Kamis, 06 Januari 2011

Happy happy :)

hallo !!
i just wanna say i'm a little sad because i didn't celebrate yesterday ..
yesterday was 05.01.11
.. yah .. there's '501' .. Triple S and SS501 special number ^~^
but i was not exited because too tired -o-
today Secret will be comeback and today is 06.01.11
for me , it's a special number too ^^
'601' i think is a special day for TS+SS *dun care if any TS don't think so >< mianhae*
i was so dissapointed with some fandoms so i can't focused to SS :P *bahasanyaaaa*
kkk .. yes .. i was sad because some fandoms bashed Hyosung because she's rumored to be with taeyang in wgm . i'm happy if that can happen..
but i think many people hate it ? ^^ ah , i really wanna see my hyosung eonnie in wgm ...
maybe with a SS501 member or any handsome boy from kpop entertaiment too ^^
kkk ... okay just it <3
i wanna take a rest <3 hehe
Happy 601 day !! :)
i miss 'old' SS501 so much ..
miss JungMin 'warm' smile not 'cold' smile >_<
and all memories ~ ^^

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