Sabtu, 11 Desember 2010

SECRET reflects on their rookie award from the “2010 Golden Disk Awards”

SECRET reflected on receiving an award that an artist can win only once in their career – the YEPP rookie award’ – through an interview with Sports Today.
The members revealed, “It was amazing being able to stand on a stage we only ever watched from home. It made us greedy in wanting to win something greater next time.”
Leader Hyo Sung continued, “We were anticipating the award a bit, but actually receiving it made tears stream down our faces. It was the first time we ever received an award, so it was an emotional experience. We’ll be working harder in order to achieve a win on a music program along with ‘bonsang’ next year.
Song Ji Eun expressed, “This was my first time attending an awards ceremony and it was a brighter atmosphere than I imagined it to be. I cried because of how I touched I was after we won. We promised each other before we debuted to attend an awards ceremony next year no matter what. I’m proud of having kept that promise, and the thought of how much our members suffered to reach this point just brought tears in my eyes.
Zinger concluded, “I felt like our dream became a reality. I’m so genuinely thankful to the people that helped us realize this dream. We’ll be working hard in order to win a ‘bonsang’ next year. Please anticipate us, as we will also be making more variety show appearances.”
Congratulations, ladies!
Source + Photos: Sports Today via Nate

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