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[Trans] Jung Min MK StarToday Twitter Interview [10.12.10]

Translations: wonderrrgirl @ & blackwitch @
Edited by xiaochu @
@mkstartoday: today from 2PM SS501 Park Jung Min will be having his twitter interview through @mkstartoday. Please ask any questions you always have for Park Jung Min to your heart’s desires. Park Jung Min will personally answer to them truthfully. Please make sure to tag #mkstartoday with your questions.
@mkstartoday He has reached the carpark now.. soon photos of him will be revealed. Please look forward to it… ^^ #mkstartoday
@mkstartoday Twitter Fan Meeting with SS501 Park Jung Min will be starting in awhile. Are you all ready? Don’t forget to include #startoday with your questions ^^
@mkstartoday Hello? This is Park Jung Min. I have reached now!!
@mkstartoday Nice to meet you!! Have a fun chat for one hour today!! ^^ #mkstartoday
@mkstartoday Park Jung Min’s twitter interview have started now. If you have any questions for Jung Min-ssi, do include #mkstartoday in your mentions. Well then, have a good time..^^ #mkstartoday
Qns: @Yasmin_Triple_S: @mkstartoday I come from Turkey. You have many fans in Turkey.. Have you thought of coming to Turkey next time?
Ans:¿ì¿Í ÅÍÅ°!!^^
Ans:Wow Turkey!! ^^
Qns: @JuWon_8863: @mkstartoday You’ve arrived~!!! It’s starting now~~ wah~~kekeke
Ans: Let’s start to have fun!! hehe
Qns: @gksdhswjd: @mkstartoday @mkstartoday @mkstartoday Oppa Oppa Call my name Han On Jung for once ¤Ð¤Ð I’m in school ¤Ð¤Ð Oppa Oppa Oppa Han On Jung Han On Jung Han On Jung Han On Jung
Ans: Han On Jung
Qns: @Jannechan: @mkstartoday ung Min come to Venezuela! here are there Triple S too! …Which is your favorite perfume?
Ans: I do not use perfume! Peple say that my body smell is good!!
Qns: @Naru_ss: @mkstartoday Everyone hello! I’m Nadiah from Argentina. You have a lot of fans in South America, do you know that?
Ans: Wah, right opposite of our country (Korea) in Argentina is also twitting, so amazing!
Qns: @youngjinmam: @mkstartoday #mkstartoday There isn’t a lot of time left to the end of the year, how do you plan to spend the rest of it?
Ans: Rounding up the preparations for the album!! I will be returning with 5 songs!
Qns: @kjsora92: @mkstartoday Oppa I am a 3rd year high school student who finished exam (suneng). What should I do now at this stage of life?
Ans: Now is just the time to enjoy! And enjoy the (fun in this) world
Qns: @sohnsb: @mkstartoday Jung Min-ssi, there is an article about your revealing (scenes in) acting… Are you confident?
Ans: Lower body more than upper body hehehe
Qns: @ksm328_jm: @mkstartoday Right now at this moment, the number 1 person that comes to mind?
Ans: Hmm… Hyung Jun? hehe
Qns: @urasawanaoki43: @mkstartoday You think that smoky make-up suits you very well (I am one person who has fallen for Jung Min’s smoky look..hehe) Please let me know some smoky make-up tips..
Ans: Will be published soon… hee hee
Qns: @minji_0414: @mkstartoday Jung Min Oppa, you’re dressed in yellow today. What is your favourite color?
Ans: Black color.. keke Today I wanted to look bright~!!
Qns: @piaocao8806: @mkstartoday Due to staying up all night, what should I do when I get pimples?
Ans: I also have pimples forming!! We must always take care of our skin! Like me.
Qns: @roddk59: @mkstartoday How do you carry out your diet? -Kaeng-ah (her name)
Ans: First of all, don’t eat. Throw out what’s in your mouth now.
Qns: @marvic15: @mkstartoday There are thousands of Triple S Latin America here! WE♥YOU
Ans: I fell for Latin.
Qns: @pherai2005: @mkstartoday What do you think of the fans who are coming overseas to see you?
Ans: Thankful so my tears rolling rolling rolling (down)~!! I love you, but then when are you coming?
Qns: @gksdhswjd: @mkstartoday Why are you so handsome
Ans: I suppose… that I took good care…!
Qns: @avabby9: @mkstartoday Oppa, what is your favourite food?
Ans: Beef/pork intestines!!!
Qns: When will your mv be realease??? i want to see it!! Please reply me~~
Ans: Isn’t it 20 Jan?
Qns: @_YongChi: @mkstartoday Oppa, you are a two-fingered typist right? Is that right? kekeke – Yongchi (two-fingered typist means typing with 2 fingers only)
