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Why can’t B2ST’s Yoseob fall asleep?

Keeping in mind that this hot group made their debut with ‘Bad Girl’ a little over a year ago, B2ST has been running ragged with an incredibly hectic schedule, as they’ve released four mini albums in just one year.
The group has barely had any rest, since on top of their weekly performances for their fourth title track ‘Beautiful‘, the members also have their own personal schedules to digest (Lee Ki Kwang for “Hot Brothers” and Yoon Doojoon for MBC “All My Love”), in addition to preparing for their first independent concert.
With only 2 hours of rest time, the members fall fast asleep even in moving vehicles. However, it’s been revealed that Yang Yoseob seems to be the only one who can’t sleep. Lee Ki Kwang revealed, “Because of Yoseob vocals, he has a lot of high-pitched parts of songs. That’s why he purposely stays up when the other members are sleeping – he’s scared that his throat will close up while he’s sleeping and his voice won’t sound right once he wakes up.”
Yo Seob added, “I can’t help stressing over it. I tend to want to sound perfect even while I’m practicing. I guess that’s why I’ve been losing weight. I didn’t think we would be able to release so many albums in such a short and busy period of time. I’m happy the songs have come out as good as we’ve practiced. Since we have a long way to go, we will work harder to show a better side of ourselves.”
Source: Sports Chosun


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