Rabu, 26 Januari 2011

Jo Kwon on IV treatment due to overwhelming schedule

2AM’s leader Jo Kwon recently shocked his fans with a picture of himself receiving an IV treatment.
On January 25th, Jo Kwon tweeted, “As a result”, and added a photo of an IV fluid-line injected in his arm.
Jo Kwon had an overflowing schedule this past week, as he attended the ‘Seoul Music Awards’, and filmed for the ‘Idol Atheltics & Swimming Championships”, “Inkigayo” and “All My Love”.
An hour after he uploaded the picture, Jo Kwon tweeted, “Thank you, I’m back to filming again. I’ll have to endure today with the IV treatment. Thank you.”
Back on January 23rd, he began to worry his fans with his deteriorating condition as he wrote, “I myself really don’t know how I endure my days. I’m always at the verge of fainting, but I endure with my mentality.”

Source: Medical Today via Nate
via: AKP

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