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[News] Kim HyunJoong – really releasing album in May…’Dream High’ cameo lines create attention [04.01.11]

Source: http://news.mk.co.kr
Chinese translation: 蛋蛋 @ hyunbar66.com
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
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Singer cum actor Kim HyunJoong made gleaming appearance in KBS 2TV ‘Dream High’, and left words that were thought-provoking.
In ‘Dream High’ 1st episode broadcast on the 3rd, Kim HyunJoong made surprise appearance. Showing the scene of many press and fans crowded in airport welcoming Kim HyunJoong who has completed his oversea activity and returning back to his country.
Wearing dark glassed, appearance with fashionable look, Kim HyunJoong showing his top star airport fashion. In the drama, when answering question by reporter about his future plans, “New album will release at around this year May.” This answer has attracted lots of attention.
Regarding this, Kim HyunJoong actual plan in 2011 has also received great attention from his fans. Kim HyunJoong left a new year message in his official website on the 2nd, “In this new year will try to release a great album. Has been practicing crazily, 1 good drama and 2 great albums are my 1 year goal” to this he announced.
Regarding this, Kim HyunJoong agencies related personnel responded: “Regarding Kim HyunJoong lines in the drama, it is confirmed that album will be released.” At the same time also mentioned: “However, concrete schedule has not confirmed yet.”
On the other hand, towards Kim HyunJoong cameo in ‘Dream High’, fans said: “Viewable gig’, ‘Gleaming appearance’, ‘Kim HyunJoong big hit in the country this year’ and various comments and gave him full support without reservation. ‘Dream High’ first broadcast viewership rate is 10.7%.
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