Rabu, 08 Desember 2010

“Invincible Youth” records its final episode

Invincible Youth” had its final recording on December 8th.
The staff stated in an interview with Money Today, “We recorded our final episode of ‘Invincible Youth’ with all of the cast members attending a special get-together at the filming location in Yuchiri.”
The town of Yuchiri has hosted the show for over a year since it began in October 2009.
When asked about the possiblity of Season 2, the show’s PD expressed that it was unlikely since the decision taken by KBS to end the show was mainly because of the low ratings.
In further news, “Invincible Baseball Team, Nocturnal“, and the music program “Music Closet” have also been slated for cancellation. The shows are said to have been discontinued due to low viewer ratings. KBS2TV will announce in due time the replacement programs for them.

Source: Star News, OSEN via Nate


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