Rabu, 08 Desember 2010

Just have fun

kkk ..
i'm wonder why i still don't sleep >_<
feel lonelely ..
feel bad ..
aih .. do u have any ideas for me?
so , i can forget all of these problems?
yeah .. not for a long time .. just for a short time ?
kkk.. well..
i get it from Kak pichan
muahahaha.. i found her because i was searching be my sweet darling pix..
and guess what ? i found her blog xP
i put my comment there and downloaded all of pix i could find ..
hahaha ...
the pix are so cool *or romantic xP*
thank u very much for pichan :D
now i can feel happy *and a little jealous with nanhee and kukyong* if i see the pictures..
curios about the pictures ?
here you are :D

I have to say i wanna be like this >< so sweet couple xP

seperti kata kak PiChan pasangan ini gak terduga sama sekali -__-"

Nanhee just loves kukyong XD

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