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Untouchable’s The Action disappointed with negativity surrounding his accident

The Action, of the hip-hop duo Untouchable, recently expressed his disappointment in regards to the derogatory comments left in news articles about his injuries from a minor car crash.
On the morning of December 7th, The Action tweeted,
“I was lying down while on the internet, and saw articles about my hospital admission and went around various sites to read them. I’m not even that interested, but the comments left in the articles were “noise marketing”, “chicken”, “the group that has Hwayobi’s ex-boyfriend,” stuff like that. Even though a person has been injured, I’ve become a person who people target for their mocking, distorted, and doubtful comments. I’m here by myself at the hospital just feeling sad, disappointed, and lonely.”
He also updated his fans on his condition, as he wrote,
“The results have come out – the hip bone near my sacrum is crooked and my neck has gone stiff. Because of my condition, our broadcast got cancelled and the interview that was scheduled is going to take place in the hospital… Ah my stage T_T What to do… it’s an album we’ve been preparing for… I’ll definitely receive treatment so I can stand on stage for Music Bank on Friday.”
Source: Newsen, The Action’s Twitter

via: allkpop

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