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[Trans] Hyun Joong – Awesome! Vol. 4

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Japanese~English Translation: miyo
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This interview was held a day after the 14th December 2010 Charity event at Tokyo Dome in a local hotel. His dressing has the chic feeling and together with the mood in the room giving an adult look during the photographing. Right after the photographing is the interview. Having the magazine in his hand and seemed to remembered that about one and a half year ago, SS501 had interview and regular column on B-PASS magazine and said, “brings back memories~”. Actually, on this day he was feeling a little unwell but Hyun Joong still answer each and every questions slowly and steadily. Taking time out from his busy schedule to select songs for the album seemed tough as he talks about it and just smiled wryly.(^^)
Recommended Movie for “Valentine’s Day”
『Charlie and the Chocolate Factory』
“Actually, I normally don’t really watch love story movies. The event “Valentine’s Day” itself is something children looks forward to it every year but when one becomes an adult, I think that recently it isn’t such an important event (laughs).
“Confession” is something you do when you have someone that you like right….(lonely).
Ah! How about 「Charlie and the Chocolate Factory」that Johnny Depp has acted in!? There are various scenes of delicious looking chocolates shown. Although I think that for an adult to watch seems a bit too childish? (laughs) but from the world’s point of view it’s like a fairy tale and very interesting isn’t it. I think this is a movie where adults or children can just enjoy it.”

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