Sabtu, 12 Februari 2011

Behind-the-scenes of Seungri’s “VVIP” MV

If you’ve seen the MV for Seungri’s comeback song, “VVIP”, you’ll know that the plot borrows heavily from ‘Alice in Wonderland’. While fans ogled their idol Seungri, they also gushed over the adorable little girl who plays Alice in the music video. The little girl, whose name is Kim Yu Jung, was actually casted by Seungri himself!

A TV station got access to the set of Seungri’s MV shoot, and managed to interview the two together.One of the questions they asked was which Big Bang member she liked the best; she responded with a politically-correct, “I like all them all!” But when pressed by the reporter, she admitted that she was a fan of T.O.P.

The reporter commented that Seungri, who was right beside her, was probably a bit disappointed, but Seungri replied, “It’s OK – From today on, she promised that she’d like me best!”

Check out the clip below!


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