Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

hoshi hoshi ^^

annyeong ..
what day is today?
actually .. Half of my life today is great .. but half of it not ><
ah ^3^ do u know how is your feeling when you like a boy ? ^^
i'm feeling that too..
but .. i don't wanna be his GF .. just a best friend is enough >.<
but it's hard to be his friend...
hahah ._. i'm not my friend who can get their many friends in one second if they want
it's really hard for me to get some friends..
do u know if i'm really sad because i can't understand physics? kkk..
yeah , i get an extra lesson .. i dunno the english LOL .. so sorry xD
but , i still can't get it.. it feels like people are looking at me and say 'why you're so stupid?' if i wanna ask that...
every questions they get , they can do it .. but me ?
i really confuse with all of that numbers.. all of that symbols ...
and then , i said to my mum to stop from that place.. i don't know what my mum wanna say actually..
she just said "okay . Are u tired with that extra lesson?" and i said yes.. while actually .. i know that's lie
tomorrow ? tomorrow will be a horrible day too ><
i and my friends have to sleep in school and learn many things ..
for my test . don't know what test ..
just follow the school's rules..
ah .. if i'm not this lazy .. maybe someday i'll learn japan language and mandarin too..
hangul and english are in the first list ..
hehe.. keep visit my blog :P i'm not this crazy if i'm not labil..
just .. i think these months i become more labil ..
don't know why .. maybe because of school,fangirling world.. and esp .. "HIM" ?

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