Jumat, 11 Februari 2011

MBLAQ’s Mir receives surgery for his lower back

Earlier, allkpop reported that MBLAQ’s Mir had sustained an injury to his lower back while recording for a show. It’s just been revealed that the injury was severe enough to require surgery.
A representative of his company, J. Tune Camp, stated: “On the 7th, Mir visited the hospital after recording for SBS’s “Star King” after feeling constant pains in his lower back. He was told by the doctors that he had spinal disc herniation.
They continued, “On the 9th, he received surgery at a hospital in Kangnam and is now recovering.
Relieving anxious fans, the representative assured, “The surgery went well but we have to wait on his condition. …Requiring immediate rest, this also complicates MBLAQ’s current promotions.”
When asked about Mir’s return, they said, “Right now, we’re not sure how long he has to rest for. His discharge from the hospital depends on his examinations and treatment process, but we wish for him to recover quickly.
Considering the status of Mir’s health, it’s inevitable that the boys of MBLAQ will continue to promote without him. We’re hoping that Mir makes a safe and full recovery, so we can see him on stage once more! The MBLAQ 4 will continue promotions on M! Countdown later this evening.
Source: Star News via Nate
via: allkpop

me : omoooo.. mirreu yaaa .. wish u'll get well soon >< worryyyy

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