Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

Jung Il Woo showed his sexy abs for '49 Days'

Actor Jung Il Woo revealed his sexy abs for a swim scene in SBS’s “49 Days“.
On March 24th, pictures were revealed which captured the handsome actor flaunting his built torso. His female fans swooned over his muscular body, which contrasted with youthful face.
A staff member stated, “For this scene, Jung Il Woo learned swimming directly from Park Tae Hwan’s ex-coach. He also went on a diet and started exercising several weeks prior to filming. Because of his hard work, the scene has been filmed beautifully. You can look forward to seeing it.”
After seeing the pictures, netizens commented, “Was Jung Il Woo’s body that toned?”, “My eyes have been washed thoroughly”, “He’s perfect.”
You can catch a glimpse of the rising star’s toned body on the fourth episode of “49 Days”, which will air on March 24th.
Source: Sports Today via Nate
 via: allkpop

me: die ~!! *nose bleeding*

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