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4minute on writing lyrics, their dance controversy, & follow-up promos

Already three years into their debut, 4minute has been growing every step of the way with each new musical endeavor. Their first official album, “4MINUTES LEFT“, marked the return after a year-long hiatus, as well as their growth as a powerful girl group.
During their latest interview with Sports Today, the first thing the girls said was that they were proud.
Sohyun stated, “We’ve only released mini-albums up until now, so since this is our first official album, we paid extra special attention. There’s not one aspect such as the lyrics, expressions, make up, and performances that we overlooked. Every time people say they like it, our hearts all flutter with excitement.”
She continued, “Our standard charm was the use of strong beats, so we tried to go for something a lot more feminine this time. There’s also an added love story in the lyrics that show a different image”
Jiyoon and Sohyun both participated in the rap making for “Heart to Heart” and “Mirror Mirror“.
Sohyun revealed, “I’ve been practicing for a while now.  Shinsadong Tiger oppa gave us a try for this album and praised us a lot during the recordings, which gave me a lot of strength. It was both an amazing and useful experience.”
On their return, HyunA stated, “We rehearsed with the thought of going back to our rookie mindsets. Without missing a day, we rehearsed from 10 PM to 6 AM, and none of us complained because we knew that it was worth it for our first official album.”
Although the response from the public was explosive, the girls also experienced an unexpected controversy with their ’spread leg’ dance.
Leader Jihyun stated, “We were shocked at first because we expected people to highlight another part of our choreography, the mirror dance. Instead, a part that we did not expect at all began headlining.”
As the girls have focused on their international activities for the past year with formidable achievements, the girls have revealed that they will be focusing on their Korean activities this time around.
Sohyun commented, “For now, we’ll be focusing on our Korean activities. Our album was released overseas at the same time as the Korean release, so if our appearance is requested, we might be going back and forth.”
HyunA added, “It’s been a week since our album’s release, and we’re planning to work hard up through our follow-up promotions. We’re working to make sure that we live up to the expectations of our fans, so please look forward to it.”
Source: Sports Today
via: allkpop

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