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[News] Kim Hyung Jun “Scheming Ji Min• Gentlemanly Jeong Min•1 Person 2 Roles…MC.DJ in parallel. Although on a tight schedule but happy” [05.12.10]

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SS501 Kim Hyung Jun First Musical Challenge ‘Café In’
SS501 Kim Hyung Jun has always maintained a cute Magnae’s image. Kim Hyung Jun who took up the role of Magnae in the team, has won the unconditional love of many fans because of his lively ageyo looks. In actual fact, he is a star with another charming side. Said, “Hate embarrassing stuffs” showing his cute and friendliness like a Magnae, but on the other side, he also has a mature side. Especially like his ‘Ambitious Idol’ nickname, he has big dreams and has high hopes for his career. After going solo, through being a musical actor, MC, DJ, Kim Hyung Jun is staying busily active and is racing towards higher goals.
▲”Although stressful, it is a good opportunity”
Recently Kim Hyung Jun’s musical debut ‘Café In’ has officially shown on stage.  Simultaneously working as DJ for radio show ‘Kim Hyung Jun’s Music High’ as well as MC for cable channel ‘Midnight Idols’ in addition to his musical performances, but there are no traces of weary expressions on his face, he looked more cheerful than anyone else.
Meeting Kim Hyung Jun who was having musical practice, he expressed, “In the group when everyone is around, we shared the burden for everything, now I’m alone, feels very uneasy, and the stress have increased significantly. But my management is very thorough, and my talents are gradually being expanded. So this is a good opportunity.”
In ‘Café In’ that revolves around love story between the female barista protagonist and the male sommelier, Kim Hyung Jun 1 person will act 2 roles for his first musical challenge as the picky sommelier Ji Min and the gentleman Jeong Min.
Kim Hyung Jun expressed that “Singers and musical actors project their voices different, so had to do many vocal exercises.” Very thankful towards the senior who belongs to the same management company, and whom is also ‘Café In’ producer and the male lead for the Japanese performances, Kang Ji Hwan, learnt a lot of things from him.

▲”Giving the house to Mum as gift, very happy”
Kim Hyung Jun recently have become independent from the management company of SS501, and joined S Plus Entertainment to which Kang Ji Hwan belongs to. “Coming to this new company, many good things also followed”, and he revealed the truth about recently buying a new house.
As the eldest son Kim Hyung Jun stated, “Mum has been through a lot for the past 10 years. So from very young I have already hope to be able to quickly earn money to buy a house for Mum. Now I have finally bought the house that I had wanted to give away. Seeing how Mum is loving it, I also feel very happy.”
Also demonstrated his love for younger brother, U-KISS’s Ki Bum. “Brotherhood is really good. During that period of time Ki Bum also takes care of Mum thoroughly while having his own activities. Now being the eldest son also have to do my filial responsibilities well. “, thereby showing a deeply hidden aspect of the image of a eldest son that is different from being a Magnae.
Kim Hyung Jun’s target is to become a multi entertainer like Lee Seung Gi. Starting off as a singer, and expanding to become MC. DJ, musical actor, and after releasing a solo album between February and March next year, there would be plans to film in a drama.
Of course, even while having solo activities would not be absent from SS501 activities. Kim Hyung Jun expressed that, “when members were deciding their individual paths, the consensus was that the group existence is to be put as the top priority. It has been decided that in the first half of next year, SS501 album would

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