Senin, 07 Maret 2011

SECRET’s Song Ji Eun dominates real-time charts

SECRET’s main vocalist, Song Ji Eun, has been gaining a lot of attention thanks to her solo debut single,”Going Crazy“. In fact, her song has been dominating many of Korea’s major real-time charts, such as Melon, Bugs!, Dosirak, and Mnet.
Considering how she was going head-to-head against both Big Bang’s highly-anticipated comeback and the current craze over IU, Song Ji Eun’s success at grabbing the #1 spot on these real-time charts is quite the formidable feat.
Congratulations, Song Ji Eun!
'Melon' real-time chart
'Bugs! Music' real-time chart
'Dosirak' real-time chart
'Mnet' real-time chart

 Source: Melon, Bugs, Doshirak, Mnet
via: allkpop

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