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[News] Park Jung Min’s Hug “Our Hyung Jun Has Slim Down A Lot!”

Source: Newsen
Chinese Trans: No.43 Park
English to Chinese Trans:
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SS501 member, Kim Hyung Jun, held his “1st Solo Mini Album Showcase” at 1pm (KST) 3 March 2011.
SS501 member, Park Jung Min, also attended Kim Hyung Jun’s1st solo album (My Girl) showcase to congratulate him.
Hyung Jun played his hit song “Oh! Ah!” with other recorded songs and MVs for the 1st time and talked about his upcoming activities schedules during the presscon.
The album “MY GIRL” is talking about declaration of love, the concept of the whole album is about the love Hyung Jun has for all his fans, he said [Initially I thought that solo activities is a very tiring matter, but now I realise that the fans will kept focusing on me.]
Meanwhile, Hyung Jun will launch his album on the 8th, after which he will start his large scale of activities based in Japan and all across Asia.

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