (ENG VER)” will also be included. We’ll update you with the official release date with details as soon as it’s determined. “GO AWAY” will be released as a Chaku Uta (r) on March 9th~”

Source: Sanspo + Avex Official Website via ALLKPOP/TOKYOHIVE
2NE1 akan debut Jepang tanggal “9 MARET”..!

2NE1 akhirnya akan debut di Jepang.Ketika AVEX melihat penampilan yang snagat bagus dari 2NE1, mode fashion mereka yang unik, dan prestasi mereka di Korea, perusahaan ini akan membawa mereka ke Jepang. Dan oktober lalu, mereka menandatangani kontrak kerja sama.

2NE1 akan memulai debut Jepang pada musim semi ini dengan versi Jepang dari lagu “Go Away”. Pada 9 Maret, Recochoku akan merilis “Go Away” sebagai Uta Chaku (ringtone) sehingga penggemarnya dapat men-download lagunya itu. 2NE1 tidak cuma maju ke Jepang, tapi Amerika juga. CL , berkomentar, “Kalian sudah menunggu kami lama untuk debut di Jepang. Kami akan melakukan yang terbaik sesuai dengan harapan kalian “.

Dan pernyatan dari Official Web AVEX :

“2NE1 akan debut di Jepang setelah lama menunggu dengan Single “Go Away”!
“(Can’t Nobody ) Eng Vers” juga termasuk. Kita akan mengupdate beritanya ke kalian mengenail tanggal perilisan dan perinciannya. “Go Away” akan rilis sebagai Chaku Uta (r) pada 9 Maret.”

Source: Sanspo + Avex Official Website
Via: Allkpop

via: RT 2NE1

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