Ans: I had 400 words for typing practice alright? It’s because there are too many questions so I have to choose!!hee hee
Qns: @WanYuLing: @mkstartoday Jung Min-ssi~~ Do you think you will have an album with chinese songs in the future? When will be it selling? I am a fan from Taiwan, where is Hyung Jun now? I miss you!
Ans: Please ask Hyung Jun. kekeke
Qns: @AndieAries: @mkstartoday Wish me luck for my audition?
Ans: You going for audition? Prepare well~ have you discover the possibilities?!
Qns: @ShesMD Cute picture 1
Ans: Wah~~~ Very cute~!! Wah~~
Qns: @jyss501: @mkstartoday Jung Min Oppa! Will you be acting in a drama? I’m anticipating~~~
Ans: You’ll be able to see it next year~! One in Taiwan and one in Korea! A role that is similar to myself!
Qns: @Irene105: @mkstartoday At what age did you have your first experience?
Ans: Huh??? What …?? huh ???…
(wonderrrgirl’s own comments: LOL!!?!?!?!?!?!? WHAT QNS IS THIS? Deserves pink color for that!)
Qns: @jina_me: @mkstartoday I really love Gain Rabbit! Have Gain grown? Did you go to Royal Avenue office recently? Do you have time?
Ans: Gain had 5 babies again! I become father again~
Qns: @jessiiikpop: @mkstartoday COME TO ENGLAND We love you <3 Its 5am please say hello to triples in england? #mkstartoday You have amazing legs~
Ans: Thank you Thank you!! Will go to England!! You wait!!
Qns: @Thaluuu: @mkstartoday Please answer, Oppa, Will you come to Peru morning (Wonderrrgirl: I think she use Google trans, me really don’t get her Korean >.<)
Ans: All fans in Peru thank you very much! Will definately go to Peru ~ till then please give your support!
Qns: @foOofy1: @mkstartoday Did you know that there are fans in saudi arabia ?
Ans: Oh~Saudi!
Qns: @elyho: @mkstartoday Jung Min ah~~ do you know about fans in Vietnam? Please do come to Vietnam. your smile is always beautiful
Ans: Vietnam rice noodles is good!
Qns: @LibraDolce: @mkstartoday I love your jacket!
Ans: Please also love me too~!!
Qns: @_Kimda: @mkstartoday How are things going Oppa? Don’t just reply to foreign fans~ I was going to sleep but didnt sleep
Ans: Got to sleep well!! For the sake of our skin!!
Qns: @Daniimtz12: @mkstartoday Would you eat mexican food?
Ans: I really like Mexican food so I often go and eat it in Korean and even when I am in Japan ^^
Qns: @yomaheart: @mkstartoday Wow~ You’ve raised them well~ It is not good to take photos as soon as they are born~
Ans: Okie!! I will take note~
Qns: @Hannnnnnsol: @mkstartoday I have final exams until next Wednesday ¤Ð¤Ð Please cheer for me~~!!! (promote up to) sophmore next year.. – Han Sol
Ans: Please do study…
Qns: @sadfragrance: @mkstartoday I am not working and doing this. Please nag at me~
Ans: This is just *smack*~ Can’t you do your work properly?
Qns: @501tripleS: @mkstartoday At the thought that I will be able to see oppa if I do well in school, I worked hard and did well for my examination!!!
Ans: Aigoo Well done!! Fighting!!
Qns: @hirominnie43: @mkstartoday Jung Min, this… is quite tiring keke
Ans: It’s not good to be tired!! Sleep Sleep Sleep!!
Qns: @AikoCheonsa: @mkstartoday doraemon or sailor moon???
Ans: Dooly!!
Qns: @yiting_: @mkstartoday Park Jung Min Oppa!!!!!!!! Hello!!!! Not Alone daebak (big success)!!!!!!!
Ans: YES It has to be a huge success!!
Qns: @vienny501: @mkstartoday Triple S Indonesia held Park Jung Min’s Birthday Party ~
Ans: Wah~ When was it!! Thank you very much!
@mkstartoday It’s already time to wrap it up… Time really passed by fast, so regrettable!! But will be doing together with Daily Economy again~ please look forward to it!! Let’s meet frequently on twitter! Everyone follow follow~~!!
@mkstartoday Park Jung Min’s Twitter Interview has ended in an instant. Did you all have a good time? Jung Min-ssi is also very happy. In future, please give more love to Jung Min-ssi, and please give more attention to Daily Economy Star Today. Thank you very much for participating in the 1-hour twitter interview. We will see you soon when we get more good opportunities. Have a good day ^^ #mkstartoday
@mkstartoday Park Jung Min’s last greeting, thank you all the fans for today!!!


me: argh .. nyesel gak ikutan v__v
tapi yah gak papa.. bayarannya jo bisa istirahat xP *menghibur diri*

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