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[News] SS501 Park Jung Min, Lipstick & Naughty Days? - 05.01.11

Source: StarNews
English Translation: Honeyeee @ Love501.com
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[SS501 Park Jung Min's Childhood photos]

Ahead of his fellow group member, SS501 Park Jung Min has embarked on his Solo activity. With his bright and cheerful personality, Park Jung Min has been receiving a lot of love from his fans. Swiftly, he will be riding towards the stage of his dream in Asia on his own.
In the mid of this month, Park Jung Min will begin his Pan-Asian activities according to plans that has been “tailored-made” for him. He will begin his solo activities as a Solo Singer as well as an actor. He will be promoting in countries such as Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, China and other parts of Asia.
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Recently, Park Jung Min has been noticed for his beaming radiance. Born in the Year 1987, he is the first person to begin his activities amongst all other celebrities representatives born in the Year of Rabbit. And even before starting his solo activities, Park Jung Min had his adorable childhood photos revealed through Money Today Star News.
Park Jung Min’s childhood photos showed that his looks haven’t changed much, flaunting his appearance through out the years. Looking at the photos, it seems that Jung Min has been bright and cheerful since he was a child, and this personality has been with him through his growing years.
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[SS501 Park Jung Min's Childhood photos]
The first picture shows Park Jung Min while he attended elementary school. He was in his classroom as he cheekily strike a pose of a woman. Showing off his beauty (?) with Dark red lipstick on.
Second picture shows Park Jung Min’s first year as a baby rabbit. Already smiling brightly even when he has yet to learn to walk. Looking extremely alike to his present appearance.
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The third photo shows Park Jung Min in his father’s arms while he watches TV. With his cute and priceless haircut as he tries to struggle himself free, he leaves a deep impression in people. Last photo of Park Jung Min smiling brightly while playing in the winter with a younger sister had too attracted attention.
Meanwhile, Park Jung Min will be preparing to meet his fans on the 22nd January through “Park Jung Min 1st Showcase & Fanmeeting” which will be held at Children’s Grand Park in Seoul. Tickets for his showcase were sold out in 14 minutes, attracting attention from many fans. This fanmeeting also marks the beginning of his promotional activities.
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