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[News] SS501 Park Jung Min ‘Throw out what’s in your mouth now’ [10.12.10]

Source: star today
Chinese translation: 피오나@PJM IFC ( + 笑儿@No. 43 Park
English translation:
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SS501 Park Jung Min’s popularity is indeed high.
Before Park Jung Min’s twitter interview, fans from different countries had emerged like storm.
At 2pm on the 10th, in the Daily Star Today’s Twitter (@ mkstartoday),  there were already more than 3,000 fans entering from Qatar, Turkey, Chile, Mexico, Arabia, Argentina and other countries around the world.
The interview was done through Daily Star Today ( homepage, through the window in real time live, so the homepage was congested.
Fans used English and some unskilled Korean, and try to have an opportunity to chat with their favourite idol.
When he replied an Argentina fans, Park Jung Min thanked ‘I did not know even I have fans from the other side of the planet’, then he was asked about his favourite food, he answered ‘beef intestines’.
In addition, Korean fans asked him ‘How to lose weight?’ He replied ‘First of all, don’t eat. Throw out what’s in your mouth now’, this shows that he was both prepared and creating a sense of humor.

Park Jung Min will release his album ‘Not alone’ soon, and also announced that he will be holding his activities in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Asia. He is expected to film a drama in Taiwan next year, showing that his popularity is not diminished in the Asian region.


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