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[News] Kim Hyung Jun “After His Dashing Performance, When Drinking Water Feels like Honey Water” [05.03.11]

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On 5 March 1pm (KST), at Seoul’s Kaya Theatre, SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun held his 1st solo album showcase and Presscon.
On that day, SS501 member Park Jung Min was the guest in the fanmeeting, Hyung Jun’s brother, Ex-member of UKiss KiBum also attended the showcase, watching his brother performance stage.
Kim Hyung Jun had a 180deg change in his perfomance for his 1st solo album showcase, giving his fans a different kind of charima he had.
On the 28th last month, Kim Hyung Jun broadcast the teaser of his new song “GIRL” thru his official website, which caused explosive reactions from netizens. He will be launching his solo album on 8th March.

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