Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

Krystal was nearly scouted… in Japan?

News about f(x)’s member Krystal nearly getting scouted in Japan has been gaining hot interest.
On this week’s episode of f(x)’s solo variety show, ‘f(x)’s Koala’, the girls took a trip to Japan.
As one of the challenges, the members had to walk around separately for a mission to ‘find Korean text’ in the streets of Japan. It was during this time when Krystal bumped into a Japanese scout manager.
He was about to give Krystal his business card, but soon after Krystal said, “I’m Korean”, the scout immediately took off.
Having not expected the situation, Krystal was so surprised and said, “I nearly got a business card..”, “To become a trainee…”.
However, Krystal gave a slight smirk and added, “But this isn’t actually the first time.”
Meanwhile, this episode is set to air this coming October 30th.
Source + Photo: Every Economy
via :: allkpop

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