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[Trans] Jung Min – Trendy No. 16

Scans by: annieyang
English translation: rainaftershine.wordpress.com
Scans here.

Park Jung Min Towards International Super Star

The Star Park Jung Min

Park Jung Min who have high popularity in SS501, Announce that he will be signing contract with CNR Media at the end of August, He also announce that he will be advancing into Japan industry at the start of September, At the same month he also came to Taiwan, although missing the accompaniment of his members,  He would feel lonely, but because he is now ‘Park Jung Min’ own solo activity, so he must be ‘5 times’ hard working so as to not let the fans disappointed…
Despite Park Jung Min’s rush schedule trip in Taiwan, despite it’s not a holiday on his arrival day, about 500 fans gathered at the second terminal in Taoyuan Airport, waiting patiently. The fans regard Jung Min as ‘Cordial Pu Ah Ma’, he will of course not let everybody disappointed. And despite surrounded by 16 Korean Media and staff member and fans, Jung Min leave the custom with his usual bright smile. He waved to his fans friendlily, although the scene at the airport was in a mess, he still walked past his fans who waited for very long and the smile on his face never disappeared for a second, he naughtily stick out his tongue, laughed, shake hand (with fans), took the gifts, giving autograph…… He does everything. As he walked, he caringly asked the media workers to be careful, he is hundred percent caring without any distance.
It poured heavily on 30th September after sunshine, under the huge swarm of media, Jung Min held his Sony Music contract press conference in Taiwan. He announced that he is heading towards the international stage as target with determination.

Greeting everyone with perfect Chinese

Coming to Taiwan for press conference, Park Jung Min is somehow tensed, but during the press conference, he still presents his ‘Park Language’ showing his surprising Chinese skills. Not only he uses Chinese to greet the media on the spot, he also used Chinese to express that he learned Chinese diligently is because of his Taiwan fans. The media in the press conference even gave him warm applause for his perfect Chinese.
‘I believe that no matter how much effort you put in, you will receive as much as you put in. So I will continue to put in effort, please give me much support and encouragement.’ Jung Min’s eyes sparkled, which made him looks really handsome, he announced his effort and determination (for learning Chinese) to everyone.
Jung Min who is always lively can never hide his active behavior, originally it was a formal contract signing ceremony, but as Jung Min took up the feather pen, he took it as a sword and played with it, laughter immediately filled the venue. After receiving the glass owl, his playfulness hit the peak of the mountain, when the cameraman and camerawoman asked to change his position, he squatted down with the owl on his hand, upon seeing their astonished expression, and he laughed himself: he tickled the owl’s chin, and also kissed the owl.
When the media was interviewing him, he saw a huge number of microphones on the table and began to hide his face behind them as if he is playing hide-and-seek with everyone. He answered every question the media asked as well.

Park Jung Min’s humor Q&A

Q: Using ‘Park Jung Min’ name for solo activities, how are you feeling? What’s your future plan?
A: Its really lonely working alone for activity. But because I am alone now, I must work extra hard so as to repay the fans for their love and support. Currently there are many plans on discussion; I am thinking of trying different aspect, like acting in a drama, I hope to act a lively and cheerful character, but challenging a bad character does not seems bad as well. Maybe in my personality, I really wish to act as a bad person.
Q: What’s the biggest measurement you can accept when you challenge acting in a drama
A: Hahahaha, I am exercising diligently now. So I am really confident with my body. Hence, if there is a need or for the effect of the drama, I am okay with everything. Erm, my back looks really beautiful! (Wink eyes)
Q: How do you train your acting skills normally?
A: Instead of saying acting, we should say that we have to integrate into the role and act it out. So I personally think that FEEL is the most important, using your own feel to act out the role. I will work towards this target as far as possible and put in effort to learn.
Q: What’s the fun thing and secret in learning Chinese?

A: Wait, let me think… (Using Chinese) Haha…… Actually there isn’t any special secrets, only felt that it’s interesting, so I will specially bother to learn it well. Sometimes I will follow television or movie to learn, so I might have learn some words which people think that it’s not nice to listen. But learning languages seems to be like this, normally people learn words which are not nice quickly. (Laughs)
Q: Which Taiwan celebrity do you want to work with?
A: Li Wei Ann. The fans gave me his album and I listened to it. I admire his voice and music. So I hope to work with him. Others are… Wang Lee Hong, Jay Chou, I also like their music very much; I hope to work with them one day.
Q: After visiting Taiwan for a few times, what’s your favourite food? What do you want to challenge the most?
A: I like a lot of Taiwan cuisine, I feel like eating them all over again. The one I want to challenge is smelly tofu…. Ah, still cannot. (When he thinks of smelly tofu, his face expression changed.) The previous time when I visit Taiwan with the other members, I saw smelly tofus in one programme we participated, that smell……. It left a deep impression on me till now. Luckily I won the game, so I don’t need to eat it. But everyone said that it taste nice, I might try to challenge it the next time.
Q: To prepare your activities, we heard that Jungmin lost 8 kg, how did you manage to do it?
A: Exercising and controlling my diet. But, I hate exercising! Although I don’t like exercising, I will put in my best to do it. (Hold fist – Like hwaiting hand posture)
Q: After starting individual activity, have you meet the other members or contact them?
A: Everyone is busy, but we usually message each other and using twitter to contact. The previous time I went to Japan, Hyung Jun and I said that we must meet and dine together. But in the end he didn’t! (Pout)

Q: How do you want to call your fanclub fans?
A: Erm… Primary standard will be ‘Triple S princesses, Vice-standard will use ‘wants to be Jungmin’s girlfriend’. (Laughs)

During this grand contract signing press conference, under Jungmin’s listening seriously, detailed yet humor answer and the laughter which could never stop from the media ended beautifully. We will anticipate Jungmin who is serious and put in effort with his work to shine, and stand on the international stage.

via: rainaftershine.wordpress.com

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